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Since the earliest stages of the 2020 presidential campaign, many have questioned Joe Biden’s cognitive awareness. No one is making fun of Joe for getting old. That would be wrong. However, normal elderly people who are losing a step aren’t entrusted with leading a nation.

Cognitive decline is sad and equally devastating. When you’re the “Commander-in-Chief” of the most powerful country in the world, you need to have your wits about you. Time and time again, it’s glaringly obvious that Joe Biden is incapable of handling his job.

Not only have his policies been abject failures, but Biden has been a constant source of embarrassment to himself and the country. With such an obvious inability to keep his thoughts straight when in public, many wonder who’s really calling the shots at the White House.

There have been many theories tossed back and forth between politically charged discussion panelists. Some insist that those in the immediate White House staff are pulling Biden’s puppet strings. Some thought it was Kamala Harris, but she’s not competent enough to do her own job.

Given how far to the left everything his administration pushes as policy is, most people believe a person or a group of hard-left Democrats is running the show. One thing that’s becoming increasingly more obvious is that it’s not Joe Biden.

Some have espoused the notion that the Chinese Communist Party is pulling Biden’s strings. Others believe that a collection of Big Tech execs are telling the president what to do and what to say. There are, however, a numerous political experts who all point to a single person.

If this theory were to prove true, it would be the greatest violation of the people’s trust in the nation’s history. It would be a crime. Anyone who tries to assume additional terms as the U.S. president sees himself as some kind of self-anointed dictator.

Are there any narcissistic ex-Presidents who come to mind? A growing number of conservative experts think Barack Obama is calling the administrative shots for this presidency. When we think about policy decisions alone, this administration wreaks of Obama.

What would stop the liberal left from installing a puppet regime so that the person appearing to be in charge is actually being manipulated from “behind the curtain?” Apparently, nothing could stop it because it’s happening right before our very eyes.

Joe Biden’s failing mental acuity is obvious. There is no way he is making the decisions in the White House. But why would so many insist that Barack Obama has assumed control of our country, again? Maybe it’s because the White House Press Secretary just supplied the proof.

Jen Psaki, the current press secretary, is also the former spokesperson for Obama’s State Department. How’s that for convenience? In a recent press briefing, Psaki essentially admitted that it is Obama’s network that is running things at the White House.

Joe Biden is getting his instructions from the former president and/or his immediate staff. The liberal left keeps screaming that the chaos of January 6 on Capitol Hill was sedition. It was not. It doesn’t even meet the criteria to be labeled as such.

But a former president, one who has exhausted his two-term limit but takes over our country, does. Barack Obama’s corrupt influence on American politics goes beyond Joe Biden. No one expected his previous stooge, crooked Hillary Clinton, to lose. She did.

President Donald J. Trump began to upset the plan. He was draining the swamp. They had to discredit him, or better yet, try to impeach him. When they couldn’t, they panicked. The liberal left used their powerful ties to big tech to manipulate the 2020 election.

They got their puppet elected. Now, poor Joe Biden is being forced to endure the public humiliation of a failed administration. That’s too bad for the old boy. Actually, Biden isn’t fully responsible for everything terrible that’s happening in America and abroad.

Joe Biden appears to be bootlicking the far-left because he is. Biden is not the person running the show in Washington, D.C. He’s kowtowing to his former boss. The man in charge of the White House today is Barack Obama. It’s criminal. It’s sedition.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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