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The political party that has long claimed to be the “party of science” have definitely become the party that ignores science.

They’ve never really been the party of science, they’ve only claimed that because most of them deny the existence of God. It’s no coincidence either that they are the most immoral party. When you have nobody to answer to and no objective standard of morality, there is then nothing wrong with doing evil, at least in their eyes.

Sadly, this is the reality that we’re facing in our country. Bill Gates and the rest of the idiotic rich elite are getting their way of population control that they wanted.

That’s what is coming out of this vaccine and the mandates. They’re all overjoyed with the amount of death that we’re seeing in our country and I’m sure the Democrats are thrilled that so many older people are dying from this pandemic and the vaccinations because the younger you are, the more liberal you tend to be.

Why is that? The answer seems to be that there is more life experience and wisdom.

A former professor at Notre Dame who was staunchly pro-vaccine and hated those who refused it recently died after getting her third dose of the vaccine.

In her first tweet after receiving the first dose, she said, “Just got my first dose of the vaccine. Never been happier to be “old.” Now let’s get these vaccines rolling for everyone!”

If this is one of the most exciting things about getting old, you may need to reevaluate your priorities in life.

Then she got her second one sometime between then and April 9, 2021, presumably three weeks later though and she said she had no problems except for a sore arm.

Then on September 7, 2021, she received her third dose of the vaccine.

Just one week later, she was at the hospital because she was having some sort of difficulties, but made sure to take the opportunity to condemn those who didn’t get the vaccine.

“So still waiting to see a doc although they have run tests. Still no room in hospital or in ER bay. PA announcement just said ER could not accept more patients. This is a BIG hospital. Damn the unvaccinated. They have made life hell for a lot of people.”

Then she started talking about her cardiologist so obviously whatever was going on with her was heart-related…just like tens of thousands of others have been experiencing as well.

“Welcome to the reality of the Covid crisis in Florida. My cardiologist tried to admit me to the hospital but there are no rooms because of Covid. Had to go ER route. Place is a teaming and the waiting room stretches into hallways. Wait for some is 15 hours. Get the damn vaccine.”

Five days later, she passed away.

How blind people have to be to continue to deny that this vaccine causes heart problems. It is being WIDELY reported, but completely ignored.

Photo Credit: Barbara Slavin


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