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There have been a number of new reports on Hillary Clinton, the Russian collusion hoax, and John Durham’s probe into the whole situation to figure out precisely what happened.

Because they’ve admitted it, we already know that people lied about it. We already know the “proof” was conjured up out of thin air. We already know that they attempted to establish ties between Trump Tower and the White House in order to gather evidence of misconduct.

Can I just take a moment to say how insane that is? That they would go to such lengths to try to frame someone for a crime is absurd. But, let’s be honest, what do you expect from the Clinton crime family?

Pertaining to the ongoing investigation, John Durham has now revealed that the CIA quickly recognized both data trails as phony after seeing that they were not “technically credible,” didn’t “withstand technical analysis,” had “gaps,” contradicted themselves, and were “user-created” rather than machine- or tool-generated.

Sussmann’s information included purported internet searches between the Trump Organization and Alfa Bank, as well as the alleged use of a Russian-made YotaPhone in Trump’s area, including at Trump Tower, near a Trump interview in Michigan, and near the White House after he was elected president.

The publication of this extraordinary data immediately raises the question: Who developed it? If the CIA knew this evidence was bogus in February 2017, why did it allow Trump to be harassed throughout his presidency with phony charges of Russian collusion?

On top of that, why did they allow $42 million dollars to be spent on this crock with the Mueller investigation? Why didn’t Mueller ever reveal that the CIA knew about this already?

Who is it that was really colluding with Russians? I think that we all know who that really was. Also, as I’ve said before, the Deep State runs DEEP!

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