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The breadth of policies and strategies governments around the world are using to impose authoritarian vaccine orders is inconceivable. It seems bureaucratic control freaks will stop at nothing to force people into getting the “COVID jab”, whether they want or need it.

Under the burdensome pressure of these unjust and unnecessary vaccine mandates, some people are becoming rather inventive. There have been reports of falsified COVID vaccine cards and fabricated COVID tests. The problem isn’t with the people trying to trick the system.

Government policies are forcing them to take unusual measures to preserve their right to choose. One Italian man may have earned honors for the most bizarre method yet. The 50-year-old man did not want to get vaccinated.

However, Italy has imposed some of the most Draconian vaccine mandates in the world. The country is basically punishing anyone who refuses to get a COVID shot. Unvaccinated Italians will essentially be locked down involuntarily.

Well, this man must have really wanted his official vaccine record to be authenticated. He attempted to get his COVID shot in a fake arm. An astute nurse noticed some peculiar physical issues when she was preparing to give the man his injection.

For one, the arm was an odd color. Secondly, she was having an impossible time locating any veins. Turns out, there was good reason. There were no real veins in this man’s fake arm. Once his attempted COVID caper was exposed, he asked the nurse to ignore his failed efforts.

Obviously a loyal follower of bureaucratic mandates, she did not. Not only did the fake attempt to secure an authentic vaccination card fail, the man will face criminal prosecution for trying to fake a COVID vaccination. The real story here goes deeper.

These situations are now exposing the lengths normally honest people are being forced into, to avoid mandates to take a vaccination they do not want. Italy has multi-level vaccination cards now. These cards, called “green or super-green passes”, are mandated to gain access into just about any place in the country.

Before long, those who choose not to get the “COVID jab” will be essentially ostracized from society. This is a dangerous and all-too obvious goal of domineering rulers. Joe Biden is trying to force the jab on hardworking Americans by using unconstitutional federal mandates.

Thankfully, the U.S. legal system may provide relief for conscientious vaccine objectors. These people are not necessarily “anti-vax”. They simply refuse to be ordered by federal bureaucracies to take a medicine they may not even need.

As dictatorial tyrants continue with efforts to exploit the pandemic to enforce conformity, inventive strategies will be tried to avoid getting vaccinated. The problem isn’t the people who are devising ways to trick the system. It’s the tyrannical tactics used to force them against their will.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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