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Hillary Clinton appears to have crawled out from under her rock. However, crooked Hillary is just as deranged and corrupt as ever. Her latest wildly concocted conspiracy is about the developments within the bogus liberal-driven “January 6 commission”.

Hillary has always had a problem keeping her mouth shut, especially when things have nothing to do with her. We suppose it’s somehow a self-proclaimed right as the self-proclaimed “Queen of Her Country” to spew hare-brained theories.

Remember, this is the same Hillary whose presidential campaign orchestrated the biggest political hoax in history. To divert attention from her own corruption, and cast then-candidate President Trump as a “Russian operative”, Hillary and her cronies concocted the Russia Hoax.

Clinton claimed President Trump colluded with Russians, when in fact; she and her campaign are the ones who colluded with the Kremlin. Well, seems she’s back at it again. Crooked Hillary still has President Trump in her crosshairs. Talk about a sore loser.

Like the rest of her deranged liberal Democrats, Hillary is trying to leverage the sham “January 6 commission” to damage a host of Republican reputations. To do so, she’s trying to entice Americans to believe an idiotic, wild-eyed conspiracy reserved for third-world nations.

Despite no evidence to show any type of engagement between President Trump and others to ignite the January 6 “Stop the Steal” protest, Hillary is calling it a “coup d’etat”. Recently, Hillary and one of her mainstream media henchwomen, Rachel Maddow, shared some crazy thoughts.

Part of the exchange was truly perplexing. Maddow insisted that emails from the Chief of Staff Mark Meadows should be made public. Somehow the wacko liberal Maddow made a baseless connection between hiding emails on a private server and executive privilege.

However, such far-reaching attempts to step across the bounds of common sense are pretty normal for Maddow. They’re equally commonplace for Hillary. The exchange between this pair of liberal loonies included some bewildering mention of “geflite fish”?

We’re uncertain how some reference to a fish dish somehow is now the subject matter of Hillary’s mysteriously vanishing horde of emails. We thought they were about Chelsea, right, Hillary? It seems like it grows increasingly difficult for Hillary to keep her lies in line.

Unhinged Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney read Mark Meadows’ emails about January 6 into the commission record. At no point did anything remotely allude to a “coup”. In fact, the communication alluded to nothing.

However, in prime Hillary form, she opens her mouth and makes an utter fool of herself. Private email conversations about an unknown future event are being compared to a corrupt cover-up of concealed communications proving a crime.

Hillary’s email server investigation was a sham. Crooked FBI Director James Comey used cute little phrases like “gross negligence” and “extremely careless”. Sure, it was negligent, and it was ignorantly careless as well. However, it was also a federal crime.

Hillary Clinton should have gone to prison. She didn’t, and probably never will. What it proves is a blatantly unbalanced system of justice. Republicans are facing persecution by a sham commission. Democrats never receive such scrutiny.

Democrats steal and cheat their way to win elections, plus conceal corruption and deceit. It is a double standard of justice that Americans are growing wearier. On November 8, 2022, Americans will be able to express their feelings at the ballot box.

There are other whispers hinting that by crawling out from under her rock, Hillary is contemplating another presidential run in 2024. We imagine common sense, patriotic Americans will show Hillary what they think of her then. She’s a big phony and a bad one at that.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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