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Just when we thought things couldn’t get any worse for Joe Biden, an old ghost from the past reappears. Joe Biden seems unable to keep his paws off people. Now, some might argue that a delicate pat on the head or gentle stroke across someone’s shoulder is innocent enough.

But what about when these innocent little strokes and casual touches become an oddly repetitive part of a person’s behavior? How innocent are these gestures when there seems to be an aura of creepiness surrounding them?

These are all questions that have many people scratching their heads. As soon as one of these creepy incidents fades away from news relevance, another video or photograph of Joe Biden cuddling up to someone, usually children, goes viral.

Innocent physical displays of compassion are understandable. Most people wouldn’t think twice about a passive pat of congratulations or engulfing someone’s hand with both your hands to show sincere sympathy. But that’s not what Joe Biden does.

In addition, dozens of these incidents involve kids young enough to be his great-grandchildren. Joe Biden managed to pry himself away from his nest in Washington, D.C. to visit the tornado-ravaged parts of Kentucky. He visited Mayfield, Kentucky to survey the horrific damage.

While some in attendance shared their true sentiments towards Biden, chanting “Let’s Go, Brandon”, Biden fumbled through a halfhearted, apologetically sickening speech. The speech, in typical Biden form, was more about him than it was about the bereaved people.

As well, Biden stayed true to form by spouting off comments that make absolutely zero sense. “I kid and say, the best thing to ever come out of Kentucky is my sister-in-law,” Biden blabbed. Whatever that was supposed to allude to, nobody knows.

And then, without missing a beat, Biden pulled off another of his trademark creepy cuddling moments. Proclaiming so proudly that a little girl holding an American flag, “She’s 12-years-old.” Again, a gentle, sympathetic physical gesture is one thing.

However, each of Biden’s little love taps includes a bizarre and creepy stare. As he caresses these young girls, he ogles them up and down as well. It’s just plain weird. In another incident caught on camera, Biden groped a young boy.

Watching Biden pat this little boy on the head and eerily stroke his blonde hair was downright gross. There is one of two things at play here. With such a documented history of such creepy behavior, something is wrong.

One, either Biden is so senselessly out of touch with reality; he doesn’t even know what he’s doing. That means Joe Biden is an old man who is cognitive abilities to monitor his own behavior are compromised.

This is a dangerous condition for the person entrusted with being the most powerful leader in the free world. The second, and most plausible explanation, is disgusting. If Joe hasn’t lost control of his mental faculties, then he’s purposefully repeating the same creepy behavior.

The incidents in Kentucky compound on the dozens of times when Joe got all touchy-feely. We must examine these two explanations for Biden’s weird tendency to grope young children. Either his mental balance is too compromised to be president, or Joe Biden’s a creepy pervert.

Since the same weird behavior keeps happening repeatedly, the answer may be all too clear. Both explanations are true. Joe Biden is out of touch with reality. He is not fit to be the president. However, Joe Biden is also something far more sinister. He’s a creepy old pervert.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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