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We’ve heard every kind of excuse imaginable to deflect the truth about the liberal left’s wild-eyed spend and tax agenda. Joe Biden and his puppet voices from the White House insist that trillions in spending will cost zero. They’re lying.

When they do “circle back” and talk about where the funding for these insane socialist programs will come from, they lie again. Liberals keep beating the same worn out drum. They insist the money necessary to pay for their socialist wish-list will be burdened on the richest of the rich.

Well, one of their own is calling them out on their baloney. U.S. Representative Conner Lamb from Pennsylvania sort of “let the cat of the bag”. Lamb was quoted, “Well, the combined cost of everything that Democrats are proposing to do right now goes far beyond what billionaires are ever going to realistically pay.”

This completely contradicts Joe Biden’s bogus claim that only those Americans making more than $400,000 per year will see a tax increase. We all know it’s cockamamie. These phony tax claims don’t account for another blatant reality of the liberal’s spend and tax calamity.

Our nation is already in the throngs of the worst inflation in decades. This is a day-to-day tax leveled against all Americans, especially the middle-class. Each time a worker has to fill up his vehicle, he is taxed by these liberal policies.

Every time a shopper reaches into the milk cooler to grab a fresh gallon, they’re getting taxed. Wait until the first whopper of a home heating bill is dropped into mailboxes across the nation. That’s going to be a real eye-opener for many.

Biden and the radical, free-spending liberals who came before him, have all uttered the same lies. From Bill Clinton to Barack Obama, they all proclaimed that they would NEVER raise taxes on the middle-class. Both of them did.

Joe Biden is following in the footsteps of his spend-happy liberal predecessors. And worst of all, he keeps lying about it. You know something’s wrong when someone from your own party says there is no way the agenda can succeed without taxing everyone, including the middle-class.

However, at this rate, there might not even be a middle-class left in America to tax. If Joe Biden and his liberal lunatics continue to spend, spend, spend, we may be left with two classes; the elite rich and the miserably poor. But that would work fine for all the elite liberals.

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Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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