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On October 3, a NASCAR driver found the winner’s circle for the first time after 114 starts. While that was noteworthy to ardent stock car racing fans, there was something that happened during Brandon Brown’s post-race interview that has resonated across the nation.

NBC sports reporter, Kelli Stavast, was in the middle of the interview with Brown. She was discussing how he felt about his first NASCAR win at the Talladega Speedway in Alabama. Logically, Brown was ecstatic about what he called a “dream come true”.

However, while Brandon was being asked to lament about his unforgettable first victory, fans began to loudly chant something in the background. The immediate assumption was they were shouting “Let’s Go, Brandon”. They were not.

The NBC reporter pointed to the raucous jubilation as an indication of Brown’s popularity with the fans. It was not. The NBC reporter’s hearing must have been conveniently compromised. The crowd was not yelling their approval of Brown’s achievement.

The crowd was voicing their displeasure with the miserable performance of the current president. Fans were yelling “F*** Joe Biden”, not “Let’s Go, Brandon”. But what should have been appreciated from this moment is the intense bitterness and frustration that Americans have with Joe Biden’s abysmal performance. He has failed with every policy he has attempted.

Biden and his minions are destroying America, and Americans are unhappy about it. Now, that would be an amusing end to a funny mishearing of exuberant fan participation. However, it carried over to the start of a smaller race event at the Oswego Speedway in New York.

Three children were given the opportunity to start the NAPA Super DIRT Week Pro Stock 50 race. There were two young boys and a girl. The children yelled in enthusiastic unison, “Drivers, start your engines”. But then came the truly hilarious part of this story.

Then one of the kids yelled into the mic, “Let’s Go, Brandon”.

Yeah, we know, nothing can be lost on the irony. What happened at the Talladega Speedway on October 3 has triggered a wave of rabid discontent across the nation. People are sick and tired of Joe Biden.

Unfortunately, as wonderful as Brown’s accomplishments that day were, a wave of vocal disapproval of Joe Biden has emerged. Americans are growing increasingly tired of the screw-ups and especially the bald-faced lies spewed in feeble attempts to try to cover them up.

Fox News’ Will Cain exposed the story even more. In an interview with a couple dining at a small Greenville, South Carolina restaurant, they shared why his news channel is steadily growing in popularity with Americans.

During the Fox & Friends 25th Anniversary broadcast, Cain spoke to this patriotic couple. Kelly and Neil both expressed their appreciation for Fox News. Kelly told Cain, “I watch Fox News because y’all tell the truth”. Neil echoed her sentiments. He continued, “I watch Fox News America.”

“It’s my America; it’s a real station telling a real truth every day and by the way, let’s go, Brandon!” This new meme is a welcome unification of our great nation against the destruction being caused by Joe Biden.


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