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Ever wish you had a nickel for every time Dr. Anthony Fauci or the CDC changed their recommendations and guidelines for dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic?

First, we were told masks were useless. Ultimately, we were ordered to wear a mask everywhere.

“Mask marauders” chased people down, harassing them for sliding a mask down to take a drink of water. It was insane.

There’s also a bewildering number of studies suggesting that masks did nothing to help prevent the spread. To mask or not to mask? That was the question!

Next, we had lockdown mandates. The senseless lockdowns to “supposedly help combat the spread of the virus” proved more destructive than beneficial. They destroyed businesses and communities but did virtually nothing to stop the spread.

And then came the hastily FDA approved COVID-19 vaccines. Upon the first release, the vaccine was hailed as the “cure-all step” to making sure every vaccinated person would be “totally immune to the virus”. If you got vaccinated, like a good little boy or girl, you were fully protected.

This would end the pandemic! Well, like most of the worthless bureaucratic policies used to battle the pandemic, this was untrue.

In fact, as we navigate from one variant to the next, vaccinated people are seemingly more prone to catching COVID-19 than the unvaccinated.

If this sounds rather odd to you, that’s because it is. But now the CDC is taking the nonsense to an even higher level.

Now, through a recent release, the Centers for Disease Control are changing their definition of the words “vaccine and vaccinated.”

They’ve posted a new definition for these two terms on the CDC website for immunization basics. The old definition for both seemed fairly logical.

The CDC definitions read: “Vaccine is a product that triggers immunity, while vaccination is an injection that prevents a disease.”

So, what triggered the necessity to rewrite such a straightforward definition? The old definition would seem to fit perfectly. That is unless the “vaccine” didn’t really work. That’s what caused this “rethinking” of the CDC’s definition. They say people were confused.

We say, “No kidding!” People, including Joe Biden, ran around telling everyone that the new, virtually untested medicine you’re offered is a “cure-all panacea for a deadly virus.” A few months into the results of your all-mighty vaccine, you find out it doesn’t work.

In fact, more people are oddly testing positive for the virus after getting “the jab.” But that works perfectly with just about everything else these blowhards told us. The virus that leaked from a virology lab in China has taught us one thing.

The bureaucrats setting medical policy for our country are self-serving buffoons. They’ve moved the goalposts on COVID-19 so many times, it’s no wonder people are confused and skeptical. If you dig deeper into the CDC website, you’ll find different COVID-19 vaccine information.

One page claims the vaccine offers immunity. Which is it? This information states that “getting a COVID-19 vaccination is a safer and more dependable way to build immunity to COVID-19 than getting sick with COVID-19.”

Yeah, sure, but it also rings the cash registers at Big Pharma. What a scam!


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Wouldn’t at ALL be surprised IF their “jab” didn’t PUT the virus in the system to be “awakened” at a later time!!!!

    • Very likely and highly probable! Remember one thing now after all this hocus-pocus; they are not concerned about you, me or anyone in the general population! We can be customers buying their end-line products or they can kill us off as in the end of the line; which they have done to a large extent in many cases; but that is all we are to them.

  • I have to wonder whether Mr. Trump is getting angry yet that it is now becoming evident he was led astray by Fauci and the CDC in 2020, to the extent it may well have impacted the results of the election.

    • He was and I’m sure he knows it but is so pissed off; yet what can he say now, I pushed “operation warp-speed” and made sure this fraudulent evil concoction entered as many Americans as possible thus helping to kill innocent people? I even wrote posts to the public and him when still in the White House that he received stating that; but he wasn’t about to admit culpability; yet! He got taken and after all the nefarious mobsters and others he dealt with over the years he had a punk cretin crony loser like Fauci hoodwink him; that has to keep him up nights!

    • It is possible that TRUMP knew everything which would happen, and realized the only way to treat the cancer was to expose it, and it is much deeper than he expected to eradicate it or see the system go over the cliff.

  • Personally, I think the head of the CDC, Fauci and Lying Corrupt Quid Pro KING Joe all have their heads up their rear. I’ll say one thing though, certain people including Big Pharma made an awful lot of money off the U.S. Taxpayer. They pushed an unproven vaccine on the public, then you wonder why 40,000 are going to lose their National Guard Status, because they refuse to get the Vaccine, way to go Austin.

    • True and we’ve all heard of the crime of the century adage well this one takes the cake as being the crime of the millennia or maybe all time unless they top it which they may do with the way things are going! Look a want America has become having that creature for a president and the Congress that’s loaded with swindling wicked nefarious bottom feeding parasites! A world of shittt!
      They and big corporate America are more than happy to sell us off and up the river for them to be in bed with each other for trillions of smackeroos! The old Mafia was girl-scouts compared to this nightmarish fraud inc.!

  • OKAY! They lied to you again! WHAT A SURPRISE! Not to worry they won’t do anything to them. No matter how many they kill or maim ! Lying to the government is only for republicans! Democrats do it everyday . And they don’t say squat! One day when the people get tired of the lies they will hold them down and give them a shot of their own crap!

  • I’m sorry but Flipping Fauchi and the CDC have lost all semblance of credibility and will probably never get it back.

  • The Fauci animal should be prosecuted and put away. His presence as a US official is a pestilence on the US government.

  • Democrats complain that the Oil companies made $8 Billion in profits last year but havent said a word about Pfizer by itself having made $30 Billion in profits last year.

  • Scam it is and Pfizer admitted in court that they all knew it and government OK it anyway.Therefore Pfizer denied the charge in the court.

  • It is time for fauci to retire and move far, far away and never to be heard from again. Read Robert Kennedy’s book “The Real Anthony Fauci.”

  • The CDC and the FDA both need a house cleaning. 1. Big Pharma owns the people working there. I have read about them giving employees stock, then they do what they want them to do or say. { The same as the Chinese owning the Biden’s]. They need to be investigated. Anyone that owns stock should have to sell it or give it back.
    There are other departments that need to be investigated also.

  • Other than the 40% that believe whatever the government/media tell us, no matter how absurd, the rest of the country knows that the CDC has shot itself in the foot with the pronouncements it has made over COVID in the last two or so years. The Supreme Court has even had to step in and tell them that they do NOT have the power they think they do! So most of the US population will take whatever they say with a grain of salt.



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