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The stability of American democracy is possibly at the most alarming point ever in its proud history. An honest and politically unbiased legal system is essential to a successful democracy. Both the justice department and federal law enforcement are critical parts of this system.

If either or both are corrupted by partisan politics, it will undermine a free democracy. By definition, when a single political party or ruling class controls the legal system and federal law enforcement, it’s no longer a democracy. The country is an authoritarian dictatorship.

In recent years, the United States has fallen into a dangerous place. The liberal left, with eyes on overturning the two-party democracy in America, has hijacked the upper levels of both the Department of Justice and the FBI.

Many believe the rank-and-file members of the FBI and Justice Department are still men and women of high moral integrity. The imbalance of bipartisan neutrality seems to be reserved for a corrupted segment of high-ranking officials.

However, a recent revelation in Arkansas may prove the erosion of the FBI may go deeper than a handful of elite, high-level positions. While an FBI field agent is going to be convicted of a crime, the sentence is laughably lenient.

Robert Cessario is a former FBI agent. Later this week, Cessario will finalize a plea agreement on felony charges brought by his former employer. Once a member of the FBI, the agency is now prosecuting him for destroying evidence in a political trial.

Cessario agreed to the plea agreement to avoid jail time for purposefully destroying evidence in the trial of former pro-Trump Arkansas State Senator Jon Woods. As with most of the recent bizarre investigations, this one involves a radical liberal Democrat targeting a conservative.

President Trump isn’t the only conservative-minded American who has been falsely accused by a corrupt federal judicial system and law enforcement. Robert Cessario will plead to a single count of obstruction of justice, although multiple charges existed on the original affidavit.

Ironically, for destroying evidence in a felony trial, Cessario will not receive a minute of jail time. The corrupt former FBI agent is going to get a single year of probation. But where is Jon Woods today?

Jon Woods is still sitting in prison, despite admittance by the federal government that they destroyed evidence, which could well have exonerated him. This is another prime example of a crooked, two-tier system of justice.

There’s one set of rules for liberals and another for conservatives. The reason this unhealthy balance exists is because of the rampant corruption within both the Justice Department and the FBI. Many believed the corruption was confined to the upper levels of these vital agencies.

It’s clearly not. Partisan favoritism bleeds throughout both agencies. When the government violates the law, corrupt officials within the agencies cover up the crimes. Even when crimes are exposed, the punishment is laughable.

However, conservatives are prosecuted even when no crimes exist. Criminal charges are fabricated. This is the kind of corruption inherent in rogue third-world dictatorships. If it’s allowed to continue, how long will it be before the United States becomes one? Or has it already?


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Excellent article. The MSM has denied average Americans to the truth. Continued divide and conquer, democrat plan.

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  • Story after story showing the DOJ and FBI have colluded for political purposes. Story after story proving political bias in our judicial system. Why haven’t Republicans used the same system to bring these cases through the legal system to the Supreme Court where they might get a fair hearing and outcome?

  • And now the Jan 6th committee is going to seal records for fifty years, how convenient. What are they hiding, will we ever know?

  • Robert Müeller, Jim Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Rob Rosenstein, and Andrew McCabe have ushered in the new level of competency, integrity, honesty, transparency and trust to the FBI.

    • Grizz Much like the, “Border is secure” and other Lib Truths. If it were not so serious it would be very funny. You can add Brennan and Hayden

    • Grizz, you left out one word, man. LOWER should be inserted between ‘new’ and ‘level’. This agent is added proof of the Democratic plan to change us into a socialist communist country. Like the t-shirt that’s for says, ‘Truth is the first casualty of tyranny’.

  • If the file was accidentally erased, it can most likely be recovered. If it was nuked, then it can’t be. But then that would show that it was erased on purpose. The agent should have to serve time for destruction of federal evidence and also never be allowed to hold a position in government again.

  • Well that is why we need a complete change of the judicial! And new laws that can put a judge in jail for not following the law! This giving a Democrat a pass will only start a civil war! And it will be their own fault for starting it! Then you will hear them all screaming WELL WHAT ABOUT THE LAW???? The same laws the corrupt courts and Democrats have ignored for decades! But by then the people won’t care to hear them. And they are so brainwashed they will all wonder why and how this could happen to them?

  • We need to FORCE the DC JAIL to transfer ALL of their J6 prisoners to other state prisons. The DC jail and the DC judicial are CORRUPT and need to be SHUT DOWN. I can Not believe that 2 years have passed since the start of the illegal, lack of a speedy trial collection of American Citizens. Not foreign agents: American Citizens. And the way they have been treated is like they are foreign.
    I’m so angry about this I can spit blood.
    Why aren’t some of our National Troops summoned to do theses transfers of humanity and Constitutional Rule of Law adherence? It is as if the DC swamp comprises of middle-ages era torture sadists.

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  • America is already a third world dictatorship ruled by fiat!!!!! There is NO “justice system”!!!!! We the People live under a legal system that ignores real crimes and punishes contrived crimes with severe penalties!!!!! blm and antifa burned buildings, assaulted police officers, and murdered dozens yet are applauded rather than punished because they are “on the right side” of tyranny!!!!! Peaceful protestors and dissenters are thrown in dungeons, without legal representation, trial, or contact with family members for merely speaking out against tyranny!!!!! America has become a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah of depravity while decent, Christian people are persecuted for speaking against the deprivation!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bob, the same people doin this, sold you Christianity, read the FORBIDDEN book of ENOCH. Read about Arius Calpernius Piso and his family, truly the devils advocates. Who were Cain and Abel’s wives and where did they come from? How about the 3 wisemen… ENOCH has your answers. Christians have no clue where Christianity came from, or the hope of eterna

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    • hey Lillie, shove it! you just workin for the devil. And Lillie, you’re dumb and totally inconsiderate. Not a good place to butt-in with your BS…



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