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There are several subjects that parents should actually discuss with their kids. Disney, the government, or anybody else has no business teaching anything sexually explicit to another person’s children, certainly not without a parent’s permission.

Historically, watching cartoons on TV wasn’t a problem, but these days, you literally have to pre-watch everything to make sure that they aren’t attempting to brainwash your children with liberal propaganda.

Disney has quickly emerged as the primary transgressor in this area and is aggressively working to change. I promise that one day soon Disney will only be a socialist propaganda weapon used to brainwash children.

One big problem I have still too is people who claim to hate this stuff still supporting them. I have not one, but two friends who have recently booked trips to Disney. They claim to be against their agenda, but their money says otherwise.

Recently, Disney took things a step further with a clip from one of their new shows, “Baymax!. What they did was slip in transgender ideology…into a cartoon. They did so by having a man give recommendations on what sort of tampons and pads they use. The Blaze wrote:

In the segment, Baymax, a robot that was featured in the Disney movie “Big Hero 6,” receives several recommendations about menstrual products, including from an individual who looks like a man and is wearing a shirt that resembles the colors of a transgender pride flag.

“Excuse me, which of these products would you recommend?” the robot asks a woman.

At first bewildered, the female character replies by handing the robot a box and noting that she typically uses those tampons.

“I prefer pads. They’re more comfortable for me,” someone else says.

“I always get the ones” that have “wings,” an apparently transgender character then remarks.

This is so f-ing absurd! I don’t know a better way to put it without going off the rails.

Men. Do. Not. Have. Periods.

We don’t have those parts. Why is this even a thing? Does it make these mentally ill individuals feel better about themselves by putting an annoying piece of cloth into their pants? Who would voluntarily want to do this when they don’t have to?

Like I said, Disney is trash now. I encourage you avoid anything Disney. Even the recent Buzz Lightyear movie has a lesbian kissing scene in it. If you don’t firmly believe that Disney is trying to indoctrinate your kids yet, then I can’t help you.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Why would the topic of needs related to the menstrual cycle even be part of a cartoon or children’s entertainment program let alone indicating a man would have need to use the products?

  • Disney has lost it. I will not be contributing to their bottom line other than to watch it crash.

  • The only explanation one can draw is that the CEO of Disney is a sexual deviant. But then, why does the United States have a month to “celebrate” sexual perverts??? Who started this obscenity?? I certainly do NOT want to celebrate any “pride” in being a sexual pervert. There is nothing to be proud of in a mental aberration. What queers do among themselves is of no interest or concern to me. But when they shove and flaunt their perversions in my face or promote it to my children, I DO have a big problem with that.

  • The RAT was bad now it is getting worse. It ruined the state of Fla. and now it is trying to ruin the children. DO NOT watch anything that they are involved in. Do not watch or attend Disney World or watch any channel or movie they show. They want to ruin this country. DO NOT give them the money to do so.

  • How about they all get menstrual cramps, like 1st stage labor, every month for an yr, & see how “fun” being a real woman is, as a requirement for “membership” in the “woman club”? Shoving a rag in your drawers doesn’t even come close!
    Those shoving this in the faces of toddlers makes NO SENSE! Children that age have no basis for understanding such things & shouldn’t, nor be exposed to them.

  • Disney is a socialist propaganda weapon used to brainwash children. And the parents of these children are goomers. All of them must be warned that unless they protect their children from this, they will lose them, and go to jail. Who’s minding the damn store??

  • What does a two year old know about sex and transgender this is ungodly what we all need to do is boycott Disney all together bankrupt them shut them down totally leave our babies alone go commit suicide all of you pieces of trash



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