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From the very moment that Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President of the United States; corrupt liberal Democrats knew that they had a problem. From the beginning, President Trump said he was the man to “drain the swamp.”

President Trump ran on a platform that focused on rebuilding American pride and Making America Great Again. His first job was to upend the corruption in Washington, D.C. He vowed to clean it up. Entrenched bureaucrats knew that they’d be exposed.

They had to devise a scam to destroy this man. However, these cheats had no way to honestly accomplish their plan. Big government, deep state bureaucrats had to concoct a scheme to smear the wildly popular candidate.

The chief operator behind this crooked plot was Hillary Clinton. Crooked Hillary felt that she was automatically entitled to be president. She was not. No one really liked Hillary. In fact, many Americans despised her because she was just another corrupt career politician.

Her campaign handlers knew she could not, (despite what the polls said), defeat a wave of American growing sentiment towards Donald Trump. Hillary and the DNC devised a conspiracy to paint her opponent as a politically corrupt stooge of Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

Of course, President Trump was not. But this was all they had. Nevertheless, to pull off this scheme, the Democrats needed help within the federal government. They went right to the highest ranking law enforcement agency in the United States.

Unfortunately, finding corrupted liberal FBI agents, radicals who hated the idea of Donald Trump being president, was easy. Many believe the corruption went as high as the Obama White House. Nevertheless, that is still speculative despite the obviousness of who must have known.

But the rest of the crooked clan may be staring down some serious prison time. Three key players within the FBI orchestrated the clandestine spying operation into President Trump’s campaign and, likewise, during his time in the White House.

FBI agent Peter Strzok, his lover and FBI lawyer Lisa Page, and Andrew McCabe were the primary people trusted with running this scam. But even as late as December 2020, long after the Russia collusion hoax had long ended, people were still covering up for these crooks.

Even President Trump’s own Attorney General, Bill Barr, refused to force the FBI to release sensitive records that would expose the scam. In spite of all indications that he is on the side of the “good guys,” Bill Barr may well be just another garden-variety swamp rat.

Why would he refuse to release records that could prove a criminal case against crooked government officials, especially Hillary Clinton? That was his job as the highest ranking law enforcement official in the nation, right? It seems like Barr was trying to protect Hillary Clinton.

But why would he do that? We may never know the answer to that perplexing question, but we’re about to get answers to others. Recently, Judicial Watch reported that a federal court ordered the FBI to disclose a number of intricate details about “Crossfire Hurricane”.

The court demands the records of all FBI officials, including third-party conspirators, who were part of the scam to spy on President Donald Trump. While it’s hard to trust any process within our federal government, this does offer a glimmer of hope.

If in November, Americans can rightfully vote conservatives back in control of Congress, a process will be restarted. Ultimately, in 2024, our nation can continue the project of cleaning up “the swamp”. This court order is another important step towards “Saving America”!


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • The FBI should be disbanded, it’s nothing more than the Gestapo arm of the Demoncrat party.

  • YES!!!! start holding these corrupt people that we are SUPPOSED to trust and toss them in prison for the rest of their lives for being traitors and trying a coup…these FJB alphabet agencies are corrupt to the bone…I don’t believe ONE THING this administration has to say

  • Everyone must feel sorry for Bill Clinton who has had to put up with this garbage since college.



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