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The Pope is always one of the most highly respected people in the world, at least in recent years. Everyone loved Pope John Paul II. It seemed like everyone loved Pope Benedict XVI, and most Catholics respect Pope Francis, though he is a bit different than the most recent popes who preceded him.

Many folks would definitely say that Pope Francis has been one of the more liberal popes that the Roman Catholic Church has had.

Over the last few years, some thought that he would be stepping down from the papacy over health issues, but that hasn’t been the case, at least not yet.

He has also said some controversial things, and he’s gained the spotlight once again over his most recent remarks regarding the entire world.

Yahoo News reported,

Regarding the environment, Pope Francis contends we “must not be indifferent or resigned to the loss of biodiversity and the destruction of ecosystems, often caused by our irresponsible and selfish behavior.”

He warns: “Because of us, thousands of species will no longer give glory to God by their very existence. … We have no such right.”

For Pope Francis, economic destitution and environmental destruction are symbiotically linked. “Climate change is,” according to Pope Francis, displacing people, increasing poverty and “contributing to the heart-rending refugee crisis. The world’s poor, though least responsible for climate change, are most vulnerable and already suffering its impact.”

Pope Francis emphasizes globally there are a series of “profoundly interconnected crises” in “the areas of health care, the environment, food supplies and the economy,” not to mention regional wars, “social, humanitarian and ethical crises,” all calling for a “new vision,” to “rethink the future of the world,” and establish “a renewed sense of shared responsibility for our world.”

Most recently in May, Pope Francis urged his audience, “We cannot live with the economic pattern that comes from neoliberalism and the Enlightenment. Nor can we live with an economic pattern that comes from Communism. We need … a Christian economy.”

There are people who believe that the papacy and specifically Pope Francis may be the antichrist, they would also be suspicious of him trying to institute any sort of government or economic system throughout the world because some people believe that is what will happen in the end times.

Is he calling for a New World Order, or is he calling for a more charitable government?


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • This Pope should stick to praying and getting rid of the pedophiles in the church, not getting involved in politics.

  • Many Catholics, are calling for a NEW POPE! [ HEAR, HEAR!}

    This so called “spiritual leader”, is so far off base, as to be suspected of being the Anti-Christ?

  • It’s because of this so call Pope that so many folks are leaving the Catholic church! I guess “mission accomplish” by the radical, INSANE DemonRATs!

    • Regardless of what the Pope is doing, people should leave the Catholic Church. Far too many man-made rules and traditions that run counter to God’s Holy Word. No one should be praying to Mary or the saints for intercession. JESUS CHRIST is our ONLY Intercessor! This is just one of several issues with the Catholic Church.

      For the record, I was a practicing Catholic for over 4 decades.

      • Just because you left the Catholic Church doesn’t mean others should. (Makes me wonder how much of a “practicing” Catholic you actually were and if you go to any church now.)

        • I was born into Catholicism, and remained one till this S.O.B infiltrated the church. Everything we were taught for decades has been spit on by this Marxist. Now he fin Some poor woman whially showed his true colors , he wants Communism. He was spawned and raised in Marxist country. so Surprise. He met with Pelosi that hag , who promotes abortion till birth as does Alzheimer Joe and Kerry, yet, he gives then Communion. He is fine with same sex marriage. He needs o be excommunicated.

        • Sorry my keyboard went off. Some poor woman who gets her face punched in by her abusive drunken husband , leaves him and divorced him and No Communion. Yet the Washington scabs lie Pelosi, Kerry, Biden PROMOTE late term abortion and Communion is just fine for them,. How much money did they give His Disgrace? I as proba
          bly as good a Catholic as you, just not as blind.

  • The problems of this world have NOTHING to do with the Climate Change hoax.

    Our problems are the direct result of Almighty God slowly removing His Mighty Hand of protection as mankind continues to devolve into sexual depravity due to:
    – public schools pushing homosexuality and gender-changing ideas on prepubescent children
    – approving abortion and/or gender mutilation surgery for minors without parental involvement
    – adults wanting to provide transgender reading hour for minors
    – attempting to eliminate the word “pedophile” from the American lexicon
    – attempting to federally legalize abortions and infanticide
    – giving same-sex couples rights that overrun our 1st Amendment religious rights

    • My good friend, Dom, has hit the nail squarely on the head. This kind of garbage is why, when Jesus comes back THIS time, it will not be fun & games for the occupants of the world. The scum of the world should gird their loins & prepare themselves for the wrath of God.

  • “In matters of religion, the Pope is infallible” per a buddy of mine many years ago. While I question that statement, he sure as Hell is not infallible on other subjects.

  • That evil, son of Satan. He has run off more Catholics than the last ten real Popes. He is a disgrace, and a Marxist like the country that spawned him. I would love to know how much money changed hands to get this Devil into power. He needs to be excommunicated and then we need Sir Thomas Moore back make a fuel out of him.



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