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There’s an old saying about how to prove corrupt behavior: “Follow the money.” Frequently, following a money trail will lead right back to the crook.

As the House of Representatives digs deeper into the Biden family corruption, the money trail back to Hunter Biden and his crooked cronies is proving to Americans what many have said for years.

The Bidens are corrupt influence peddlers. But they’re not the only members of the radical Democrat Party who are cheating. The entire party is crooked.

Many experts insist that radical leftists manipulated voter rolls to secure thousands of stolen votes. Investigative teams uncovered an alarming number of cases where dead people voted.

But the Democrats are using fake identities – the personal information of deceased elderly Americans – to pull off an even bigger crime.

The Gateway Pundit was the first investigative team to report about how Democrats were sucking in donations using the party platform “ActBlue” as a front. Black Lives Matter (BLM) received millions through this illegal channel.

However, a little further digging revealed an even more alarming scam. An Action Fund investigation into the 2020 data from January through August showed an increase in donations to ActBlue from unemployed donors. As the economy continued to worsen, it seemed peculiar that people who were already struggling financially could find extra money to donate.

Action Fund President John Pudner said, “It is hard to believe that at a time when the U.S. unemployment rate was less than 4 percent, unemployed people had $346 million dollars to send to ActBlue for liberal causes.” But how does this relate to what’s recently been discovered? Donations are coming in to Democrat campaigns in very small amounts.

Democrat candidates are sucking in thousands of donations, many for as little as $100. Each donor recorded their occupation as unemployed. Records from the 2022 Georgia election showed U.S. Senate candidate Raphael Warnock got $24 million from roughly 358,000 donations. But that’s not the most shocking part of this story.

Virtually all these mysterious donors were over 70 years old. That’s why each one was listed as unemployed. But what’s worse, the identities of these donors appear to have been stolen. This would allow the Democrat Party to launder donation money to various candidates. As well, documentation proves that over half of Democrat donations come in small chunks.

The majority are from unemployed elderly voters. How many of these “unemployed elderly voters” are six-feet under? Have their identities been stolen by the crooked Democrat Party machine? It wouldn’t be the first time Democrats have used dead Americans to pull off a scam! Furthermore, it begs the question, if true, who are the people really making all these donations?


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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