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The Deep State is at it again and House Democrats plan on milking it even though there is no there there.  The plan to call a witness to possibly testify to them that the orange man is a real baddie.  They plan to call Johnson’s former civil service deputy, Lewis Lukens, who served as the acting ambassador until Johnson was confirmed.

Lukens has made several unsubstantiated charges against both Woody Johnson former ambassador to Great Britain and of Donald Trump.

He has been unable to get the proof for even a single charge against either and to top it off, British intelligence says it never happened.

No matter, the House intends to hold hearings with Lukens as their star witness. Luken’s history at the State Department is riddled with problems.

Lukens helped set up Hillary’s illegal server. I am sure at least one Republican on one of the committees, which includes Jim Jordan will have questions for him on the server. I am equally certain that the Democrats will claim is not within their scope of investigation.,Those questions will not be allowed.

The Democrats will make him out to be their star witness and will treat him with kid gloves. They don’t care about the fact that he cannot prove a single thing.

If you don’t believe me go back to the Russian collusion hearings and the Ukraine impeachment hearings.  It’s the smear that counts not them truth.

Lukens main accusation is that President Trump ordered Woody Johnson to pressure then British government to name Trump’s Turnberry course in Scotland as the site of the British Open golf tournament.

Trump claims he never made any such request and the British government confirmed that no such request was ever made.

As a close confidant of Hillary Clinton, had she been elected, he could have counted on getting a nice cushy job.

That was squashed after Hillary was humiliated in them election. Lukens undercut President Trump on London mayor Sadiq Khan.

After Trump criticized Khan, Lukens sent out a statement in support of Khan. He is nothing more than a Deep State operative, making up things as he went along. But he is on his way onto stardom.


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