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Americans continue to argue about the suspicious final outcome to the 2020 Presidential Election. Some blindly call it the “big lie”, while others refuse to back down from it being the “big steal”. One thing that is growing increasingly more obvious is that it was the “big fraud”.

Ballots were counted at very peculiar hours. Suitcases of votes were hauled out from under tables during the wee-hours of the morning when it appeared no one was looking. Voter registration documents have often not matched the actual vote count.

And interestingly enough, some dead people managed to cast ballots for Joe Biden. This circus continues in Virginia ahead of the hotly contested governor’s race. One extremely contentious part of the most recent elections involves mail-in ballots.

Collectively, experts agree that it opens the door to election fraud. Some feel the chances of fraud are greater than others, but they all insist mass mail-in voting introduces the possibility of cheating. Of course, Democrats want mass mail-in voting.

It meets perfectly with their strategy to control elections, cheat if they must. Well, this “big fraud” playbook is blowing up in their faces in Virginia. Seems Democrats are freaking out over 300,000 mail-in ballots. They’re suing the USPS.

It’s now blatantly obvious how important this ploy is to their hopes of holding on to the Virginia governorship. What is even more shocking is that this number matches almost to the vote of how many absentee ballots dropped for Joe Biden on election night.

You can believe in the “big steal” or the “big lie”, but this does not appear to be a “big coincidence”. Democrats, yes the same crazed big-government radicals, are suing the government agency entrusted with delivering their “election gold”, the mail-in ballot.

It’s also growing increasingly more obvious how much Democrats depend on these mail-in ballots. They aren’t blind to the potential of “big fraud”. Democrats know this process made it easy to manipulate the vote count. Mail-in voting is their ticket to “stealing” elections.

When the United States Post Office drops the ball, these radical liberals scream “foul”. Virginia Democrats have watched their candidate for governor undercut his campaign every time he opens his mouth.

Therefore, they must accuse the USPS of disenfranchising over 300,000 voters. The truth is, Terry McAuliffe has disenfranchised that many voters and maybe thousands more. He has attacked parents, and hooked up with an administration whose popularity is plummeting.

Liberals are now scrambling to find someone to blame for what looks to be a devastating loss. These 300,000, supposedly mishandled mail-in ballots are the only way Terry McAuliffe has a chance over surging challenger Glenn Youngkin.

Most polls have Youngkin leading ahead of Election Day. Dumping over a quarter-million suspicious ballots in the middle of the night is Democrat’s only option. However, this insane scream of foul play is beginning to expose the “big fraud”.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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