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A stupid virus “possibly” leaked from a lab unleashed a disastrous pandemic across the world. COVID-19 is the worst global health crisis in more than a century. It has wreaked havoc in virtually every corner of our planet.

However, despite the horrific personal hardships caused by sickness and death, these are not the most frightening things that have happened. Regrettably, millions of people have died. Millions more have been stricken down by serious illness.

Nevertheless, through all the death and destruction COVID-19 has caused, the abuse of power by government bureaucrats may be the worst thing the pandemic has caused. Incessantly, leaders have told the world to “follow the science”.

In the same breath, these bureaucratic blowhards, who have been entrusted to make critical health decisions for the population, have done the opposite. Invariably, policies have been leveled with an obviously single-minded objective.

Through a deadly pandemic, the elite power-hungry ruling class has found a way to exert control over the population. People are being forced into conformity. There is little or no scientific basis for most of the tyrannical mandates and senseless orders that have been used.

Most have done little to nothing to curb the spread of the virus. Many, if not all, have had devastating consequences for families and communities. One clear overreach by government bureaucrats is a demand that everyone be vaccinated.

In America, thankfully, the U.S. court system appreciates such authoritarian mandates as unconstitutional. However, in other nations, the line between personal freedoms and unnecessary government invasions into personal privacy are more blurred.

In Austria and Greece, these lines between unjust government mandates have been erased. The Chancellor of Austria, Alexander Schallenberg, recently enacted strict lockdown orders for all unvaccinated Austrians.

This is despite scientific proof that lockdowns do more harm than good. He repeated the same coercing words spouted multiple times over the last two years. We need to “flatten the curve”. As COVID continues to strangle the world, clearly there is never going to be a complete “flattening of the curve.”

It is a bogus claim blasted by bureaucratic blowhards to keep people following orders until everyone conforms. The virus isn’t a hoax. However, the lengths that government elites have gone to abuse it “in the name of science” has been.

A new proposal by the Austrian government leaked out. A local news agency, Die Presse, reports that a framework draft exists to fine Austrians who are not vaccinated. Despite the vaccinated suffering breakthrough COVID cases, these new orders are an attack on only those people who choose not to get the “COVID jab”.

There is zero discussion about acquired natural immunity, and no consideration for personal religious exemptions. People will take the shot or be fined. The legal ramifications of not paying these fines will be imprisonment.

If you didn’t think the world could ever reach a place where choosing not to conform could land you in prison, think again. The time is here. This startling assault on personal freedom will not stop there.

Despite a drop in COVID cases in parts of the world, leaders continue to push unscientific mandates. Americans must wonder how long it will be before the tyrant currently occupying the White House uses this same tactic to force compliance.

Joe Biden has already attempted to force millions of Americans into getting “the jab” or lose your job. Thankfully, this government overreach has been temporarily frozen by the courts. However, what will be the next trick Biden uses?

If the world continues to allow these bureaucratic crooks to use COVID as a mechanism of control, things will keep getting worse. People must stand up against these Draconian orders. If not, those who exercise their freedom to choose may soon lose their freedom altogether.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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