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A homeowner in Noblesville, Indiana, defended himself and his property from two armed intruders who posed as DoorDash drivers delivering Taco Bell food.

The incident happened on April 6, when Grayson Rhue, 18, and Ruai Ngundeng Pal, 22, both of Roswell, Georgia, knocked on the door of a house with a DoorDash bag containing quesadillas and drinks. They were wearing red DoorDash masks and caps, according to court documents.

When one of the three occupants of the house, who were house-sitting for the owner, opened the door, Rhue forced his way inside and told him to “Go inside, don’t make any noise.”

He pointed a gun at him, while Pal followed behind. However, another occupant of the house retrieved his own firearm and fired seven shots at the intruders, hitting Rhue multiple times. Rhue ran out of the house and collapsed two houses away, where he was pronounced dead by the police. Pal fled the scene and was later arrested in Tennessee.

The police found a stolen handgun under the DoorDash bag that Rhue dropped. They also discovered that the attempted robbery was not random, as Rhue had sent a Snapchat message to someone saying “Yeah we robbed his trap.

I’ll be back tomorrow I’m robbin his house tonight then driving straight back.” He had also tried to enter the same house through a bedroom window two weeks before the shooting.

This case shows how the right to bear arms can protect law-abiding citizens from violent criminals who prey on innocent people. The homeowner acted in self-defense and within his legal rights when he shot at the intruders who threatened his life and property.

The intruders, on the other hand, were reckless and foolish to think they could get away with such a brazen act of burglary. They paid a high price for their crime: one lost his life and the other faces multiple felony charges, including murder.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Need to kill all looters and rapist punks and kill all murders! If we want safety at home killing is a way to control the trash on the street

  • Kudos to the occupants of that residence. They raised the IQ level of that state several points. Gangstas trying to breach a door that is someone’s castle should expect some resistance. A slightly higher caliber might be a better choice next time.

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  • Watching the Bidens and their administration Rot from the inside out, does give one a hope for JUSTICE IN THE GOVERNMENT, Now make them pay for their crimes, not for revenge; but for what the Law stands for in our Country.

  • An armed society is a polite society. Thanks to the people in that house, there are now 2 less shit stains in America’s pants. Well done.

    • One of them was not killed so will be back on the streets under the present government. Have to stop letting them out before it will work.

  • It’s a shame the occupant didn’t kill both of the bastards. One less prick to worry about on the streets and would have saved the county the expense to prosecute the son of a bitch, which is just a total waste since everyone already knows he is outright guilty.

  • And they should give them a medal and have the brain dead Democrats pay for anything that was damaged! As their actions are what get good people killed!

  • The only good Communist Democrat is a dead Communist Democrat and those who vote Communist Democrat, after all they approve of deadly violence and are responsible for the destruction of America.

  • No guns for sexually confused adults.
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  • This has to stop. I am sick and tired of the damn biden not doing anyting to stop the illegals from entering our country. The democrats are abetting the criminals and this hast to stop. If you want a decent country, stop voting for DemocRATS!!!!!!!!!!

  • With ever-increasing millions more Americans getting properly dressed every year, one might think the dead bodies of criminals would be ample evidence that the cost-benefit ratio of criminal conduct is sufficiently persuasive to lead potential criminals toward a different line of work. Nope! They’re as dumb as ever! On analysis, one possible conclusion could be that they’re mostly DemonKKKraps.

    De Oppresso Liber

  • If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime! Seems to fit this story well.
    Oh well.

  • HMMMM… Golly Gee, I wonder where all the leftist liberals are on this second amendment issue, especially the one that are in hear reading and NOT leaving any post, I wonder why???? Is it because they can’t come up with any way to DEFEND their leftist narrative agenda?!



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