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The world was shocked when Gabby Petito’s body was discovered. Most had prayed that the beautiful young woman reported missing on September 11 would be found alive. Roughly eight days later, remains of a young woman were found in Bridger-Teton National Forest.

The body was eventually identified as Gabby Petito. Her death was ruled a homicide almost immediately. It was later revealed that Petito died by strangulation. A huge amount of circumstantial evidence immediately pointed to Brian Laundrie as a possible suspect.

His disappearance makes it even an even more compelling idea. Some believe wholeheartedly that there is evidence Brian Laundrie may have committed more than just one murder. Famous TV Bounty Hunter, Brian “Dog” Chapman thinks the Petito case fits the profile of a serial killer.

Chapman mentions some very disturbing books that Laundrie has read. The 68- year-old experienced bounty hunter says he has uncovered a dark and demonic past. There is a progressively more alarming set of signals that Gabby Petito may not be his only murder.

Laundrie boasted about reading gory murder stories. He even spoke about reading one such book, “Lullaby” with his fiancé Gabby Petito. The protagonist in the Chuck Palahniuk’s gruesome novel is a journalist.

In the “Lullaby”, Carl Streator discovers a chilling song that may have led to the death of his own family. Afterward, Streator memorizes the rhyme and begins to kill people who annoy him. Laundrie found this terrifying story appealing.

He also found other hideous acts to be either amusing or at least interesting. Laundrie posted on social media an affinity for macabre images wielding scythes, symbols of the grim reaper of death. Chapman does not believe that a murderer just instantly becomes a killer.

He thinks Laundrie, like many serial killers, has turned even after reading ghoulish tales and playing hideous death games. Chapman’s years of experience prove to him these morbid pursuits can produce frightening consequences.

For Gabby Petito, these demonic ideas may have produced the utmost consequence, her death. For Brian Laundrie, they may have festered into the creation of a gruesome monster, someone who may have killed before.


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