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The Biden Crime Family is in for some trouble in the very near future. Republicans are in charge of the House of Representatives now and they are relentlessly pursuing the Bidens to expose just how shady their business dealings really are.

For most of us, it’s already understood what really went on, we’re just trying to get enough solid evidence to prove the wrongdoing. Of course, Democrats are so corrupt that they actually actively hid some vital information so as to not disturb Joe Biden.

We now know that Hunter, James, and even Hallie Biden all received money from China. How did she come into the picture in any of this? Oh, and there is some other unknown Biden who got money. I wonder who that could be…

This comes straight from the House Oversight Committee:

Today, the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability issued a memorandum revealing new evidence resulting from the investigation into the Biden family’s influence peddling and business schemes. Subpoenaed financial records show that from 2015 to 2017, Biden family members – Hunter Biden, James Biden, Hallie Biden, and an unknown “Biden” – and their companies collectively received $1.3 million in payments from accounts related to Rob Walker, a Biden family associate.

Notably, on March 1, 2017, less than two months after Vice President Joe Biden left public office, State Energy HK Limited, a Chinese company, wired $3 million to Rob Walker’s company. The next day, the company wired $1,065,000 to a company associated with James Gilliar, another Biden family associate. Afterwards, the Biden family received approximately $1,065,000 in payments over a three-month period in different bank accounts. From the bank records, it appears that the Biden family received approximately one-third of the money obtained from the China wire.

Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) issued the following statement on this new evidence of the Biden family’s suspicious business transactions:

“Democrats described our subpoena as providing nothing more than records for Papa John’s and Starbucks, but they failed to mention the records we’ve received documenting the Biden family’s business schemes. Over the course of several years, members of the Biden family and their companies received over $1.3 million in payments from accounts related to their associate, Rob Walker. Most of this money came as a result of a wire from a Chinese energy company and went not only to Hunter and James Biden, but also to Hallie Biden and an unknown ‘Biden.’It is unclear what services were provided to obtain this exorbitant amount of money.

“The Oversight Committee is concerned about the national security implications resulting from President Biden’s family receiving millions of dollars from foreign nationals. We will continue to follow the money trail and facts to determine if President Biden is compromised by his family’s business schemes and if there is a national security threat.” 

Comer is expected to reveal the person’s name at some point but has not yet announced specific plans to do so, leaving the door open to speculation about who else could have been on the receiving end.

The Kentucky Republican told Fox News host Sean Hannity on Monday that the records obtained from Bank of America show that in March 2017, Walker received a $3 million wire transfer from two individuals with ties to the Chinese Communist Party, which he then divvied up among multiple Biden family members.

“The very next day after that wire was received, the Walker account started transferring money into three different Biden family members’ accounts, including a new Biden family member that’s never before been identified as someone being involved in the influence-peddling scheme,” Comer told Hannity.

Sources: NY Post


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • What were the Biden’s selling– access to the Classified Documents found at the Penn Biden Think Tank– nice, private cozy hole in the wall to trade money for state secrets. Hunter in charge of 1.5 Billion dollars to run a fund for the CCP filled with American businesses. Processed foods, small companies making sensitive hi tech items for our military ended up owned by the CCP. Hand in glove co-operation of Biden Clan with the CCP. Yet none dare call it TREASON Why?

    • You ask why ?? It is because the corrupt Biden family is protected by the corrupt DemocRATic party and the corrupt media, that’s why !!

    • It’s straight-out Treason and Espionage with foreign enemies! They all need to be locked away for life at the very least!

      • No, the treasonous Bidens need to ne hung by the neck until they are dead! That is the penalty for treason.

        • That’s the way I see it True American.
          Hang them all, after what they’ve done to the lives of millions of Americans and deaths, espionage and Treason is grounds for hanging..

    • Biden is the most incompetent and crooked, thieving piece of trash to ever sit in the White House. The Democratic Party is silent and corrupt and the Main Stream Media is full of communist sympathizers. Pay attention America, you are losing your country!

  • So this is why Biden ORDERED no US Military equipment destroyed when he ordered the US Military out of Afghanistan; and let Chinese spy craft can drift over the US for weeks at a time until the Chinese notify Biden “all info obtained” before the craft are destroyed. And of course the reading library FOR DECADES of classified documents kept on Biden property for use by their “friends” overseas. Don’t just get mad…. remember, the children today will fight a future foe that had complete access to US Weapons that they were able to determine how best to destroy, with our troops inside them. ALL courtesy of Cotten-eyed Joe. Last time I checked spys were not allowed to roam the halls of govt freely in the US.

    • The Rosenberg’s for far less than, “this family for decades operation,” were put to death! Why should these traitors be any different!

      • Russians paid the Rosenbergs well for nuclear secrets. They passed the information to the Russians using a JELLO BOX filled with the secrets of our nuclear weapons. That was back when the USA was the only holder and maker of nuclear weapons. The Rosenbergs paid the ultimate price. Now we know why there is not much difference between the equipped Chinese Aemy and our own. Biden Clan has been selling out the USA for YEARS.

  • Biden is the most incompetent and crooked, thieving piece of trash to ever sit in the White House. The Democratic Party is silent and corrupt and the Main Stream Media is full of communist sympathizers. Pay attention America, you are losing your country!

    • It was no secret that the Biden Clan was corrupted for years. I hope all of you loyal DEMOMARXISTS and those who engineered the CHEAT of the last Presidential election are proud of yourselves including almost all of our Hi-Techies who aided and abetted the cheat heard round the World and has brought us to the calamity of our monetary system today. That is ok because Joe wants our monetary system wrecked so he can put us all on the CHINESE STYLE SPY DIGITAL CURRENCY. That way they will control everything you do or say. He wants to turn us all into tightly controlled slavery,

  • It’s like a shell game, for Lying Corrupt Quid Pro KING Joe, to throw investigators off the track, on Corrupt Quid Pro was caught. Send the money around to several entities, eventually coming around full circle to Corrupt Quid Pro. I don’t know why the liberal commie Democrats are panicking? Even with a criminal referral from the Republican’s, AG weasel and political hack Merrick Garland will decline to prosecute Corrupt Quid Pro. If this were Trump, Garland would jump on this in a heartbeat. corrupt Quid Pro should be classified as a traitor. He sold his soul, to Communist China for monetary gain. Corrupt Quid Pro is bought and paid for by Communist China.

  • Can we really be surprised?

  • There is no panic. The media will suppress or bury reporting about it, the DC Establishment (both Dems and Repubs) will ignore it. They cannot allow anything that might stand in the way of a Trump failure.

  • This investigation only covers ONE “pay to play” income and money laundering scheme being run by the criminal Biden family. How about Hunter Biden suddenly becoming an “artist,” and all those “art works” he produced being sold for INSANE prices of up to half a million dollars to ANONYMOUS donors? If THAT is not a money-laundering scheme being conducted with impunity in PLAIN SIGHT, what IS it?

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  • Could the unnamed Biden be Jill or Biden’s sister? Halli may be collecting for Beau since he is no longer here but was surly involved in the family crimes before his ‘passing’.
    There are at least ten more bank records to be revealed. Perhaps the Biden mystery will be solved then.



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