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Democrat Rep. Jaime Raskin appeared on CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday with a strong condemnation of the United States’ Electoral College system. He called it a ‘danger to the American people’ and argued that it has given the country five presidents who won despite losing the popular vote in recent years.

The interview came shortly after both chambers of Congress passed the $1.7 trillion Omnibus bill, which included an Electoral Count Reform Act intended to address this very issue. The act makes clear that the Vice President’s role in counting electoral votes is merely ceremonial, as well as setting a higher threshold for members of Congress to object should they disagree with electoral results. It also makes it harder for state legislatures or governors to ignore popular votes when certifying Electoral College votes.

Raskin went further during his interview, claiming that the US Constitution itself is a danger to democracy and American people because it enables presidents to be elected despite not receiving majority votes from citizens across the country. He argued that elections should more closely resemble other ones within the United States, such as those for mayors, senators, representatives and governors: “We should elect the president the way we elect everybody else…whoever gets the most votes wins.”

The problem with this proposal is that it would essentially disenfranchise citizens in states outside of large population centers, like California and New York. Should all votes count equally, these states would hold undue influence over presidential elections due to their much larger populations relative to other states; thus tipping balances in favor of candidates with more liberal policies who tend have higher approval ratings within greater metropolitan areas.

Therefore, although Jaime Raskin’s sentiment about ensuring each U.S citizen has an equal say in how their leaders are chosen is certainly noble and admirable, his solution isn’t likely to bring about much change given its potential consequences for smaller towns and rural regions throughout America, something all Americans should strive to keep in mind when considering alternatives to our current election system.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • I notice Raskin does not say “whoever gets the most legal votes wins” Raskin is part of the party that has often in Maryland won with the help of the AADV (American Association of Dead Voters).”

    The democrat party used to have a saying “vote early and often”. Now they go with Joe Stalin’s famous statement Ït does not matter who gets the most votes, but who counts the votes!

  • During a presidential election under the auspices of the electoral college, a nationwide number for popular vote does not exist. Any attempt to produce such a number is fiction.

    Anyone who claims such a number exists either doesn’t know very much about numbers, or, they’re liars. So, which is it? Is Democrat Rep. Jaime Raskin ignorant, or is he a liar and therefore a corrupt politician?

    • The popular vote already exists in each state. Then the electors are awarded. A state with a little population such as, say, Montana, can then have representation. If large handout cities and states can say that they only can decide who the president should be, they are effectively saying Montanans or those who live in North Dakota, South Dakota, Idaho, Wyoming, etc., are irrelevant. Pushers of a popular vote are elitists and remind me of the pigs in Animal Farm.

    • Jamie Raskin or Ratskin is ignorant, if he isn’t ignorant, he is stupid. The difference between ignorance and stupid, is ignorance you don’t know and stupid is you know and still go ahead and do it, now that is stupid.

    • Raskin is a democrat, so he is both a LIAR and IGNORANT !! In ’16, he was newly elected to the House, he said Hitlery won the popular vote but
      lost the Electorial vote. so he tried to BUY ELECTOR VOTES, Illegal votes. At my polling place in Pa. , out of 6 voting machines, 3 touch-screens, when strait “R” ticket was selected, Clinton was checked, but
      down-ticket dems were not !! This was in a blue county, I can imagine what happened in Pittsburgh and Philly !!

  • The Constitution is only a danger to the tyranny devildemocommiecrats intend to impose on American patriots!!!!!!!!!!

  • First mistake, We are not a democracy. We are a Republic, Rule of Law. The democrats are a danger to our Republic. They think if they say these things enough, it will make them true.

    • Great insight! 1 more piece: in DC there is a 2 headed uniparty that owes no allegiance or fealty to the American citizens, since1871.

    • They are using Hitler’s technique, tell a lie long and often enough it will be taken as the truth. God told my wife right after the Democrats voted God out of their platform at their convention in 2012, that God had turned the Democrat Party and all that were associated with them and carrying their lies (pro-pagan-da) for them over to a strong delusion that they should believe a lie and be damned because they loved not nor wanted the truth. Jesus said, “That Satan came to steal, kill, and destroy and that Satan is a liar from the beginning and the father of all lies.” So you don’t have to look far or be a genius to know who their father is.

    • The trouble is they are no longer teaching “CIVICs” classes in Gov’t
      schools because of the commie teacher’s unions !! Ben Franklin said “we
      are a Republic, if we can keep it”, getting kind’a IFFY these days. Democrat Socialists (wasn’t that Hitler’s people ?) had the run of the
      House, maybe McCarthy can do better than Pelosi’s herding cats and
      fumbling Capital security ?? Let the O;Biden Impeachment Begin !!

  • The United States is NOT a Democracy, never was! That is where these idiots who pretend to be lawmakers go wrong. The Framers explicitly rejected a democracy in favor of a constitutional republic with limited powers given to them by the people.

    The Electoral College was specifically designed to provide broader representation than just a few high population areas.

    Tasking, and many others like him are unfit to serve because they neither understand the Constitution, nor do they defend and protect it, which is their oath of office.

    • Spot on! The Founders got it right. As Franklin so eloquently stated is so true, “What we’ve got is a Republic, if we can keep it!” Up to us to do that today, specially with the irrational attacks against the constitution on our watch.

  • This TWIT is absolutely right! That’s why we are a REPUBLIC! We are not the democracy that all these Democrats keep ranting insesently about.
    The Electoral Colledge insures that all the states would have equal power in ruling our government. That’s why all the states, reguardless of population have two Senators.
    Otherwise the large states would (always) get what they want and the smaller states would always be left out in the cold.

  • Jaime Raskin is your typical politician and grifter. A cut-out clown that is programmed to parrot whatever his handlers (the Marxist scourge) scripted for him.

    He neither cares about honesty nor couldn’t care less what lies and disinformation the little people call him out on. Raskin wipes his rear with his oath of office. Instead of respecting his masters and their demand for transparency, accountability and his subjugation under the people… he laughs and gives the middle finger to the Constitution and the electorate until he needs both to keep his power. He thinks he was elected to an office of despotism over the people, not subjugation under the people.

    Raskin is a depraved subversive snake and a pompous pile that believes, because he’s a congressman, he has unchecked and unwritten powers over those who employed and entrusted him to serve the office and oath he took.

    As a sworn-in public servant… Raskin isn’t allowed to have an opinion on the merits of the Constitution or disagree with his sworn duties and responsibilities he agreed to honor when he took the oath and office. He was HIRED to respect the rule of law and maintain pursuit of his oath to uphold the office and the rule of law above his personal feelings and/or desires… not disembody them, subvert them and mock them.

    Raskin needs to be impeached, tried for treason and sentenced to a short drop with a sudden stop. Most Democrat RATS in congress and the WH need to meet the same fate.

    • John, I agree with everything in your comment. However ;no one is going to jail or is being fired with out pensions and perks and we are forever subject to their stupid rants. Until the Oath of Office is more than a 10 sec hand on Bible or Koran or cook book — who knows– then it means nothing. NOTHING unfortunately.

  • We are NOT a MOB RULE democracy, but a REPUBLIC. These communist fascist racist satanic Democrats are either totally ignorant or use the communist manifesto to repeat the lie ad nauseum so as to get as many Americans as ignorant as they are. I want to be there when these clowns meet their maker!!!

  • So, sympathy for him given his medical challenge? Evidently given what he is saying, his condition is impacting his mental clarity. Should he take some time off to rest?

    Yeah, so much for states’ rights in the Constitution. Clearly the Founders were infinitely more cerebral than this DEM wonk regarding solid government construct. I guess for you it is ‘to hell with the American people’. Karma can be powerful though.

    • States’ rights joined citizens’ rights, down the crapper, when the 17th A was ratified in 1913, severing the last shred of control over that behemoth in Foggy Bottom…

    • We want to classify medical challenge for sympathy but the bottom line he is demon possessed. God inspired our founding fathers of our great nation to write the constitution as is and the devils hate it and the American people.

  • He’s a traitorous clown. What, he doesn’t want any rural folks to have any say? Only the cesspools of depravity we call big cities? That’s exactly why the EC needs to continue so the scumbags don’t have complete control. Talk about a threat to democracy! It’s the Dems. Actually, they are a threat to normalcy and humanity itself.

  • This Democrat swine has no clue what democracy actually is.Needs to be removed from DC where he swore to uphold the Constitution to be sworn in as another monster in the swamp/Democrat party

  • I am always amazed we let these corrupt politicians continue to try to dilute the US Constitution, that they have sworn to protect, in legislation that can easily be undone.
    Rather than taking their case to the American People with an Amendment that they know will fail and cannot possibly receive the threshold of required States necessary to implement changes to the Constitution, these deviant politicians continue to ignore the beauty and effectiveness of American Federalism, States’ Rights, and push to centralize all power into a Federal bureaucracy that promotes their continues existence at the expense of their constituents.

  • I am so tired of our “elected officials” telling us that something is a danger to our democracy. We are a Republic and NOT a democracy – there is a big difference between them. If you remember the Pledge of Allegiance, it does not have “and to the democracy for which it stands” in it.

  • The only threat against democracy is the democrats and the democrat party as we all can see,,,Khrushchev of the old soviet union once said we will take you over without firing a shot,,,little did we know it would be the internal democrats and so called progressives,,wake up all Americans with any brains and stop this assault now before its too late and it is approaching!

  • What the Jackass Damn DumbCrats obviously don’t understand is that we are not a “Democracy”, but a “Representative Republic” as set forth in the Constitution by the Founding Fathers. Unfortunately, what the Fathers definitely overlooked were term limits for all the political leeches which prey on our society, and I refer to ALL our allegedly elected and appointed officials who interfere in our private lives for their own personal gain and control and not for the betterment of our society.

    • Kenneth,

      Benjamin Franklin was asked by a woman, “Sir, what form of government have you given us?” His reply was, “A Republic madam, if you can keep it.” We are a Constitutional Republic and that Constitution is what keeps us from devolving into a Democracy which leads to “Mobocracy” which leads to Tyranny.

    • George Mason did not over- look this. If you read his Virginia Statute of Rights, “frequent elections” were meant to be the means by which the electorate “returned” people in public office to private life so that they would learn how difficult their own laws and policies made it for everyone else.

  • The Democrat are the ones endangering to our Democracy wanting to forego our Founding Document the U.S. Constitution and stripping all u.s. cITIZENS OF THEIR god Given Constitutional rights to move the Left’s Agenda forward!

  • Jamie Raskin IS A TRAITOR TO THIS COUNTRY! He and his demonRAT pals are all in with Nazi Soros to kill our economy, rip up the Constitution and force us to be part of Hitler’s dream of “one world order”. Listen to what these people say. They are pushing abortions, transing kids so they’ll be sterile, letting loose deadly manufactured viruses and killer boosters all to reduce the world’s population by billions per the Globalist Agenda.
    As Rush used to say…..DO NOT DOUBT ME

  • I would agree as a threat to democracy. However, we are a republic and democracy is a threat to the republic. Media and wordsmith’s have pushed democracy as what we stand for. Nice word but we need to advocate for the word, “Republic”

  • Raskin reads like a little commissar from the ex-Soviet Union. One that needs to be bopped w/a 2×4 on the side of the head. I would give raskiin my personal advise. raskin and Lying Corrupt Quid Pro KING Joe, go down to the Library of Congress, retrieve the original U.S. Constitution, go on National TV, and tear it up. Once these two morons do this, they will give American Patriots a reason for a 2nd American Revolution. It’s better to revolt against the government, than America to continue on it’s present path. Corrupt Quid Pro and Raskin are no better than Putin,Xi, or the little fat man from N. Korea. Doesn’t matter what country one is in, a dictator is a dictator. Raskin and Corrupt Quid Pro are no leaders for Democracy. Biggest Joke going. corrupt Quid pro is the leader of the free world, maybe on a different planet. If Raskin thinks Jan 06th was an insurrection, Jan 06th will be child’s play if Corrupt Quid Pro makes a move on the guns of law abiding citizens.

  • It’s the PARASITES in the DemoRats and Republican Parties that are the Ones that are THREATENED the DEMOCRACY of Our Country and the World. Rep. Raskin’s is a Threat of his Own to Democracy to the US and it’s People..

  • All I can say is HE swore the SAME oath to uphold & defend that Vonstitution, as many others have sworn, but in doing so, he clearly had no comprehension of either that venerable document, nor the term “democracy”, so has no business in any governing body! Perhaps the alleged lymphoma has gone to his brain, & metastasized there… in any case he must be recalled .at once

  • Raskin is a leftist whose brother Marcus runs a group called The Institute For Policy Studies that seeks to undermine America foreign policy and national security. He is a communist and so is Jamie.

  • Americans (these days that means the Conservative Voters): Hello. I had to tap the link for this article to see which demoncrat [leftist] creep said “…the Constitution is a danger to democracy…”.
    The Founding Fathers made the Electoral College within the Constitution to ensure that elections were fair with equal representation by each State RATHER THAN to be forever overruled/swamped by the “popular vote” of those [now called] blue States with large blue cities concentrations.
    Yeah, that demoncrat thinks savvy conservatives would be snookered by raskins’ partisan argument. “Sorry Charlie”…NO WAY ! And, get lost !

    • The popular vote is nothing but mob rule. Thank God our founders were smart enough to realize that & put safe guards in place.

  • A true anti American here, folks. Let’s not worry about him as I doubt he will be around much longer to spew his idiocy. He’s got cancer once again & it appears bad this time. I’ll be the first to say, rest in peace, commie.

  • We should celebrate that statement. Democracy is a failed system of mob rule that has failed in every instance just as it’s companion, Socialism . Every true democracy in history has ended in either a dictatorship or civil war. The founders adamantly opposed democracy for the future of the nation, instead instituting a Republican form of government in which every citizen has a voice through their State Representative.
    George Washington, in his farewell to the nation, dedicated a lot of space to the danger of political parties as the biggest threat to the United States. His views on that subject are well worth reading.

  • This person should be removed from America instantly! This person, (I am being polite calling her a person) has NO right to be in a position to destroy what it has taken hundreds of years to build! Send her to a 3rd world sh%t hole that has the government she so envies! What kind of sicko’s elected her and to what end ?

  • The Constitution of the United States should be the encyclopedia’s example of what real Democracy is!! Majority rule but within the confines of a well constructed set of rules to prevent any temporary majority from abusing its power over the minority. Can’t get any fairer than that folks!

  • no the danger to democracy is the idiots who think we are a democracy, we are not and never have been for over 240 years.

  • Our constitution is over 225 years old and all of a sudden something is wrong w/it, and you expect us to believe this? Fact is there is something wrong with what YOU think!! IMPROVE ON WHAT AND quit trying to destroy what is!!

  • The words republic and democracy are synonyms. Here is some information from wikipedia.

    Republic: “A state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president rather than a monarch.”[1]
    Democracy: “A system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.”[2]

    • The two are not compatible. A Republic is a nation State….an entity, and a Constitution is that which gives it life, a purpose, and stated aims.
      A Democracy describes the means by which those aims are achieved., and in the American Constitution, although the word Democracy is not mentioned, reference is often made to, in essence, one man one vote…all men being equal etc., the very foundation of Democracy. Those who fought and died in order to constitute those aims were themselves running from Tyranny, of the kind now quietly, and sinisterly being imposed on this amazing country, as we speak and this man Ruskin is an agent of that force for evil.

  • If any one person, or document is a threat to democracy, it’s not the US Constitution, it’s people like Democrat Rep. Jaime Raskin. This idiot needs to have his election to the House of Representatives revoked, and his US Citizenship cancelled.

  • This, from 1 who SWORE to uphold & defend that same document, & has betrayed that oath, as well as the people he was elected to represent, & who clearly does not comprehend the US Constitution! If anything is a danger here, it’s people like this man!

  • He should not only lose his seat, he must lose his citizenship and be deported. The Constitution is basically a Benevolent Monarch that SAVES the people of this Country by GUARANTEEING them certain rights. ANYONE who opposes those rights are unbelievably deranged people. Extremely weak people. Throw them OUT of this Country.

  • As a former Elector, the Electoral College in 48 states already dis-enfranchises a majority of rural voters in the over 3,000 counties across the country because of those states “winner take all rules.” Voting on a “by (congressional) district rule instead would have allegedly elected Mitt Romney to the Presidency in 2012 by a 9 or 10 vote margin. But what is really needed to strengthen the Electoral College as it was designed to be would be to either transform every county and city into separate states before the 2024 election, and/or at least repeal the progressive Permanent Reapportionment Act of 1929 which put an artificial cap on both the House of Representatives and the Electoral College and sadly “consolidated the power of the people in the hands of too few” ever since. just thing about for one minute. Imagine permanently enshrining every county and city line as a separate state able to send their own local citizens to represent them in both the House and Senate with the ability to immediately change the leadership there and be held more accountable to their own constituents and not those clear on the other distant side of any pre-existing state or gerrymandered congressional district. Besides the Constitution clearly says a Congressional district is to represent 30,000 people not 610,000+. And we have not had an increase in the number of Electors able to vote for President since 1910. 535 Electors in a nation of over 3 million seems far too few.

    • Its pretty clear that the entire electoral system has not kept up with Americas progressive society. A far more robust and fairer system must be installed -America is very diverse from North to South and East to West. Perhaps a One fits All solution may not be to everyone’s taste, but nevertheless, something has to be hammered out.

  • Raskin is just trash talking trash who needs busted for it. The constitution was founded to bring the states together. Without it there is no country. P.S. real Americans are tired of trash talking trash. Time for a house cleaning.

  • The United States Constitution is NOT a threat to democracy ! That document is the only thing that stand between we the people and tyranny. And the Electoral College was one of the smartest things the founder put in place. When I was younger I once questioned the way it works. But after observing it workings over the years I have come to see it as protection against concentrations in a few geographical areas controlling the entire nation and leavening a good part of the nation without a voice. To eliminate the Electoral College in favor of a popular vote would disenfranchise the several States and create a one party stranglehold on the nation. And it would make the vote more susceptible to fraud.

    • Without the Electoral College… JUST SEVEN STATES are all any Candidate would need to worry about and campaign in!
      Just winning seven States are all it would take to secure the Presidency, no matter how the rest of the nation votes… No Candidate would ever need to campaign or spend anything but token money on campaign advertising in the rest of the nation.

      > Abolishing the Electoral College Would Destroy the Power of the States.
      Were we to choose the president and vice president under a popular vote, the outcome of presidential races would always be decided by a few highly populated states. They would be states such as California, Texas, Florida, New York, Ohio, Illinois, and Pennsylvania, which contain 134.3 million people, or 41 percent of our population.

      Forty-Three States have a population smaller than the population of Los Angeles!
      Should all of the people in those 43 States have the same voting ‘voice’ as just one large City?

      Presidential candidates could safely ignore the interests of the citizens of Wyoming, Alaska, Vermont, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, and Delaware. Why? They have only 5.58 million Americans, or 1.7 percent of the U.S. population.

      We would no longer be a government “of the people”; instead, our government would be put in power by and accountable to the leaders and citizens of a few highly populated states.

  • The REAL threat to democracy is STUPID PEAPLE, like Democrat Rep. Jaime Raskin, who want to destroy our country !!!! If these people hate this country so much, they should be tried for treason, and sent to China, or Iran, and they will NEVER have to worry about fair elections ever again !!!!!!

  • Thus, proving time and time again, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that Leftism is a Transmissible Mental Disease!
    Please, SPAY and NEUTER your LEFTISTS!
    • However, their “Transgender” movement and the end of Roe v. Wade, is causing Leftist men getting many more vasectomies and Leftist women getting many more tubal ligations, so that they are doing a marvelous job of spaying and neutering themselves already!

  • Fool – learn American history. The voting process was framed by the founding Fathers for a reason. It’s easy to guess which party you belong too.

  • I’ll tell you what is a danger to Democracy Mr Raskin is 1) Censorship as carried out by YOUR tame Big Tech platforms, although Elon Musk has put a huge dent in that, Thank the Lord. 2) Weaponisation of all the institutions of power…the DOJ, FBI, DHS and even the CIA. The FBI indeed being used as Bidens private police force a’la the Nazi Brownshirts. 3) Almost total control if the MSM. providing misinformation on everything which shows the DNC in poor light or is against their agenda, including the REFUSAL to report on events which do like wise, such as the uprisings against Socialist totalitarianism in France, Italy, Venezuela, and now Brazil. Its YOUR brand of Socialism which is a massive danger to Democracy. Marxists Playbook, Rule No.1 ALWAYS accuse your enemy of doing that, which you yourself are doing. Saul Alinsky.



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