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Why would a man request enhanced security ahead of an event if he wanted the event to spiral chaotically out of control? Logically, he wouldn’t. That’s exactly what happened four days prior to the January 6, 2021, protests that turned violent.

Government memos validate the claim that President Trump’s administration strongly suggested that the National Guard be employed ahead of the scheduled protests. Possibly on orders from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the Capitol Police rejected the offer.

The records prove that President Trump was instrumental in a proposal through the Pentagon made four days before the January 6 riots. Would someone hoping to cause a violent uprising approve of virtually impenetrable security ahead of the attempted coup?

Of course, they wouldn’t. But that’s exactly what President Trump did. That single request proves that he didn’t encourage or support the violence which ensued. President Trump was adamant that the 2020 election was stolen from the American people.

He was defending his right to lead our great nation, a right that Joe Biden and the cheating Democrats stole. The election was a fraud. However, President Trump is not responsible for the out-of-control chaos that happened at the Capitol.

Many believe the inaction by Nancy Pelosi and the Capitol Police are responsible. Reportedly, the U.S. Department of Justice has launched an investigation into the actions and correspondence of President Trump ahead of and on January 6. This is yet another witch hunt.

This Nancy Pelosi orchestrated, January 6 commission (with help from a couple turncoat Republicans) is trying to smear President Trump. It’s a bigger scam than the election. Because of the bogus investigation, reports of civil suits related to January 6 are being reported.

These suits, and much of the January 6 testimony, violated executive privilege. Therefore, President Trump asserts “absolute immunity” in any civil suits surrounding his January 6 actions. President Trump’s legal team released the following statement.

It read: “This question has already been answered by the Supreme Court, which held that the immunity is rooted in constitutional separation of powers, and it is especially important to the President because he deals with matters that are controversial and arouse intense feelings.”

President Trump insists that “a judiciary review of executive function would set a poor precedent for the future, allowing the three branches of government to interfere and meddle with one another on ideological grounds.” This allows the party in power to orchestrate witch hunts to attack their political opponents.

Does this sound familiar? It’s been going on since Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the 2016 presidential election. It’s never stopped. Furthermore, it’s been one bogus witch hunt after another. President Trump is a serious threat to the entrenched D.C. swamp rats that lie and manipulate the American people.

He believes that America’s political environment is so polarized by corruption, it’s critical to draw distinct lines. President Trump points to January 6 as a prime example. He said, “The underlying factual dispute regarding the January 6, 2021, violence at the Capitol arouses the passions of many Americans, including members of the bench and bar.”

Corrupt U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland was asked about how such a DOJ investigation could further polarize the nation. He doesn’t care. Garland insisted that his DOJ would pursue justice “without fear or favor.”

As evidence surfaces of the FBI’s manipulation of the Hunter Biden investigation, Garland’s statement seems rather ironic. Garland said his office holds people accountable. But where’s the accountability for a crooked, drug-addicted son who peddles influence to make millions? It appears that investigation doesn’t meet Garland’s criteria for without fear or “favor”.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Immunity from what? All these half baked lawsuits are baseless.

    And the “Jan 6 Committee”? We need to revive the HUAC to deal with those NWO Marxists. We need to see it happening right after the new congress is sworn in with out a doubt,

    After the new congress takes over step one should be to disband the Jan 6th witch hunt and then show the commies what a REAL witch hunt is like,,,,,only they have ACTUAL crimes to expose. Start with the FIB(sic) and then start knocking off all the crooks in the Sennett and House. Like I said, The new HUAC,,,,but this time no more Mr. nice guy.

    Think a GOP controlled congress will do it? — If you do I’m betting you believe Epstein committed suicide.

  • There are so many crimes and political fraud she is guilty of, that it would take volumes to detail. She is still the head of her crime family all like the bidens who think they are above the law. Her Husband and son and brother are the worst. She comes from a Baltimore crime family that her father ran . No wonder they can do hit and run and DUI and harass people and shove little kids around. Paul jr is even being investigated like Hunter for illegal money laundering deals, and a possible murder rap. All while mom is out starting WWIII with China. We need Justice

  • Garland’s words are “mis-information” designed to confuse – redirect – throw off – word salad as it were. There is zero intent to bring charges against anything that has the word Democrat attached to it. We keep referring back to the AG….a total waste of time and effort.

    • You are correct. Wray, Garland are part of the woke intellectuals wanting the US to become a Copy of Europe’s soft communism. And, the 50? intel people that signed the russian disinformation letter need to be punished in some form or another.

  • Trump requested advanced security and nanci pillooser the one that is responsible for antifa breaking into the capital building, denied his request and advice.
    this was all a plan by the commie democrat cult party to follow up their russia russia russia failures with this Jan 6 using their paid army of antifa.



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