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Yesterday, Congressman Greg Casar (D-TX) held a “thirst strike” at the United States Capitol that only lasted about 8 hrs.

During this ‘protest’, he abstained from drinking water. What a machine this guy is. The purpose of this was to draw attention to a Texas state law that would remove some worker protections put in place by local governments.

Cities like San Antonio and Houston have already filed lawsuits against the law, which is set to go into effect on September 1st. Rep. Casar called upon President Joe Biden to support a federal heat standard that would protect workers and require them to take water breaks during times of high temperatures.

The congressman’s attempts got him ratioed on X (formerly Twitter) as many users mocked him and questioned his motives behind the hunger strike.

Some people joked that Casar had merely discovered intermittent fasting while others suggested that his actions were being overly dramatic for something so simple as skipping lunch one day.

Regardless of these reactions, it should be noted that nowhere within the bill does it mention anything specifically about water breaks or how long they must last for if implemented at all.

“Yesterday was incredible. I was honored to be joined at my thirst strike by workers in Texas and across the nation—and by lots of colleagues pushing for federal heat safety protections,” tweeted Rep. Greg Casar (D-Tex.).

“9 hours without water or food, but I’m more energized than ever to get this done,” he triumphantly proclaimed.

“I go on a thirst strike literally every night at bedtime. Please clap,” joked Sara Gonzalez of BlazeTV.

“Drama Queen Greg Casar might be the weakest man in North America,” replied podcaster Michael Sullivan.

“This blockhead basically discovered intermittent fasting and is now calling himself a hero activist for it,” read one tweet.

“9 hours? Let’s hope he never goes into labor,” responded another detractor.

“On a normal day, do you snack every 20 minutes? Is that why 9 hours without a meal feels heroic?” asked a critic.

“So you skipped lunch….. What highway, school or airport will be named after you for your heroism,” responded another detractor.

A separate tweet with a video of supporters applauding Casar was given the dreaded ratio, with only 664 likes but more than 4,500 comments.

Jason Mattera tweeted: “This blockhead basically discovered intermittent fasting and is now calling himself a hero activist for it “



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  • He does not work in the labor fields because under OHSA rules there are water consumption during extreme heat that all companies must follow or be fined. ex: based on the heat level 90° = 5 minute 100°=10-20 minute breaks (just example may not be the same every where). Federal office workers 15 min in the morning, 30 minute lunch and 15 min afternoon break (breaks taken after an hour work in morning & not within an hour before end of work.

  • MOST Democrats ARE pussies! They are ALL talk, and NO action; unless it is against President Trump! You will NEVER see them standing up with their paid agents of destruction (ANTIFA)! They only sneak around and hide in the background and pull the strings! Just like Obama! This trash makes me sick!

  • This POS moron is a good example of a Democrat now days. No brain and no concept of reality. What is scary is that it reveals how the people in the area that elected him to be a collection of either morons or treasonous criminals that are doing everything in their power to undermine our country.



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