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Radical progressive Democrats are trying to destroy America. There is no other way to account for the policies they make and actions they take. Each executive order, mandate, policy, or congressional legislation is deliberate.

Democrats are orchestrating the collapse of American democracy. Through their massive tax and spend legislation, they’ve ignited inflation. It’s driving the middle class deeper into poverty. The progressive left wants a handful of ruling-class elites and a mass of impoverished subjects.

Proud, freedom-loving Americans are a threat to their socialist agenda. There can be no middle class, or even an “upper-middle class” for that matter. The masses must be driven into submission, even if it means killing them.

A poorly tested vaccine was mandated across the population to “supposedly” prevent the spread of a deadly virus. It has done little to nothing towards affecting that goal. In fact, the COVID-19 vaccine may make Americans more susceptible to catching COVID.

The Biden administration has pushed for ignorant foreign policies. There is a new nuclear deal on the table with Iran. It will do little more than hand a malign actor cash towards building a nuclear bomb. This “Biden cash handout” will also fund Iranian-sponsored terrorist groups.

It will make the world more dangerous, especially in the Middle East. But even more importantly, it will make Americans less safe. Joe Biden is doing the same thing with China and Russia. Each foreign policy pursuit weakens the U.S. and strengthens our adversaries.

It places American lives in greater danger. However, the idea that a government could enact policies and make decisions to eliminate citizens may seem far-fetched. But is it? There are still dozens of scientific experts who believe COVID-19 was no accident.

The level of effort bureaucrats placed on keeping the actual origins of the virus secret is astounding. They flat out lied to the world. The medical recommendations to “supposedly” stop the spread and save lives have had devastating effects all across the world.

Drug overdoses and suicides have skyrocketed. They’re still as problematic as they’ve ever been in American society. But how might the destructive Biden government machine still be using COVID-19 to worsen the lives of Americans, or even help eliminate them?

Americans have to be blind not to see the calamity Biden’s open border policies have created. The U.S. southern border is wide open. It’s as if Biden laid down a welcome mat for any and all, regardless of who they are, where they’re from, or what evil intentions they might have.

Dozens of individuals on the terrorist watch list have been apprehended. How many more malign actors infiltrated the country undetected? Again, Biden’s border policies are making Americans less safe every time an illegal is allowed to waltz across the border.

But the Biden DHS is doing something else as well. Under Joe Biden’s watch, the Department of Homeland Security is knowingly shipping COVID-19 positive illegal migrants into the interior of the nation.

Internal DHS emails prove the administration is intentionally releasing COVID-positive people into our towns and communities. This is the same Biden administration that tried to force every American to take the vaccine.

Now, it appears the improperly tested vaccine may be killing people more often than the virus itself. But why, if COVID is still a dangerous virus, would an administration purposefully distribute individuals all across the land who have the virus?

Well, besides conveniently dispersing thousands of “potential liberal voters” throughout the country, they are also sticking active virus carriers into our towns and communities. The percentages of people catching the virus and dying are albeit small, but there’s still risk.

Joe Biden’s DHS is knowingly distributing people with a deadly virus throughout the country. Could their aim be any more obvious? Biden openly implements foreign policies that place Americans at risk. They push for fiscal legislation that economically destroys the middle-class.

They ordered everyone to accept a poorly tested medicine to prevent them from getting sick. Now it appears the shots they pushed may be worse than the virus itself. But the notion that a government would knowingly allow millions of illegal people to spew across its border is bizarre.

However, it’s only bizarre if you refuse to connect the dots. Biden and his liberal cronies are destroying the country. The middle-class stands in their way. Progressives must either drive them into poverty or kill them. If you think the latter couldn’t be true, you’d better wake up fast.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Is it too late to bus the Covid+ and potential terrorist illegals into DC, NYC, Chicago, LA, and other SF sanctuary cities? We will see the effects of diversity and acceptance of alternative systems of law and culture on display for all to see. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  • The American people , has known this, for a while. what we can’t understand is why the Republicans, are not doing something to stop the Biden regime? I also believe Obama is pulling the strings. He said in his campaign speech we (the Americans) were to arrogant, & if he got to be president, he would make us more equivalent, to the third world countries. This is his third term. My opinion.

  • If you are waiting for biden to admit his agenda is, destroy this country, and as many people as you can, just add up all the evidence that is in plain sight and try as you may to think it is any other agenda!

  • As this is a VERY critical issue, I wish the author had cited reputable references for his claim that “Now, it appears the improperly tested vaccine may be killing people more often than the virus itself.” Where are the statistics for such a claim? Or is it just more far alt-right conspiracy theory?

    Another question. What should have been our response to the release of the virus?

    I personally believe the CHINESE WUHAN COVID-19 virus was developed in the Wuhan virology lab as as a BIO-WEAPON. Either it was released by accident, the most probable event, or it may well have been released before not fully developed, i.e., not yet fully lethal, to undermine Pres. Trump’s election efforts and to sabotage the Wests’ economy. If the latter, it was an ACT OF WAR.

    If an act of war, how should we have responded had we a truly strong and capable President? While a nuclear response was and is not advisable yet planned for as one response under our nuclear doctrine, other strong measure could have been taken.

    First, we should’ve renounced ALL debt owed to China. Then we should’ve nationalized all pproperty in the US owned by the Chinese government whether under Chinese companies or Chinese nationals. After that we could’ve expelled all Chinese nationals from our universities and corporations, be they professors, scientists, or “students”. Then we could’ve ended all imports from China, admittedly an EXTREMELY painful step seeing as how dependent we’ve become on Chinese products. GRIM? ABSOLUTELY, but we’re under attack by China. By the way, that would only be the economic response to China’s act of war.

    We should’ve dealt with China’s aspiration in the western Pacific arena. First we should have recognized and established diplomatic relations with Taiwan. To back up our resolve, we should’ve deployed long range heavy bombers in Guam and Okinawa. Then we should’ve declared we were dedicated to International Law and didn’t recognize China’s Dash Nine Line in the S. China Sea. We should’ve told China to vacate its artificial island bases in the area. After that we should’ve revised a SEATO type organization. We also should’ve told China we would honor the Outer Space Treaty and would enforce it if necessary with force.

    Would the above have been risky. VERY! But sooner or later we’re going to have a showdown with China. If we wait too long it’ll likely be nuclear, a prospect that would bode ill for all. But had we a capable strong determined President, we might have accomplished these goals without a nuclear confrontation, at least not a full scale donnybrook.

    But then we have an incompetent ill President either cowered by China or owned by China.

  • The left with biden as their “tool” IS trying to DESTROY America -NO DOUBT ABOUT IT. Anybody who can’t see it is either kidding themselves, stupid or part of it. And they won’t stop until they have completed their “master plan”-serfdom, unless we stop them first. America better wake up or there will be no America. And it might take VIOLENCE as a last resort, but that happened one before with a king. READ the Declaration of Independence all the way through and you will see we are in the same situation as back then except for a dictator instead of a king.

  • Pushing un-vaccinated and Covid infected illegals into the country is all part of Biden’s plan. He has to keep the pandemic going somehow. That way he can continue to manipulate it.
    Worse than that is his goal of getting in 2 million illegals every year.
    Joe wants to bring in 2 million “immigrants and refugees” a year, and has been saying it since 2019.
    1) Washington Examiner, 9 Aug 2019, Biden said the US can “afford 2 million more immigrants and refugees a year.”
    2) Biden said he would stop the border wall and did.
    3) After the election, Biden was asked about immigrants. He said, “Tell them help is on the way.”
    4) During 2020, Kackala Harris stated about a dozen times that our southern border should look just like driving across a state line in the US.
    5) 22 December 2020, Biden reaffirmed his goal of 2 million. Wa Po: Biden says he’ll reverse Trump immigration policies. Joe Biden says on day one as president he will “carve a path on immigration policy for asylum in the United States to desperate asylum seekers. We could afford to take in a heartbeat another two million.”

    • Biden’s a Globalist. These are all Globalist tactics. They want us to cease being a “country.” George Soros has said as much! He doesn’t want there to be ANY borders between countries in North America! Hence, why Globalist Biden wants 2 million illegals in every year. It will dilute the populations between countries so we all become one entity. Do we still have a law about how many immigrants can come into the U.S.? We used to. It’s a special honor to become a U.S. citizen.

  • Of course, it is very obvious what the end game results are hoped for. ALL socialists have used the same techniques throughout history to accomplish their goal of absolute power. And the results have, historically, always been the same; utter destruction of any society that promotes socialism. The general population suffers the consequences, but the ones in charge live a life of luxury.

  • Impeach Biden immediately. He has not upheld his oath to defend the constitution.The southern border is proof positive that he is not protecting the US.

  • The Biden administration and marxist dumocrats are attacking & working to undermine us on every front. They are a threat to our personal liberty & freedom. Using infected foreign nationals is a double whammy.

  • This is all George Sorros and Barack Hussein Obama, Sorros has already destroyed many nations before the Muslim appeared and Sorros has been working for many years to destroy America, but now with the senile pedophile illegitimate puppet Biden in charge they have the ultimate power to follow through with their plan.
    The majority of Americans know that the Communist Democrats and Rinos never won the majority of the house and senate, there couldn’t possibly be that many stupid morons in America.
    Pence could have stopped this but, he was paid off and sold out America like Manchin did, while Bill Gates is buying up farmland to starve out the American citizens and the Communist Democrats are allowing China to buy up hundreds of thousands of acres across America, and with covid positive illegals pouring into the United States and hundreds of dangerous prisoners being released into society it looks like their plan is coming together and America will fall when the constitution and Bill of rights are destroyed.
    We can no longer depend on the military to protect the American citizens since many high ranking officers at the pentagon have been compromised by the Communist Democrats thanks to CRT, Transgender, Wokeism, and the big lie of monkey pox and covid 19.
    Not one shot has been fired to get a Civil War started so it looks grim for the future of the United States and the American citizens, Millions will die and many will worship the Communist Democrats especially the indoctrinated children whose been taught to hate America.
    I will never bend a knee, nor will I look for guidance or help from any Communist but I will stand my ground and defy those who think their God’s in Washington. I will use deadly force to defend myself and my family from the Communist IRS or FBI before they take my out.

  • Biden has allowed all these people into the country without any knowledge of their health problems, then give them green cards and work permits. So these unskilled, poor hygiene habit people go into low income jobs at food factories. Has anyone notice the amount of food recalls in the last yr. or so. To many every day something is recalled for some kind of contamination.



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