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On December 11, 2022, Viktor Bout, the international arms dealer who had been held in a Russian jail for years, was released in a prisoner swap and gave his first interview since his release. The news was met with mixed reactions from across the world. While some were relieved that Bout was released and would finally have the chance to tell his story, others were concerned about the implications of his release on the world’s security.

The controversy surrounding Viktor Bout’s release comes at a time when America is facing an erosion of its Christian values. The traditional family unit, which has been a cornerstone of American society since its inception, is under attack from forces both foreign and domestic. From the Supreme Court ruling on abortion to the radicalization of our youth, the American family is being threatened like never before.

In his first interview since his release, Viktor Bout spoke of his experiences in the Russian prison, his thoughts on the current state of America, and the importance of faith in the face of adversity. Bout spoke of the importance of families standing together in the face of adversity and the need for Americans to embrace their faith and to once again value the importance of the traditional family unit.

“They’re losing their Christian values. They’re losing their families. They’re losing literally their country. It is not anymore the same country we knew America used to be, the model for the entire world and lead and be an example. Like they say, you know, a sparkling town on a hill.”

How crazy is it that the “Merchant of Death” is the one to lecture Americans on reembracing their former Christian values? He’s absolutely right, it’s just a shame that this had to come from the “Merchant of Death”.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Viktor Bout nailed this one. You may say he was the thieve/malefactor on the cross with Jesus who “got it” and suddenly when he chastised the other malefactor about his condemning “Jesus to SAVE US and yourself”. That malefactor knew at that moment that he had a chance at redemption and took it. Viktor , likewise , admonishes America for the depravity of the “WOKE, antifa,blm,lbgtq etc whatever” and to get clean.

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    • Who wrote the story? Obviously, a well-schooled Ivy League graduate who was passed along because of any number of victimhood claims.

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  • If old Victor has been residing in a Russian jail for years, why did WE have to release him to the Russians?
    Come on! Try proof reading before posting these articles.

  • THANX VIC!!!! I would have never known ANY of what you’ve said about my country were it not for you!!!!! How is Russia doing these days?????? I bet that you would have been fed steak & eggs for breakfast in a Russian prison. A few sandwiches for lunch and Lobster for dinner!!!! AM I RIGHT????



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