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Two years ago, police officers in Atlanta killed a man who was asleep inside his car at a Wendy’s parking lot.

Back in June of 2020 during the “Summer of Love”, everyone was on high alert because we really didn’t know what to expect out of anyone.

As Rayshard Brooks attempted to resist arrest and became violent, he even managed to take a taser gun from an officer. The police officer then fired a shot at Brooks as he ran away from the officer and pointed the taser at him.

The officer who fired the deadly shot was charged with felony murder. To many who saw the video, it was a bit of a shock.

Nonetheless, District Attorney Paul Howard charged him with murder, alleging that Brooks posed no threat even though he was fighting him, punched him, took his taser and discharged it at him.

The remarks from Howard come after he charged a police officer earlier this month “for pointing a taser” at someone because a taser is considered to be a “deadly weapon” under Georgia law.

In explaining the charges against former Atlanta Police Officer Garrett Rolfe, Howard said, “We’ve concluded at the time Mr. Brooks was shot that he did not pose an immediate threat of death or serious physical injury to the officer or officers.”

Howard continued by noting that Brooks fired a taser, which he took from the officer on scene, at Rolfe and that Rolfe opened fire on Brooks after that.

“But I don’t know if you can see it clearly,” Howard told the media in announcing the charges on Wednesday while showing a blown-up photograph of the incident. “The prongs from the taser were actually fired above Officer Rolfe here.”

Well, this week charges were dropped against the officer who shot Brooks as well as another officer present.

According to CNN,

A Georgia special prosecutor determined that the two Atlanta police officers involved in the fatal shooting of Rayshard Brooks in June 2020 acted reasonably and did not commit crimes.

“Both acted as reasonable officers would under the facts and circumstances of the events of that night. Both acted in accordance with well-established law and were justified in the use of force regarding the situation,” special prosecutor Peter Skandalakis said.

While I do think that police are often too quick to jump to their gun, I can see how this one would be justified.

The moment that Brooks resisted arrest and took the taser from the officer, he then became a threat. It is reasonable to assume that Brooks would have deployed that taser into the officer and continued to cause more harm to him.

On the other hand, if it’s just a taser, I’m not sure that I would consider that alone as a deadly threat if there were multiple officers present.

I would be more inclined to say that once the officer was tased, if that occurred, then it would have been more justified to shoot Brooks before any further damage was done to the officer.


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  • If you resisit an officer, and take any of his equipment then flee and try to use the taser on the officer how can you not expect to get shot? If that POS tased the officer took his gun and shot him and his partner then it would be ok to kill him?
    Play stupid games win stupid prizes!

  • A police officer should not have to fight for his life. When he gives an order, it should be obeyed, and there never would be problem. I am SICK TO DEATH of the race card being played over and over and over and over and over. If this man were white, it would not even have ever made the news. COMPLY with orders, and there will be no violence. End of story!

    • Just because a cop gives you an order doesn’t mean it is a lawful order. Too many cops exceed their authority because the people are ignorant of the law. Unless they have a warrant or probable cause that you committed a crime, they do NOT have the authority to detain, arrest, or require compliance for unlawful orders.

      With that said, an intelligent person needs to be able to recognize a cop that has authority issues, and submit to the illegal order, then solve it in court. It’s not worth dying over, and a lawsuit for false arrest, exceeding authority, etc. will get him fired.


      • Hey still up for that Antifa “mainly peaceful” riot? Bring your BLM and groomer pals along. As we all know they are all law abidding choirboys.

  • Let’s see, I’ve been stopped by police about a dozen times in my 57 years on the planet. I don’t even have a bruise to show for it. You know why? I’ve complied with every order and request of each police officer I’ve encountered. Don’t start nothing, won’t be nothing. We’ve each walked away fine and gone home at the end of the night. Get it??

  • BLM is a f**g joke. If I were a cop and they approached me with a weapon, I’d shoot to kill first and anyone else trying to hurt the cop. BLM must be destroyed with no penalty- they want their violence unpunished. Get a Gatling gin and mow them down like the protected cowards they are.

  • We have no justice just jkamgaroo courts catering to the Amish. Ship all these cultural enrichers to Haiti or Cuba where they claim they will reign like kings and royalty.

    Seen West, Central and South Africa. 14,000 years of hardship without progress. Its the Amish way.

  • If they have to brace for BLM, than they are doing it wrong! If BLM attempts to do what they do, the ONLY ACCEPTABLE ANSWER is MAXIMUM POLICE FORCE to stop them by ALL MEANS to protect the lawful citizens! Lethal force authorized. Any arrested to be held without bail before, during, and after trial unless found innocent!

  • Official policy of most law enforcement agencies is an officer can respond to a threat of violence one threat level above what the perpetrator is threatening with, so, perp threatens with fists/officer may use a night stick or wand. Perp threatens with a stick or club/officer may respond with pepper spray. Perp threatens with pepper spray or incacitating gas/officer may respond with a tazer . Perp threatens with a tazer, officer may respond with a firearm. If the perpetrator escalates the violence in a situation, the officers can use this rule to subdue/control/arrest/put down the perpetrator. Easy rule, hard decisions. The answer is follow the instructions of the responding officers!!!

  • If BLreallyM, why do they keep killing each other at the rate of 1+ per day? Hypocrites looking for a way to pay their credit card bills.

  • Well I understand when they are training to be police officers they are taught shoot to kill. So when a person is shot by a police officer they are shot in the chest not the leg or arm but directly in the chest,but if someone pointed a taser at me I would shoot to kill also.

  • Perhaps it’s coincidence that it seems no one complying with instructions given to them by a police officer during a contact ever gets shot in contrast to someone that refuses to follow the instruction given to them by an officer then attacks them and attempts or succeed in grabbing an officers side arm or taser. Nope, no coincidence, don’t become a physical threat to a police officer, win the grand prize behind door #1, your life. Otherwise, Bye, bye now, thanks for playing.



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