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Namrata Singh Gujral, a registered Democrat decided to make a documentary favorable to illegal aliens. But, unlike many, she actually investigated the facts and discovered that the narrative she believed was totally different from the one she found. She has also discovered that exposing the truth is not popular in Hollywood.

The actress turned director created “America’s Forgotten” after hearing about Gurupreet Kaur, a 6-year-old Indian girl who died of heatstroke in trying to reach the US border. Any other liberal would have ended their investigation right there but Gujral decided to dig deeper. What she found was much different than what she read about.

The family had claimed that they were impoverished and needed to bring the girl along for her safety. Gujral began digging into the story which she felt would show the plight of the illegal immigrants. What she found was that Kaur come from a middle class family and that one member of the family was a doctor.

Gujral decided that the family risked the little girl’s life, not to escape poverty but to rise financially. That is totally different from the story put out by the lamestream press. When she decided to go with the truth, she suddenly found herself having trouble inside the Hollywood community.

From The Daily Wire

We also learn how immigration “coyotes” leverage every tool at their disposal, including sound bites from Democrats, to coax immigrants to risk everything for American riches.

What better coyote sales pitch than seeing every Democratic presidential candidate vow free health care for illegals?

Gujral’s film examines Gurupreet’s family, a clan living in conditions that shocked the indie filmmaker. Instead of the impoverished hovel she expected to find she discovered a comfortable home in a modest neighborhood. It’s a far cry from the starving masses seen in India’s poorest neighborhoods.

“When you see how the majority of Indians live, these people are better than middle class,” she says of the girl’s family, adding the home in question featured marble floors.

Gujral said:

“That was my big moment. This is all a hoax.”

“How can you be a journalist and not even question any of it?”

“I have a daughter. I would not dream of [risking her life at the U.S. border], especially paying someone to cross a desert.” 

She suddenly found that her usual funders for her project bailed on her. One funder offered her help but only if she took out a scene that criticized Joe Biden. She refused. But another unusual thing is that no one working on the project wanted their names listed in the credits, which is your bread and butter in Hollywood.

They were afraid it would kill their careers. That’s because of the liberal cancel culture. They would be blacklisted and end up being a waiter in a restaurant or some job similar.

Gujral discovered that many families crossing the border were not starving as depicted by the press. She discovered that many liberal politicians benefit from the influx of illegals.

Gujral said:

“The Democrat Party has gone way left. Until people like me in the Democrat Party that are more American than Democrat stand up and speak out against it, America’s gonna be in a free fall, highjacked by extremism.”

“You can’t imagine the hate mail I got.”

“How can you call it the worst movie in the world? You haven’t even watched the movie.”

“I have lost empathy for the lies that create this situation.” 

Gujral has decided not to vote for Joe Biden but rather than sit out the election, she is voting for President Trump. If more people would consider what Democrats stand for, there would be one less political party in the United States.

Honesty matters.


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