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Liberals seem to have one unflattering but unifying characteristic. They’re hypocrites. Democrats speak out with fervent passion about anything and everything, especially accusations against a conservative. They twist facts and promote the most bizarre theories.

But when a conservative questions something a liberal has suggested, that person is immediately slammed as being a conspiracy freak. When the shoe is on the other foot, Democrats are quick to propose the wildest of implausible notions.

One of the most laughable had to be the Russia collusion hoax. Democrats accused President Trump of being a Russian stooge, all the while using a phony dossier concocted by a former Russian spy to fabricate one of the biggest political lies in U.S. history.

There have been more. One glaring difference between liberal and conservative conspiracy theories is how likely each is to eventually being proven accurate. The origins of the COVID-19 pandemic are one of them.

Anyone who suggested the pandemic started in a Chinese virology lab was chastised as an anti-science lunatic. They weren’t. The virus leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China. Likewise, anyone who questioned the COVID vaccines was an anti-vax conspiracy nut.

In fact, those who resisted getting a suspiciously “ineffective” medicine were denounced as killers. If Americans want to find out which side of a debate right, start with the viewpoint that liberals claim is a conspiracy theory.

You’ll land on the right side more often than not. The most recent liberal insinuation may be the most outlandish yet. After a corrupt department of justice raided former President Trump’s home “supposedly” because he had “classified” documents stored there, liberals went nuts.

According to many in the bogus mainstream media, the former president had everything from U.S. nuclear codes to sensitive military secrets he planned to give to Russia. None of it was true.

But look at the stark contrast in what Democrats are saying after Joe Biden was found to have inappropriately taken sensitive classified materials. It’s a completely different narrative. The excuses have gone from “poor Joe didn’t know” to “maybe someone planted the boxes?”

Wacky California Congressman Hank Johnson floated the later conspiracy theory. A FOX News reporter asked Johnson about the discovery of multiple boxes of classified documents taken by Biden.

His reply not only evaded the question but added a perplexing theory. Johnson replied, “Things can be planted; things can be planted in places and then discovered conveniently, that may be what has occurred here.” He doubled down, saying, “I’m not ruling that out.”

Johnson added, “But I don’t. I’m open in terms of the investigation needs to be investigated.” We’re uncertain what that comment is supposed to mean, other than that it’s another confusing Democrat word salad right out of Kamala Harris’ playbook.

But rather than insinuate the implausible, why don’t Democrats like Johnson concentrate on the real issues? Why were Biden’s documents suspiciously mixed in with personal papers like the death report on his son Beau?

Is there any connection between the massive financial commitment the Biden-Penn Center received from communist China and these secret papers being stored in a closet there? Why are so many of the files mysteriously related to Ukraine?

Now that more boxes of secret classified documents were found, “locked in Biden’s garage with his Corvette,” how openly available were these sensitive materials to his crooked son Hunter? Did Hunter have illegal access to classified government documents?

In an undeniably tough situation, Biden’s stooge for the U.S. Attorney General had no choice. Merrick Garland appointed a special counsel, stating that the investigation will include “the possible unauthorized removal and retention of classified documents or other records discovered.”

So, Americans have a crooked Department of Justice leading an investigation into one political rival and the other acting as its current boss. What could possibly go wrong in that scenario? Let’s float our own theory about an eventual outcome.

How about the possibility that both “classified document scandals” conveniently evaporate into thin air? What about the notion that there’s “nothing to see here” regarding President Trump but “everything to see here” in Biden’s boxes of hidden papers?

President Trump’s documents seem to involve questions about whether he took things that he, as a former president, was authorized to take. Biden’s classified documents may hold a different set of secrets. If that’s true, you can bet the crooked DOJ will wipe its hands of both cases.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • How is it possible that this idiot keeps getting reelected? I mean anybody that voted for him after his extremely stupid statements about Guam tilting over because of more military personnel sent there, apparently are just as fucking brain dead as he is. Shouldn’t there be an intelligence test for our representatives? If you believe that an island will tip over because of overpopulation, clearly your brain ain’t firing on all cylinders. Shoot, I’ve got an old stump in my yard that has a higher IQ than good old Hank. The people of Georgia deserves better.

    • You are correct Paddy O”Furniture. I would also add that the best part of this exchange was the response from the Admiral he was questioning. Without laughing, He said, “Uh..No Congressman, we…we don’t anticipate that happening.”



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