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I promise you that this is not clickbait. Democrats in Maryland are seriously trying to pass a law in which anyone under the age of 25-years-old would not be charged with felony murder.

This proposed legislation is not only misguided but also dangerous for our communities.

Fox 45 Baltimore:

However, opponents of HB 1180, like Republican Delegate Susan McComas say Democrats are only using mental capacity when it comes to soft on crime policies.

“Proponents of the bill say that the human brain is not fully formed in the frontal lobes until age 25. But yet, we’re doing other things in the general assembly, letting children vote earlier and earlier, letting them get hormone inducing drugs to change their sex,” said McComas.

Firstly, this bill undermines the very foundation of our justice system. The purpose of our legal system is to hold individuals accountable for their actions and to ensure that justice is served. By exempting young adults from facing felony murder charges, we are essentially saying that they are not responsible for their actions and should not be held accountable for their crimes. This sends a dangerous message to our youth and undermines the importance of personal responsibility.

Furthermore, this bill ignores the fact that many young adults are capable of committing heinous crimes. Age should not be used as an excuse to absolve individuals from their actions. Additionally, this bill fails to take into account the victims and families affected by these crimes. By preventing young adults from facing felony murder charges, we are denying justice to those who have been wronged. It is important that we hold individuals accountable for their actions and provide closure to those who have been impacted by these crimes.

Moreover, this bill could potentially lead to an increase in crime rates. If young adults know that they will not face serious consequences for committing felonies such as murder, then what is stopping them from engaging in criminal behavior? We need laws in place that deter individuals from committing crimes and ensure public safety. Following their logic, if they don’t know better to not do it the first time, why would they not do it a second time?

I can’t tell you how ridiculous this is. It doesn’t matter if their frontal lobes are fully developed or not at the age of 25. After living on the earth for 25 years, you should know beyond a shadow of a doubt that murder is wrong and if you don’t then it’s not because your brain isn’t fully developed, it’s because you weren’t raised right or that you’re immoral.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • This type of stupidity is common in the minds of Democrats. When a political party actively recruit the mentally impaired you end up with a party of brain dead morons, that do not have the ability to reason intelligently. This is shown almost every time one opens its mouth.

  • Using the convoluted thinking of the lamestream Dimocrats they will probably want to do away with the crime of rape for anyone under 25 next.

    My question, that the left wing clueless will ignore IS: If the human brain is NOT fully developed until age 25……WHY are children 18-20 allowed to VOTE? I don’t buy that bull that if they are old enough to fight and die for the country they should be able to vote….I AGREE with that with this caveat…..ANY young person who is actively serving in one of our military branches SHOULD have ALL the PRIVELEGES of adulthood. They have demonstrated that they have the maturity, character, courage, and love of country to have EARNED the voting right by their deeds, not just the crybaby whines of the lunatic left… proof I will add that LESS than 1% of all children 18-21 ACTUALLY serve in our military. The rest are living la vida loca on borrowed college funds that, IF Old Demented Joe is successful, will put over 4 TRILLION dollars on the backs of Americans……with NO provisions to refund the money to those who have actually PAID off their OWN student loans.

    • Remember when the Obama Admin raised the age of “children” to 26 so they could stay on mom and dad’s health insurance? That’s where all this comes from.
      Federal agencies still include them in statistics about “children.” Crime numbers about “child victims of gun violence” include the gang bangers up to age 26 who are slaughtering each other in big bloody batches. .

  • So right after passing this it will make it legal to shoot Democrat’s? Would be a way of ending any and all corruption in one swoop! Then we could just go back to sanity. I am sure they would quickly change their mind as the second it was signed the shooting started. Would make you want to buy stock in coffins. As there certainly would be a huge need in that state! Nobody ever claimed the Democrat was smart. This is just more proof how wacko the Brainwashed Woke Liberal Democrats are!

  • Baltimore is the murder capital of Maryland and perhaps per capita the front runner. If the democrats pass this stupid bill they will definitely advance the murder rate in this state.

  • Tell these kids to start killing Democrats and Democrat politicians and their kids and families and see how fast they will scream bloody murder and want the death penalty back. These politicians are so stupid we need to revamp the hole government and get them out of control of our country. Time to take back the American way. System is to corrupt to fix at this point needs to be completely destroyed and restored

  • Under 14, maybe, yeah; but over 14, they are mature enough to know right from wrong & grasp there are serious consequences o committing wrong acts. To not charge them is to condone violent acts of murder, & encourage more of the same.

  • The liberal commie Democrats really need to cut the B.S. Murder is murder any way one cuts it, even if done, by a 16 yr old. Then they have the right to charge the 16 yr. old as an adult, depending on the circumstances. The next time some kid thinks about going into a school and shooting up the place, maybe one should go after the liberal commie Democrat corrupt politician instead.

    • democRATS are INSANE!!! They aren’t going to wake up until their families become targets of the criminals out there with murder on their minds

  • DemocRATS are insane!!! they are pushing our country deeper and deeper into
    the depths of hell… ripping this country apart as they stab the American people in the back… God help us all before this country is totally destroyed…. We are headed to something much worse than a 3rd world country status… Where will decent Americans flee for asylum when the U.S. goes down

    • Flee??? I’m not going anywhere!
      America is my mother land. Never Surrender. Tell Beto ” I’m still waiting for him to knock on my door!

  • Leave it to devildemocommiecrats, they believe in allowing criminals to go free and crminalize anyone who disagrees with their satanic agenda!!!!!!!!!!

  • There use to be a name for idiots like that , it was “sh t for brains”. It’s still accurate for many!

  • So the Communist Democrats and Rinos want murder to be legal but as a law abiding citizen if you protect yourself you will be tried and convicted of murder.?
    How ironic is that, are their brains inverted or were they dropped on their head when they were a baby.?
    I’m glad I live in Texas, where murderers get the death sentence and go to the head of the line. And law abiding citizens are deemed innocent.

  • Time for all citizens of Md to go out and buy a very large capacity weapon so they can protect themselves and their family members from being killed by some idiot kid under the age of 25.
    Since the government is not going to prosecute these assholes, kill them on sight. This way it will only cost one or two bullets to ensure the prick won’t kill someone else.

  • I protest, at the age of 18 I went to Southeast Asia for my senior trip and was told to shoot to kill all yellow people because it would preserve democracy and end communism. All bullshit, just like these jackoffs in Maryland.

  • have one of those 25 you try that crap around my family and he won’t have to worry about his frontal lobes. he’s going to be separated from them

  • Think of the political power this law would give. Democrates would have people under the age of 25 kill people that would oppose them. I say democrates because they are the only ones that are trying to pass these stupid and insane laws.

  • They should be careful what they wish for! It could turn into open season on all Democrats! Just for being stupid! Most Democratic politicians would have to live in a whole someplace forever! Even after they left office and had no more armed protection at your expense ! But then the democrat was never very smart! And it would all be their fault. They would really have to fight to get that changed back.

  • Along with this they want people to vote at age 16. Stupid is as stupid does that includes the whole DNC!!!!

  • I reside in Maryland and at the same time they’re asking for relaxation of this law, they are trying to CRIMINALIZE those with a legal gun carry permit! They’re now insisting you should have to stay 100+ feet away from fairs, schools, theaters, restaurants, churches, and ANY public building. Well heck, in most of our small towns this now means that you can’t take it out of your own driveway; irregardless of fact you’ve done nothing wrong! The language is directed at those with a carry!

  • Oh yes, to add to my prior statement, they want to take guns away from military under 25! Just stupidity.

    But remember their gangs, cartels and mafia can have them on the streets!

  • Thus, proving time and time again, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that Leftism is a Transmissible Mental Disease!
    Please, SPAY and NEUTER your LEFTISTS!
    • However, their so-called “Transgender” movement and the end of Roe v. Wade, are causing Leftist men to get many more vasectomies and Leftist women to get many more tubal ligations, so they are doing a marvelous job of spaying and neutering themselves already!

  • Anyone aged 14 yrs & up, who is not certified mentally disabled, is perfectly capable of knowing right from wrong & appreciating all consequences of wrong acts. They should be held accountable.



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