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What happened to George Floyd on May 25, 2020, is disturbing to watch. While a convicted criminal, high on drugs at the time, Floyd’s death was still distressing. Former Minneapolis Police officer Derek Chauvin, at the very least, used poor judgment.

After Floyd resisted arrest, Chauvin was videoed holding Floyd down with a knee across the back of his neck. Again, it was an unpleasant event to watch. Floyd, again under the influence of drugs at the time, died as a result.

Derek Chauvin became a poster child for an insane call to defund the police. He was charged with multiple counts of murder and ultimately convicted. The disgraced from police officer was sentenced to 22½ years in prison for second-degree, unintentional murder.

We can debate the substance of Chauvin’s conviction. That is our American right. However, even if the consensus opinion is that he deserves to be incarcerated, Chauvin does not deserve to be treated any differently than any other convicted criminal.

However, Derek Chauvin is being treated far differently. Even convicted child killers are treated better than Derek Chauvin. Even convicted cop killers get more privileges. It is a disgraceful abuse of our penal system. Chauvin has spent the last eight months under high security.

He is incarcerated within the Administrative Control Unit at the Minnesota Correctional Facility in Oak Park Heights, Minnesota. Chauvin is being denied even his most basic rights. There are surveillance cameras watching Derek Chauvin every second of every day.

Prison guards check on Chauvin every half-an-hour as well. This seems not only excessively redundant, but equally on purpose just to annoy Chauvin. Chauvin must shower, eat, sleep and use the restroom in the same cell.

Reports from TMZ say Chauvin is only allowed out of his confinement area one-hour a day to exercise. Chauvin has no contact with other inmates and zero opportunity to pursue educational or self-improvement options afforded to all other inmates.

Many insist that the charges leveled against Derek Chauvin far exceed the crime. While he may be complicit in the death of George Floyd, murder vs. negligent homicide seemed an exorbitant injustice. However, the charges call for incarceration, not inhumane psychological punishment.

Therefore, regardless of the charges, Derek Chauvin does not deserve to be wrongfully treated. He warrants the same opportunities as other inmates. The same guidelines should apply to his incarceration as those applied to every other convicted criminal.


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