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The oldest president in history, eighty-year-old Joe Biden has been declared healthy and “fit for duty” after undergoing a thorough physical examination this week, which included the removal of several lesions from his chest. White House physician Kevin O’Connor reported that the president is still able to carry out all of his duties without any exemptions or accommodations.

Personally, I tend to believe that no matter what would have been wrong with Biden, the physician would have said the same thing. You know that there is corruption there as well.

A small lesion was excised from Joe Biden’s chest and sent for traditional biopsy, but no cognitive test was performed due to the fact that he does not appear to be suffering from symptoms linked with “long COVID” and his stiff gait has not deteriorated since his last checkup in November 2021.

During the physical examination, several skin growths on the president’s face and head were also treated with liquid nitrogen in order to have them removed. As time passes and Joe Biden approaches announcing his 2024 candidacy, many Americans have become increasingly concerned about his cognition abilities due to his elderly age. If he were to run for re-election and secure a second term, history would be made as he would stand out as the oldest president in U.S. history who has served two consecutive terms in office.

Reuters reported,

The exam was closely watched as Biden prepares for his expected run for a second term in 2024. The summary said Biden did not have any “long COVID” symptoms and that his stiff gait has not worsened since his last exam in November 2021.

Biden takes the statin Crestor to keep his cholesterol levels low, an anti-coagulant in response to atrial fibrillation that remains asymptomatic and medication to treaty seasonal allergies and acid reflux, the summary said.

The summary found that Biden’s weight had dropped six pounds, from 184 pounds in 2021 to 178. His body mass index was at 24.1 compared to 25.0 in 2021, and his blood pressure was at 126/78 compared to 120/70 in 2021.

When asked about this by reporters, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre responded by affirming that Joe Biden works day in and day out with a very demanding schedule while managing to deliver results consistently. In addition, recent polls conducted by Reuters/Ipsos show that most American citizens agree with Karine Jean-Pierre’s statement; three-quarters of Americans surveyed said that they believe Joe Biden is too old to work in government while half of Democrat respondents acknowledged that despite remaining mentally sharp, he cannot manage the physical toll of the position of presidency anymore due to his advanced age.


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  • “Biden’s mental state is being hidden”? You’re kidding right? Whether his doctor is trying to hide it or not, it’s certainly and obviously NOT hidden from everyone else in the world! LOL!

  • An easy way to fix this.

    Congress needs to draft and pass a bill that eliminates this malarky. This would include such things as a standard set of tests and protocols, results reviewed by multiple doctors to a specific set of standards, and public disclosure requirements.

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  • Everyone knows that Lying Corrupt Quid pro KING Joe’s health evaluation was going to be sugarcoated. The doctors at Walter Reed gave Corrupt Quid pro a clean bill of health. Corrupt Quid Pro is fit for duty. The only issue the doctors overlooked is that Corrupt Quid Pro suffers from degenerative brain disease and CRS. One doesn’t think that some high ranking officer is going to give Corrupt Quid Pro a bad medical evaluation do they? That officer would be putting his career on the line, and would probably be fired. The Doctors can sugarcoat it all they want, ll of America knows the truth.

  • ROFLMAO……they can’t hide it because it’s so obvious so it’s just more CYA by the doctor who needs to lose his license.

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  • If the truth came out about hair sniffing Perv Bidens mental evaluation ,,,,, he’d be in a straight jacket in a 4 corner padded room !!!!

  • I watched two people that were very close to me deteriorate mentally and physically from Diagnosed Dementia! I saw and heard them when they were “normal” and saw and heard them until they DIED! Joe Biden exhibits essentially the same symptoms as my relatives did! They, like Biden, had the “Where Am I and What Am I doing here” Look! The Democrat Party has perpetrated the Biggest Hoax on the American People since Barrack Hussein Obama and must pay a Price for This!

  • This indicates that the so called doctors that releases the health cewrtificate of Presidents to the public who pays the person in question are paid off and told to shut up.Democrats sure are evil.

  • With all the CHEATING and FRAUD ,,,,,,, the asswipe , brainwashed , liberal puppets got their hair sniffing , diaper wearing , stair falling , inept Perv Biden into the White House . The only thing is ,, he showed them how he could destroy OUR country in just 2 years !!!!

  • this sick demented piece of s–t should be shot for treason. this liar and thief is a trader why the f–k someone has killed this m fu–er is beyond me.



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