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The liberal left continues to spin January 6, 2020, as an insurrection that threatens our democracy. As they witness Joe Biden’s abysmal failures, they must use something to divert attention. The Capitol Hill riots were wrong. We wish they never happened.

The ultimate chaos was both unpleasant and unnecessary. However, there’s a great deal more to this story, and it’s being hidden from the American public. A few hundred unruly protesters got out of control. It happened despite President Trump urging protesters to remain peaceful.

But why did these patriotic Americans, regardless of how much they were incensed over the fraudulent 2020 Presidential Election, turn so insanely aggressive? A massive amount of new evidence will prove they were goaded into entering the Capitol.

More facts will prove those who triggered the violence did not support President Trump. Facts are being unearthed that prove FBI Director Christopher Wray is a liar. This is something many already knew.

During his testimony before Congress, Director Wray insisted that the FBI was unaware of any “counter-protesters” involvement in the January 6 riots. Now it appears that radical left-wing groups such as BLM and ANTIFA were not only there, they instigated the riots.

Wray’s lies are being exposed. Now it’s believed as many as 13 separate radical leftist groups were at the Capitol on January 6. The crooked Joe Biden administration now owns up to having “commandos” planted within the initially peaceful protests.

The disgraced FBI director claims his agency did not know John Sullivan was an ANTIFA member, disguised as a Trump supporter. The FBI knew about Sullivan all along. There is speculation the FBI planted him inside the protests to spur trouble.

Officers surrounded a group of ANTIFA counter-protesters on January 6. They said that they were leaving after being attacked by Trump supporters. Officers claim to have witnessed the three radicals putting firearms in the trunk of their car.

Only Grimes was arrested. She was released without charges being filed. A friend of Grimes’ was baffled over how police knew there was a handgun in the trunk. This follows the suspicious trend of why no radical leftists have been charged despite the evidence.

There is a clear indication that many counter-protest groups infiltrated the crowd of Trump supporters. Despite a growing mound of evidence indicating these individuals may be responsible for inciting the violence, not a single charge has been filed.

January 6, is the liberal left’s only rallying cry. They have nothing else. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are failures. The Democrat Party is crumbling. In an effort to save their sinking ship, Democrats, with help from their swamp conspirators, have concocted “the insurrection”.

Democrats know the January 6 insurrection story is a made-up lie. They are trying to destroy President Trump. President Trump is not responsible. As a failing political party, they have no other recourse. Deep state liars like Christopher Wray are accomplices.

People like Wray, along with members of the Capitol Police, are lying to cover up their own culpability. They are the real insurrectionists. One of these days, hopefully soon, someone is going to crack under the pressure of guilt.

When the first domino tumbles, it will trigger a landslide. Eventually, one of the radical factions who helped trigger the January 6 riots will fold. They will not be able to handle the pressure. America will find out the truth. Liberal Democrats are deceptive liars.

They risked American lives to perpetrate a fake insurrection. January 6, 2020, did happen. We all watched it unfold. However, the story behind a “protest gone badly” is not what Democrats would have us believe. It’s a lie’ their lie.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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