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This has to be one of the most bizarre and borderline diabolical sights I’ve ever seen. It’s completely illogical.

Friends and family usually take care of the departed and plan their funerals as well as what happens to their bodies when they pass away.

They may have a simple funeral with the body laying in a casket, or they may be cremated and their ashes used in some way.

However, it appears that various individuals had different plans for a rapper’s corpse who had just been murdered.

A “funeral” was staged in a nightclub in Washington, D.C. (of course, it’s a liberal city) by propping up the man’s dead body while the rest of the guests danced to the music.

According to the Daily Wire,

Twenty-four-year-old rapper Markelle Morrow, known as Goonew, was found in a parking lot with a life-threatening injury by police responding to reports of gunshots, then taken to a hospital and pronounced dead , NBC 4 reported on March 19, adding, “Morrow’s family told News4 that they believe he was shot in a robbery.”

Cellphone recordings from Sunday night at the club Bliss, where an event occurred titled “The Final Show, show mourners saying goodbye to the rapper, who appears to be propped up on stage “with his eye open, propped up on a stage sporting a designer Amiri hooded sweatshirt, ripped jeans decorated with flames and sneakers, accessorized with a watch and a gold crown,” The Daily Mail reported.

The reason why I feel that this is a problem is because of how they view the young man. It’s as though they feel like this gives him one last party as though he is still alive. Another thing though is that it is CREEPY as all get out to prop up a dead body for anything.


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