It’s been a long, hard-fought battle, but House Democrats finally have access to President Trump’s tax returns. After three years of costly court battles (costly to us, not them), the U.S. Supreme Court determined this week that they must be handed over and the Treasury Department has stated that they have already turned over Trump’s personal and business tax returns to the House Ways and Means Committee.

The ruling is a major victory for Democrats, who have been seeking Trump’s tax information since he took office in 2017. Trump has repeatedly claimed that he is unable to release his tax returns because they are under audit by the IRS, but the agency has said that audits do not prevent taxpayers from releasing their own information.

Democrats say they need access to Trump’s taxes in order to determine whether he has complied with tax laws and whether he has any conflicts of interest. They also hope to use the tax return data to inform future legislation on tax reform. At least, that’s what they claim.

Tax returns provide critical information about a person’s income, charitable giving, investment portfolio, and more. They can also reveal potential conflicts of interest, such as ties to foreign countries or investments in companies that could pose a conflict for a public official.

Trump is the only major party nominee in modern history who has refused to release his tax returns, saying that he is under audit by the IRS (though the agency has said that audits do not prevent taxpayers from releasing their own information). By refusing to release his taxes, Trump broke decades of tradition set by presidential candidates from both parties.

So, what does this all mean now? Well, not a lot. The Democrats are going to find something that they don’t like, but I would be willing to bet money that they can’t find anything illegal. What they need to be doing instead is looking at Joe Biden’s money and how connected it is to Ukraine and Hunter’s business dealings.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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    • What do you mean SCOTUS is the only thing saving us. Far leftists have to go. OK it took a lot of guts to overturn Roe V Wade but it wasn’t because they were banning it, it was against the idea that the federal government had rights greater than the states, who constitutionally had the right to determine rather than the feds. Ironically if you consider the conservative judges they hurt the person the party they probably mostly backed because it was the right thing to do under the constitution.

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  • So with this new decision by SCOTUS
    Not just personal taxes can be requested from all representatives of the people but there business and charitable organizations being run by those representatives.
    Maybe it’s not such a bad decision.

  • I predict they find nothing wrong or illegal with his tax returns, just meticulous preparation to take advantage of existing tax laws at the time. They may argue interpretation but the IRS in auditing him already may have done that. A waste of time.

  • These crazy idiots in Congress have NO RIGHT to have our income tax returns. This is outrageous. I am sooooo diappointed in the Supreme Court. Wonder how they’d like it if that happened to them. This is no longer America, looking more and more like russia or china. I have NO RESPECT for anyone in congress of the SC anymore.

      • Wait till they get their turn and Evil Biden, Pelosi and the rest get scrubbed over; then their won’t be any way they avoid prison!
        The power hungry and insane Dems are hanging themselves!

        • Except that will never happen. The Establishment/ deep state will never let it through. The will never let their fellow travelers be treated the same way they treat their enemies.

  • If there are any leaks from Trump’s tax returns, then there should be a lawsuit with an amount unheard of. Sue the SC, the house, especially the ways and means committee to where it brings those groups and individuals to their knees.

  • Now the Democrats need to release their true tax returns and not their fraudulent tax returns. You’ve have heard of keeping two sets of books, one for nosy people and one for boy I fooled them.


  • This lawlessness and violation of Constitution is unbelievable. How is it possible that the USA has fallen to this disgusting tyrannical government and into socialism and Communism. It is because of desired wealth of individuals that sold out America.

  • It’s all a damn scam and always will be. The Demon-O-Crats have nothing positive to talk about so instead they do whatever they can to make their opponents look as miserable as they are. I’m afraid that is a hill they will never be able to climb. Democrats are the ticks of the human race. Nothing but blood sucking parasites.

  • This is just another democrat fishing expedition trying to find something to use against him. I am sadly disappointed in the SCOTUS and their inane ruling!!

  • The filthy scum bags that are the democratic Obamy Marxist party will not stop until they have total control over yours and my bank accounts, our investments and our wages waaaay beyond the change in our pockets.

  • Time for Biden to hand over his tax returns for public scrutiny! Americans need to know if Ten Percent Joe is working for the Chinese Communist Party and taking Americans for a ride!

  • You can best believe that Biden has a lot more to hide in his tax returns than Trump. They will nail Trump to the cross for taking advantage of tax laws that Democrats created long ago to protect the bank accounts of their rich friends and Trump was one of them until he decided to run for President and put a wrench in their dinner parties.

  • Other than the show Trump who has the bigger set of balls, or a fishing expedition, why does anyone in Congress need to see Donald Trumps income tax records? Isn’t that an invasion of privacy? Aren’t those records legally privileged material? Does Congress actually feel they can understand all the corporate laws and methods used in corporate income reporting over the IRS? This has been a costly fishing trip and so far they have, and I highly doubt they will find anything worth while in those records. Donald Trump has been the most vetted person to ever set foot in Washington DC and has been investigated every which way possible, to what end? Have they come up with anything except false or misleading accusations for face saving on their own side? Donald Trump is not a polished politician we know that, but we didn’t want one when we put him in office. We wanted one who would work for US and do the job right, attack the evil which perinates Washington DC, and decrease the chances of a war with others in the world. He seemed to be doing a pretty dam good job of it. He was not there to make criminals happy, he was there to eradicate them. The Cash Cow of Washington DC flowing into the House and Senate members pockets was drying up and those same members turned into a Mongoose. Every time you pay more income tax remember what Congress is funding to include Farce’s Wuhan virology lab, Gain of Function, which was illegal in the USA because it was too dangerous. Tell that to the millions who died from it. He should change his name to Dr. Megals. Two false impeachment attempts that did not pass he mustard once presented to the Senate for vote. The first based off lies dreamed up for a price paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DNC, the second on the January 6th actions of what the future may determine as an orchestrated effort by Nancy Pelosi to force her last chance impeachment on Trump. Think about this, it took nearly a year before the first impeachment was present to the Senate for Trial but the second was ready in only a few day after the the January 6th event, hummm. Next, Trump offered military protection support at the Capital after reports came that a large unhappy crowd was going to show up. Pelosi said absolutely not. hummmm, Reports of Capital Police letting people into the Capital by unlocking doors and in video even waving people in, of agitators drumming up the crowd that are members of the FBI. hummmm. With almost total coverage of Washington DC in video 24/7 of the reported pipe bomb drops, the FBI cannot determine who place them but they can find a backwoods members of a BS hunting group which was invaded who after drinking too much beer bullshitted about kidnapping the Michigan Governor. Then abridging OUR Constitution and NOT providing such rights to those who were ultimately arrested for the January 6th event is mind boggling. Arrests were made as a cross section of our society from Grandmothers to people just mad at our corrupt government, to what appeared to be complete nuts. They still sit in a Washington DC detention facility without rights, or basic medical care. How many of the people that went into the Capital that day stayed inside the ropes, did not damage, and were just in awe of the Capital itself? They were arrested as well. In my opinion, if I am still allowed to have one in the Democrats minds, is this was a planned and orchestrated event by the Democratic leadership to ensure the person they put into office, not that he was legally elected, got to stay there so that their illegal and continued rape of the US tax payers could continue. Money is the driving factor, hate is directed toward anyone who has the power to turn that money hose off. This is again, just my opinion as a Citizen of the USA who has watched Congress since the Eisenhower days. If you want to rant against me, go ahead but those are the suppressive actions of a Communist government.

    • David Barron you stated just about everything the Communist Democrats have Illegally done to the American people correctly.
      Open borders is another thing, Deadly Fentanyl is another, the Communist Democrats and Rinos are getting richer from the Drug Cartels and Deadly drugs pouring into the United States, many Americans are dying and the Communist Democrats (as I believe) have a deal with the Drug Cartels.
      I believe that’s why they don’t care about the lives of Americans. Also the Child sex ring I’ll bet the Communist Democrats are involved in as well. ( There’s money in it )

  • SCOTUS is now nothing but an arm of the commiecrats. They never do what’s right because they are leftists and cowards.
    I’m sick to death of all of them.

  • Serial criminal and grifter Donald Trump is certainly hiding something as the 1040 submitted to IRS every year summarizes a person’s whole financial life. Some of the concerns about his entries involve the now-defunct University and Foundation which could be illicit deductions and exemptions-related. But there are many and diverse other items of interest to those seeing if he cheated. Statements of income are suspicious since Trump Organization has been indicted on tax cheating in New York recently. Details of additional income and adjustments to income involve those same real estate transactions plus debt cancellation, stock options, income from rental properties and more. Given his penchant for stretching the truth, entries for self-employment, health, attorney fees and court costs and housing may reveal anomalies or cheating.
    Personal itemized deductions for taxes paid, mortgage interest and charitable gifts may reveal illegalities like for the University and Foundation.
    Other capital transactions especially net operating loss figures and statements are chances for lawsuits on behalf of the public interest–cheating you and me as taxpayers. And all of this reflects and affects his New York State and New York City taxes. So finally the financial picture of this self-styled top businesman will come out. I expect the picture is not pretty, that Trump is not the ‘billionaire’ he claims and he’s not such a good businesman. Let’s see.


  • I keep wondering what I am missing about this story. What right do they have to his tax records?? He is a private citizen now. If they argue that it’s because he has put his hat in the ring to run again, then why aren’t they asking for all candidates’ records? If they believe that he has somehow evaded tax laws, then shouldn’t the IRS be after him instead of the Democrats?? These are the questions that keep coming up every time I read about this issue. What am I missing?

  • The demon-creeps have always been liars, that’s why I left the party to vote for Ronald Regan and never turned back, when you are picking on Presidents don’t leave out that, in my opinion, the crook, traitor we have now.



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