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I think that it would be fair to assume that Bill Gates is a Democrat. There is nothing that hints to me in any way that he would lean toward conservative policies other than those that add money to his pockets.

So, it would come as no surprise to learn that he has donated toward the campaigns of such Democrats as Dick Durbin, Corey Booker, Dianne Feinstein, Kyrsten Sinema, and Joe Manchin. But what if I told you that there are many Republicans to who he has donated money for their political campaigns?

Well, as you would expect, it’s mostly a bunch of RINOs as well as others who may be RINOs but have remained in the closest. For example, I think we know that Dan Crenshaw, Mitt Romney, and Lindsey Graham are RINOs, but take a look at this list of other Republicans below. I don’t think it would be too surprising to find out that some of them are RINOs as well.

Here’s the list of Congressional Republicans whom Bill Gates donated money 8during the 2022 election season:

  • Rep. Vernon Buchanan – Florida, District 16
  • Rep. Dan Crenshaw – Texas, District 2
  • Rep. Elise Stefanik – New York, District 21
  • Rep. Chuck Fleishmann, Tennessee, District 3
  • Rep. Mike Simpson, Idaho, District 2
  • Rep. Garrett Graves, Louisiana, District 6
  • Rep. Cathy Rodgers, Washington, District 5
  • Rep. Kay Granger, Texas, District 12
  • Rep. Suzan Delbone, Washington, District 1
  • Rep. Kelly Armstrong, North Dakota, At-large District
  • Rep. John Curtis, Utah, District 3
  • Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick, Pennsylvania, District 1
  • Rep. Dan Newhouse, Washington, District 4
  • Rep. Jamie Beutler, Washington, District 3
  • Sen. Mike Crapo, Idaho
  • Sen. John Cornyn, Texas
  • Sen. Shelley Capito, West Virginia
  • Sen. Mike Braun, Indiana
  • Sen. Bill Cassidy, Louisiana
  • Sen. Susan Collins, Maine
  • Sen. John Kennedy, Louisiana
  • Sen. John Barrasso, Wyoming
  • Sen. John Thune, South Dakota
  • Sen. Bill Hagerty, Tennessee
  • Sen. Jerry Moran, Kansas
  • Sen. Marco Rubio, Florida
  • Sen. John Hoeven, North Dakota
  • Sen. Mitt Romney, Utah


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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    • I agree, several of those names are conservatives. Maybe if they knew comrade Gates donated to them they would send it back.

      • I agree. I doubt they take time to read their list of donors. Maybe only the people who handle their campaign money really know who their donors are, in which case, they should be alerted as to who to watch out for–and not take those donations!

          • Sad you feel that way. Also sad that I agree with you and I served this country for over two decades. MSGT USAF Ret. May God bless you and yours

          • Festus – The whole political system is a fraud, has been for decades. Giving money to any politician is the same as flushing it down the toilet.

          • except for about 10 repubs in congress none are worth supporting. They get up b4 elections and beat their chests on an issue, but always return to the reality of being progressive leftists. Look at the 18 bastards that just voted with the left. I gave my last dollar to any repub this election. Never again. When you have mcconnel, crooked as the bidens and the stupid fucks who surround it, we need a new party is this country continues to exist. We are only living on past momentum. As a retired military officer, the enemy is everyone in government who must be eliminated and replaced with common Americans for only 1 term.

          • I won’t donate to any of them either. I donated 1 time, and they wouldn’t leave me alone after that. I find that a lot of these so called “conservative” websites aren’t as they appear either. It’s amazing how many of them censor comments. They’re just as guilty and in it for the money. I’m almost embarrassed to be a veteran anymore. I’m currently pondering abandoning the republican party as they no longer seem to abide by God’s values. They talk about prayer and saluting the flag. The laws being passed by these very individuals does not dictate their empty words. It’s one GIANT swamp, and they’re using us to fund their disgust. I wish more would turn Independant.

      • I assure they ALL know who donated the big bucks. You can see from their records. they dont give a damn about the people just their own POWER and they dont care how they get it. Im Sure George Soros is giving them a lot as well. BOTH SIDES SUCK

        • They give that money through nonprofits. They can give way more that the 2500. It can be MILLIONS. Thats why we should pull the plug on that loophole otherwise we will never get our country bak. NON PROFITS SHOULD BE LIMITED. AS WELL no more than 2 K for them.

          • You dont want the WEALTHY buying our elections so caps are very important. Right now the wealthy do just that through NONPROFITS. Nonprofits dont have any caps that I am aware of. Thats why you see Beto and Stacy with their NO JOBS SELF being able to run EVERY ELECTION CYCLE!

  • When you are running most will take donations from just about ANY source. Its a numbers game not a statement of love

    • The candidates may not care where the money comes from, but the fact that Gates supports them is damning enough.

      • How about this for a possibility to discredit some of these Republicans?? What if Gates pulled a reverse psychology or a ‘contamination tactic’ to cause distrust of hard working Republicans?? He wouldn’t feel he was wasting his money if he caused uneasiness among the Republican Party!
        Just a thought on how he might have been ‘playing games’ on a Repub!

    • It’s not a list of RINOs in which case Lindsey Grahamcracker would certainly be on the list, along with Chinese benefactor Mitch McConnell, he gets his direct from China, no need for middle man Gates.

  • We much stricter donation laws. Smaller donation amounts. Can’t donate out of your primary residence state. Running for office should not cost so much across the board. Corporations are not people, individuals are people. Just a small starter list, feel free to add to it. Time to take America back

    • Any legal citizen should be allowed to donate as much as they can afford and wherever they want to – it’s their money, not yours. If corporations are not people, what are they? Buildings? Trees? Grass? Corporations are people, made up of individuals from the janitor and mail room person to the CEO, President, and Board of Directors. What we need is honest reporting, not infringement on people’s rights. We also need in person one day/same day voting on election day, no several weeks making it the election cycle. I am 83 years old, disabled with a list of a dozen doctors on a regimen of about 20 medications, 3 heart attacks, 8 stents, congestive heart failure, triple aneurysm aorta repair, mid stage kidney failure, COPD with chronic bronchitis and emphysema, CPAP, diabetes, and my chart list 54 ailments, but I vote in person on election day – I postponed aneurysm surgery a few years back until after election day. If I can get to the polls, almost anyone else should be able to get there too. In the past conservatives have been too busy with making a living and taking care of their families, therefore not making it to the polls and allowing the liberal democrats to win. NO MORE – we must vote. One other thing – don’t answer any polls and don’t pay attention to the polls – most pollsters are democrats and know how to ask the question to get the answer they want, then use the poll to discourage conservatives and influence the election.

    • Your sentiment is correct, but the “Chink” remark is what allows the liberal socialist communist democrat Pied Piper and lemming troll forked tongue snakes infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome complicated by Trump Jealousy to paint all his voters as mouth breathing white supremacist racists.

      • Man are you are ever a pencil neck. 20 bucks says YOU are the closet racist here that will lie instead of saying it like it is.

        Here is a hard fact for you, Bunkey, If it were not for sissy boys (and girls) cow towing to the PC crap there would have never been an LBGQRST alphabet movement. Queers wouldn’t be marrying Queers and Bull Dykes would not be marrying Lezbombs. The Boy Scouts would still be building men, and the Wokies would not be in the schools getting 14 year olds to mutilate themselves, and most of all the NWO Marxists would not be talking over the country.

        PRESIDENT Trump’s appeal to REAL Americans is he says it like it is and doesn’t go for the PC geek speak. He says it, He means it, and he stands up to represent it. ….You ever hear of “Give um hell” Harry Truman? He might have been the loyal opposition but Don Trump is a lot like him. and is NOTHING like the NWO Marxists and people (like you) that were too mealy mouth to call ass on them.

        And BTW, I’m just like PRESIDENT Trump in I not only say what I mean, but I use my real name when I say it.

  • I knew when I discovered that Bill Hagerty was friends with Lamar Alexander and Alexander’s son worked for Hagerty and when Hagerty spread lies about his Primary Opponent I knew that he was a RINO and tried my best to expose him but his lies helped him win.

  • Oh, there is a problem in your list of names. The first names are all wrong. Not sure how the stars lined up for this to happen, but everyone of their first names is really Liz. One is a Senator of mine, and I’ve written to him and told him that is his new first name, and exactly why. Now knowing he has taken money from Bill Bates, it makes perfect sense.

  • A Republican who takes money from Gates or any other person or group CAN NOT automatically be deemed a RINO. Their votes and actions, not their source of campaign funds determines whether they are Republicans or RINOs. For instance, John Kennedy (R-LA) is no RINO no matter where his funds come from, but Bill Cassidy (R-LA) IS a RINO no matter where his funds come from. There are many on this list who will never be a RINO – Elise Stefanik – and others who might be – Dan Crenshaw – but some NOT on this list are definitely RINOs – Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, and Lisa Murkowski. It’s time EVERY CONSERVATIVE pays attention, knows the candidates and what they stand for, and votes on actions instead of words. It is also time that conservatives stop with the total purity test, 100% my way or else, and look at the overall picture, not the picture portrayed by the crooked media. We MUST VOTE no matter what – we MUST have a RED WAVE so large that the democrats can’t cheat enough to win. Republican districts should not give their vote totals until all democrat strongholds are reported so the democrats do not know how many votes they have to create in order to win and conservatives MUST be observant at the counting stations to stymie Lenin’s premise that voters don’t determine the election – the vote counters do.

  • Elected to help America – went sideways and are helping themselves to bundles of cash- typical swamp rats

  • One cannot in good faith serve the nation and Moloch at the same time, Moloch being Bill Gates. If one is to be a faithful upright servant to the nation they must refuse the money and return any they have taken from this vile megalomaniac.

  • Judging by the way he looks in that picture, Billy G should should contribute more to the ” Head and Shoulders” Foundation. What a dirtbomb.

  • Are you sure this isn’t a joke? ” Daniel” (no last name) claims to be an ” amateur theologian “. Would that be akin to ” amateur heart transplant surgeon” ?

  • I agree they don’t know the names of all donors, but they certainly know the names of major donors. Gates knows he is buying influence and certainly would not donate anonymously. bet your boots every one of them knows,.

  • No surprise or secret for Texans concerning Dan Crenshaw and John Cronyn. It has been know in Texas for a long time. Cronyn saw the hand writing on the wall and decided not to run again but will not save the legacy he thinks he has. He is a deep state rhino for many many years.

  • Everyone of these Traitor’s need voted out investigated possible prosecution bill gates need arrested sent to Africa and India for the murders of thousands with his vaccines, much less his doing in the Covid murders as well,

  • I’d take it .Doesn’t mean you have to agree with him . I can’t stand the idiot but hey money is money if its going to help a campaign and help Republicans win . Bill Gates to me is a mass murdererDiana

  • Hey, I’m available for the taking, throw some at me!! I just hope that our republicans, who’ve so far proven to be conservative, don’t reciprocate the gesture of this communist fascist billionaire moron!!!!

  • Not trusting ANYONE anymore, or any polls, or any LISTS, have you all considered the donations were just for this purpose? To have Republicans doubting our own representatives? Once a statement is out there & spread around the internet, it is out there, it can’t be walked back. Muddy the water just a little bit, and many will not bother swimming in it. I agree with many on this list, wouldn’t vote for them under any circumstance which is sad, but some I question & they would still have my support until proven otherwise.

  • All of us need to ask….why do you not print a list of Democrats Who Receive these donations! Likely Bill Gates May Even Donate More to Them? And, Many Other Wealthy People Donate to both parties. WHAT NEEDS TO BE ASKED – IS WHAT DOES THESE PEOPLE ASK; OF THE PEOPLE THEY DONATE TO?

  • Obviously Gates follows whoever he thinks is going to win and therefore position himself to try and influence them from the base of his ‘being a campaign contributor’. Doesn’t mean much if they don’t promote anything which would benefit Gates. That’s how I see it.
    Besides, he might be doing so to try and influence them to not get into any legislation that might upset his “one World” political positions. Again, how I see it.

  • I’m reading through lots of the comments below. I don’t know whether to believe the list above. But, also, if they take the money and don’t deliver anything back to the crooked donors, then I’m OK with that. Let them throw their money away. Take it and then rub their noses in excrement. Spank them like a puppy.

  • Romney,Rubio,Collins,Crenshaw….No surprises here.
    I have a question. Is my computer screen filthy or is that actually creepy Bill Gate’s jacket? What a NERD!

  • Interesting, I guess if they don’t act like fascist dictators and support our constitution that makes them a Rino.

  • Just shows you why these communists in every party lie cheat and steal from the American people by who contributes to their campaign to get rich. They could care less about the American people or America. our country is ruled by the rich not the peoples representatives.

  • That list is of known RINOS . Until Conservative Republicans get their head out of their ass and start voting these RINO nitwits out of office ,,, the Republican party will never be solid !! Conservatives in every state have a chance to kick some of them to the curb in 2024 . Alaska proved that it’s a state of worthless RINO voters, by voting back in RINO Murkowski. Utah is a worthless RINO state by voting RINO Romney back in . Quit bitchin’ and do something about it ,,,, vote them out .

  • How might behavior in DC change if We the People were to amend the constitution with just 140 words as listed below?

    Amendment 28 (Draft)
    To empower state legislatures to override the federal government

    Section 1.
    The several state legislatures, by a three-fifths majority vote, shall have the power to:
    (1) reduce any line item in any appropriations or other spending legislation,
    (2) repeal, in whole or in part, any law passed by Congress,
    (3) vacate, in whole or in part, any ruling of the Supreme Court or any inferior federal court,
    (4) cancel, in whole or in part, any Presidential executive order or guideline,
    (5) withdraw, in whole or in part, any regulation issued by any Federal agency or department.

    Section 2.
    (1) In any action under this amendment, each state legislature shall have exactly one vote, and none of the actions shall be subject to judicial review.
    (2) Each action shall become effective on the day that the three-fifths-majority requirement is met.

  • Look at these senators!

    Is it a surprise that senators Capito, Collins, Cornyn, Romney, Moron, Thune voted for the $1.7 trillion omnibus bill?

  • Just because they took money From Bill Gates does not, in itself, mean they are RINO’s. Their actions on the floor will tell the truth. The way they have voted in the past requires scrutiny and their future votes need to be watched and their voters need to act accordingly.

  • Bill and Melinda Gates died in 2013 in India, check their death records. Parents of the children that he gave his experimental vaccine, didn’t like those vaccines making their children sick and/or dead, so they hung Bill and his wife. Everyone should take note how this was done. Then find anyone who has ever hurt children and take those demonrats to the nearest tree, with your best rope… you wouldn’t have to do it if they didn’t earn it… they KNEW the rules!

  • I am surprised at some of those names on the list–there are names on there that i have admired–sad to see those names.

  • This man needs a security team in multilayers around him 24 hours a day. His insane actions have continue to harm people every day. Just because he has more money than he knows what to do with does not make him smarter, just more evil trying to get his way, much like George Soros.

  • Do you really believe that all those on the list are RINOS? I would think that most candidates or incumbents running for office have people in charge of the donations in their campaigns and the reporting. The candidate has someone else in charge as they devote their time to campaigning. Sen. John Kennedy a RINO? Marco Rubio a RINO? Elise Stefanik a RINO? I think not.

  • Every one of them should be made to resign and never to return and never again involved with politics. Actually this could be classified as treason. If they can’t make a good judgement call on the different bills on their own they have no business there. It is a shame how we have allowed our reps and senators be bought off by special interest groups and with the one involved with Bill Gates is the worst one yet.

  • As an old old analyst, mil. & civ., I feel very frustrated as noted by posts here. A point, in fact WE are the arbiters of this mess, and chattering among ourselves is what they use to deflect.
    To act in some small way, magnified by the millions we are, is to recover the Founding Documents they wish to destroy. Factually, we are at war, and in war, people rise to the occasion, from where, who knows.
    The genesis comes first. The Democrats linked to Democracy in 1840, + – which we are not, and the Republicans to the Republic which we are. What we have is the committers and the omitters.
    English for example is precise. There are no “liberals” no “progressives” in a socio-communist enclave. The word conservative is inaccurate and used as a divisive word in contrast to “liberal”. Todays liberal is a slaveholder, as he uses your tax dollars to sell you on his or her control programs and pretend altruism.
    Since the historical implications are clear, it is more desirable to destroy the party advocating socio-communism, and cleaning out the Republican grifters.
    The last step to communism, is chaos, and or anarchy. This is what the grifter party
    uniparty, is intent on. This mess began many years ago. We have been infected with the 30 second sound bite.
    Fund Kari Lake, by direct for example. There are many others, and we are winning. The media has been corrupted since 1909, so use good websites only. Stop buying, stop using socio-communist language, and keep on keepin on. Raven6 1965 – 1993.
    Remember, one can only eat a buffalo one bit at a time. The piranha system, cleans the bones faster. Multiply your efforts.

  • There are very few people left in congress that are truly Representatives of the People. The Swamp is large and DEEP!!!!!!!!



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