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As the world battled the vicious coronavirus, underlying evidence about the origin of COVID grew more troubling. Initially, scientists falsely supported claims that the virus started by a haphazard chance contact between man and an infected animal.

The true origin of a virus, which created the worst worldwide pandemic in over a century, are coming to the surface more and more.

One of the most peculiar things that transpired was this bogus claim that it could not have come from a lab leak. As the lab leak theory of origin became more and more probable, Dr. Anthony Fauci’s true involvement became increasingly more suspicious.

Eventually, the story shifted back to how U.S. taxpayer dollars were diverted through a non-profit medical organization to fund gain-of-function research at the Wuhan facility. Fauci vehemently denied such.

He has since been proven a liar, and not for the first time. Now, Dr. Anthony Fauci’s research ethics are being exposed. The National Institutes of Health (NIH), which Fauci oversees, released a damning statement about the use of U.S. grants to the Wuhan Lab.

Now, evidence of another new and disgusting type of biological research is being exposed. The good doctor Fauci is at the heart of these new revelations as well. A watchdog group, The White Coat Waste Project (WCWP), has unearthed another taxpayer-funded Fauci/NIH project.

The WCWP uncovered documents proving that Fauci approved NIH grants of nearly $400,000 to a lab in Tunisia. What was going on in this lab may be one of the most disgusting abuses of animals in the so-called “name of science” ever.

Beagles were locked with their heads bound in steel cages. As these dogs lie helpless, parasite-carrying insects were allowed to devour them. The dog’s heads were trapped inside the cages. The beagles were used because of their docile characteristics, so they would lie still.

These helpless animals experienced excruciating pain while a swarm of purposefully starved sand flies attacked their heads. This is a deplorable and inhumane act. The man liberals treat like he’s “Saint Anthony of all-things COVID”, is at the heart of this disgusting abuse of science.

He has been quoted in the past boasting about how an accidental lab leak of a deadly virus would be worth the benefits to science. He obviously believes that the agony experienced by these poor dogs is okay. It says a great deal about Dr. Anthony Fauci’s personal integrity.

He has none. However, the most disturbing part of this whole story may be another sneaky diversion of taxpayer dollars, this time to abuse animals. How long will the country continue to allow this man to hold a job? Dr. Anthony Fauci has lied repeatedly about COVID.

That alone should get him fired. This new revelation reveals another disturbing side to the man that, for nearly two years, America has been told to trust. It’s time Fauci is held accountable. As more is exposed, Dr. Fauci becomes more disgusting than we ever imagined.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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