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The country changed when Joe Biden sneaked his way into the White House by cheating to win the 2020 presidential election. Biden said he was going to unite the nation. Because of Joe Biden’s abrasive rhetoric, the U.S. has never been more divided.

He professed to be a “moderate”. The policies pushed on Americans have been anything but moderate. Biden has stood by watching a liberal-controlled Congress drive America farther and farther into an economic quagmire.

However, possibly the most notable and destructive of all Joe Biden’s policy decisions has been his total failure to secure the U.S. southern border. The White House will insist the border is secure. They’re flat out lying. The U.S.’s southern border is wide open.

The U.S. has been overwhelmed by a wave of illegal migration unlike any in our history. However, the millions of undocumented illegal migrants pouring across the border are only part of the issue. Because of Biden’s open border policy, Mexican drug cartels have seized control.

Besides an inability to stop rampant illegal migration into the country, border patrol agents are hard-pressed to stop the wave of illegal drugs sifting across the border. It has elevated a humanitarian crisis into a deadly crisis for Americans.

Along with the more common recreational drugs such as marijuana and cocaine, a new killer is ripping our nation to shreds. Fentanyl, with most of the ingredients fed into Mexico from China, is a killing machine. Over 100 people die each day from Fentanyl-related deaths.

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid. It possesses 50 times the potency of heroin. Fentanyl is over 100 times stronger than morphine. This dangerous drug triggers thousands of fatal and nonfatal overdoses. The drug produces a heroin-like effect.

Fentanyl is laced into other drugs to dangerously raise their potency. The drugs are cheaper, more powerful, more addictive, and far more dangerous. Illicitly manufactured Fentanyl is what’s pouring in through Mexico.

Mexican cartels distribute this deadly drug via illegal drug trafficking markets. Joe Biden’s open borders are facilitating the illegal drug trade. The cartels essentially own the border. Mexico has become the single-most dominant source of Fentanyl.

One would think the President of the United States of America would care deeply as we watch our young people die. Joe Biden couldn’t care less. His open border policies are killing Americans by the thousands. But neither he nor his inept administration have any solution.

They want things this way. However, one Florida congressman has a rock-solid solution, and he’s not kidding. Florida U.S. Representative and House Judiciary Committee member Matt Gaetz says the U.S. needs to bomb the Sinaloa drug cartel in Sinaloa, Mexico.

Again, Gaetz is not kidding. Gaetz started his discussion about this highly potent, dangerous drug by saying, “I don’t think anybody really sets out to, like, score some Fentanyl for a good time. He admits that certain drugs are more difficult to keep out of the country than others.

There is a viable market for these recreational drugs. But, the Florida congressman insists, “But since people don’t set out to use Fentanyl, since it’s something we don’t want in our country, we should be totally capable of stopping it.” But Joe Biden will not stop it.

To save American lives, Joe Biden would have to admit to causing the crisis at the U.S. southern border and fix it. He will not. Biden could and should do a lot of things to stop the Fentanyl crisis. Biden and liberals believe these deaths are nothing but collateral damage.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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    • Yep the whole Mexican government and all the Mexican police would lose their jobs with the Cartels and in the US Congress the legislators would have to find another source of funding and dope

  • I would think the overwhelming drug use is by Democrat Voters. Protect the kids and let the rest have all they want. Most are oxygen wasters anyway.

  • Hmm, so ‘Posse Comitatus’ prohibits using US troops inside the USA? Simple fix.

    Invade Mexico 6 miles deep and expel everyone living there south and seal the new border under a Emergency National Security Declaration using US troops.

    Any resistance? Then go another 6 miles, and 6 more until you get to the Panama Canal. Then the border will be very manageable.

  • I have said that for years! Give Mexico to close it down one week! Then blow the entire place to crap! Of course a lot of CIA will get hit as well! As they own the largest drug cartel in Mexico! As explained at the fast and furious trial with Eric Holder! The CIA was running drug into America way back when to fund the Contra wars! The government right here in America is drugging the people to control them! And it is working cause the same idiots keep voting for the people killing them ! Democrats truly love the stupid and easily fooled! And their is always another idiot ready to swallow the same lie they told in 1949! That the rich will pay for everything! so it will never stop! Blow up mexico and they will just move it here and claim China is making it! And the media will spread that lie!

    • Sounds like a good idea. But China will just find another delivery service in its zeal, and promise, to destroy America, as Jin said he would do. Especially with China Biden in the White House.

      • Yes, China should be held accountable for sending drugs here to kill our younger generation. biDen will do nothing. Trump will stop it.

  • “Matt Gaetz says the U.S. needs to bomb the Sinaloa drug cartel in Sinaloa, Mexico” Good idea, but it won’t stop it. These killer drugs come from China!

  • If we would set up machine guns at the border and use them to stop anybody breaking our laws about entering the U.S.A., we would see virtually 100% of the illegals entering the country ended and billions of taxpayer’s dollars saved ever year because the deMocrats would not able to buy votes to keep their criminal politicians in office.
    If we continue as we are now, incentivizing criminals coming here by the deMocrats, this country will be fully destroyed and people dying in the streets, as in Venezuela now, once the richest country in South America.

  • Gartz did NOT say to “carpet bomb” the cartels as that would be foolish and unnecessary. Nice accurate smart bombs, ‘flying ginsu knife’ missiles, and a tomahawk cruise missile or two. Some helicopter gunships and A-10s to clean up moving targets, conoys, and vehicles. It should only take a couple of hours.

  • I really don’t see why, If Israel can protect itself by bombing parts of Iran. etc, why we can not bomb those operations responsible for killing our young in Mexico.

  • And that would take out 90% of the CIA! As they are the worlds biggest drug cartel! Then they blame everybody else for what they are doing! Just like the Democrats! WHAT A SURPRISE!!!!!!!

  • Kill every damn cartel, they’ve committed a violation of international law.
    And Biden and his incompetent Communist Democrats are definitely involved in the fentonal coming across the border, there’s money to be made at the cost of Americans lives.!
    Thousands of Patriots need to storm D.C. and force the drugs down the Communist throats.!

  • Matt is right. Any person caught bring it into this country should get the death penalty. We are done with the liberals types of punishments, they don’t work.
    We are lucky where I live, in 2020 we voted in new judges, all Republicans and a new Republican sheriff, he actually goes out on calls and things have really changed. They have collected enough Fentany to kill 200,000 people. One prisoner on his way back to jail made a comment that these new judges aren’t messing around.
    God Bless America!

  • I think we should bomb them! They bomb us with fentanyl! We could use their excuse! Mexico wants to be bombed they keep trying to kill us! If they didn’t want to be destroyed they would stop killing Americans! Or just take it and make it rain fentanyl over their cities! Around their schools! treat them like they treat us! Start charging them 1 million for each pill they can get their money back from their drug lords like the CIA!



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