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Ever since Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President of the United States, the bureaucratic underbelly of big government has feared him. When people are afraid of something, they will frequently attack it. Since he became a candidate for president and ultimately won his way into the White House, the deep state has attacked former President Trump with lies and fabricated accusations.

The assault has never stopped. It began with the Russia collusion lies. The accusations that candidate Trump colluded with Russia to win the 2016 presidential election were a total hoax. As well, the pair of impeachment attempts by crazy Nancy Pelosi and the radical left were the same. Both were bogus claims based entirely on fabricated stories. They were lies.

An indictment by a George Soros-funded left-wing district attorney is another twisted attempt to destroy the former president. Eventually, Americans will discover that the FBI raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence was nothing but a scheme to drum up a news cycle to smear the former president.

Another ongoing attack against former President Trump is happening in Georgia. Despite suspicious swings in vote totals during the 2020 presidential election, Georgia lawmakers have essentially refused to push for investigations. At the time, President Trump insisted that his experts saw clear evidence of cheating. He felt Joe Biden stole the electoral votes from the Peach State.

Many still believe he did. But for all his requests to investigate a potential fraudulent outcome, the former president is being attacked for supposedly trying to influence the outcome. He did not. All former President Trump asked for was accountability for what were clearly suspicious numbers. For his trouble, he’s been investigated by Georgia officials.

In heavily liberal Fulton County, Georgia, a location where there were a great deal of very suspicious 2020 election improprieties, District Attorney Fani Willis is contemplating an indictment against the former president. Willis is claiming that President Trump tried to criminally influence the election outcome.

Willis informed the Atlanta Journal-Constitution of a request for increased security pending an announcement later this summer. Obviously, if Willis is asking for increased protection, the resulting announcement must not be good for the former president. It also indicates that needing protection means the district attorney feels the news will trigger potential violence.

Willis’ investigation into President Trump and his associates started after the former president and others challenged the 2020 Georgia election results. The evidence clearly shows that this was a pursuit that should have rendered a different outcome. But it appears that the district attorney is prepared to make another bogus claim against the former president.

There is the unlikely possibility that Willis is asking for heightened security because there will not be an indictment. That seems rather implausible, considering how often the left has falsely tried to destroy President Trump.

It appears that Georgia’s crooked Fulton County team of henchmen is going to add yet another to the list of bogus attacks against the most successful president in U.S. history. When will the country finally become bored with these attacks, or is it already too late?


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • all democrats, because they are commie marxist fascist racist lying pedophiles, should be arrested and exiled to Afghanistan for the coup they attempt on America. period.

    • You just hit the nail on the head. The democrats are so corrupt that they do NOT belong in the government. They are just getting every cent they can from the American people and they have enough that they obtained illegally.
      They need to go.

  • We all need to countersue Fani Willis, Alvin Bragg, Letitia James, and Jack Smith for election interference. They are all breaking the law. They are also hurting millions of our citizens with their traitorous anti-American criminality.

  • When will this attack on Donald Trump STOP? I fear it never will. The democrats don’t do a damn thing to help the American people and this is what they are supposed to do. Instead they are tearing every good thing Donald Trump did. Donald Trump
    loves this country as do a lot of people. No democrats are included in this. They
    show it by the way they act. I’m just wondering if we will even have a country left
    after biden in done in the White House.

    • We The People are HOPING that HIDIN O’ BIDEN doesn’t make it pass this One. Hidin O’ Biden is a BRAIN DEAD , BLIND EYES pile of GUTTER TRASH that should have been DISPOSED of over 50 + Year’s.

  • The first comment here proves this website does not read the comment section. We comment to a brick wall.

  • they send an army of their smartest lawyers to microscope the mans pores= any lawyer that could find the tiniest dirt would’ve been GLORIFIED = nothing….geez you lefties just never learn do ya’?

  • The democrats are in control of the corporate media and they therefore control the anti Trump brainwashing and lies being fed to the American people everyday. President Trump needs to use the internet to get his messages to the American people in addition to live public rallies where he can speak directly to the American people. Insofar as voter fraud and corruption is concerned, read Dinesh d’ Souza’s book “2,000 Mules” to learn about evidence of massive voting fraud during the last presidential election. The corporate media is so far to the left that President Trump will always be presented to Americans as a very evil politician and they will do and say whatever they want to prevent him from becoming our president again.

  • They are scared to death that he will pull out the swamp drain plug and they will go down the drain to the sewer where they belong! FJB!



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