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Authoritarian governments, like communism, thrive on keeping common people afraid. It is a strategy that uses fear to drive compliance to government rule. Nations across the globe used the coronavirus pandemic to create worry and uneasiness.

However, as the world gradually steps out of the shadow of COVID, big government types are searching for a new way to keep people afraid. Governments create economic hardship to keep a vast majority of the people poor.

This is part of the socialist-communist ideology. Poor people tend to be more fearful. Of course, COVID perpetuated both health anxiousness and economic hardship. Nevertheless, COVID no longer scares people the way it did two years ago.

Many have grown to appreciate how big government, supported by their crooked conspirators in the mainstream media, has manipulated the truth to instill fear. With the collapse of the Afghanistan government, the result of Joe Biden’s chaotic exodus, there is a new way to spread fear.

The United States Pentagon is wasting no time in leveraging a new form of anxiousness. The fear of terrorism is back in play. A top Pentagon official is now warning that the terrorist organization ISIS-K could be capable of an attack within six-months.

Colin Kahl told the Senate Armed Services Committee he believes multiple terrorists’ organizations could be primed for such an assault on American soil. ISIS-K is the ISIS branch in Afghanistan.

Some hold them responsible for the bombing, which killed 13 U.S. servicemen and women in Kabul. While Kahl believes the more commonly known group, al-Qaeda, could be prepared for an attack in one to two years, he thinks ISIS-K may be ready in a few short months.

The undersecretary for defense policy could not guarantee the new Taliban government in Afghanistan would be strong enough to counter such a threat. Kahl admits that ISIS-K and the Taliban are bitter enemies.

However, he questions the Taliban’s ability to deter a growth of ISIS-K’s presence in the rugged countryside of Afghanistan. Most Pentagon officials will not dispute Kahl’s analysis. Nevertheless, certain facts may point to a different reality.

Estimates currently point to around 2,000 ISIS-K members in Afghanistan. Taliban forces are estimated to number well over 70,000. If they chose to do so, it seems that the Taliban could overwhelm ISIS-K.

But no one is discussing the probability of that happening. All military experts are sharing is how there is a rise in the chances of a terrorist attack on America. These premonitions continue while Americans and American allies are still trapped in Afghanistan.

Nevertheless, no one is presenting much documentation to prove or disapprove their theories. What most people do not appreciate is the everyday American’s ability to do anything about these developments. We see stories about abandoned Americans.

Despite strong caution from his chief military advisors, Joe Biden still chose to cut-tail and race out of Afghanistan. We now hear cries of impending doom from terrorists. It’s almost as if Biden’s hasty, chaotic exit was a purposeful way to create fear in American citizens.

Pentagon officials are continuing to sound off about this potential doom-and-gloom scenario. Any American much over the age of 30 has vivid memories of what happened on September 11, 2001. It creates a deeply rooted sense of fear.

The horrific events are burnt in our memory. Because of the Biden administration’s bungling efforts to close the resulting 20-year Afghan War, Pentagon officials are now able to reignite this fear. Radical liberals exercise fear to force people to comply.

There may well be a growing presence of terrorist groups during the next year. But what may be more alarming is our government’s continued attempt to strike fear in the hearts of American citizens. COVID no longer scares us, so it’s time for a new villain.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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