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Under the authoritarian tyranny of a communist dictatorship, if citizens do anything contrary to the government’s wishes, they are punished. There’s direct evidence that some people simply disappear. Logic would strongly suggest these people are eliminated for disagreeing with the regime. In America, it’s supposed to be the complete opposite.

The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees that every American, regardless of his or her political ideology, has the right to speak out against their government. The opposite is true in a communist-controlled society. But for all her pageantry and glory, America is beginning to look more like a tyrannical dictatorship than a free nation.

The level to which federal agencies and the U.S. legal system are being used against private citizens is a startling example of the trampling of civil rights. If you disagree with the current Biden regime, you will be persecuted. Take, for example, the hundreds of law-abiding American citizens who have been prosecuted for innocently being at the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

The majority of these people, many of whom are still wrongfully imprisoned awaiting trial, were guilty of nothing more than misdemeanor trespass. The attacks by the Biden DOJ have been swift and draconian. There have been dozens of other examples. Parents across the U.S. were placed under surveillance and targeted as terrorists for speaking in defense of their children.

A former president has been indicted by a corrupt, left-wing local district attorney on bogus charges. Oddly enough, in the same radically liberal state of New York, others are being persecuted for their conservative beliefs. Because of his close ties to a former President Trump adviser, U.S. Air Force veteran Brian Kolfage has been sentenced to four years in prison.

What was his crime? Did he commit robbery or some other type of violent crime? No, Kolfage, who is a triple amputee, appropriated funds from a “Build the Wall” campaign to “build a wall.” The prosecution is claiming that Kolfage and others misused funds. There is, as yet, zero evidence being produced to indicate this is true.

Many believe Kolfage is being purposefully targeted. One of the U.S. Marshals who arrested Kolfage in Florida is quoted as saying, “Nothing like the state of New York to come down here to Florida and make a political show.” The Florida Marshals said they were extremely upset and told Kolfage: “I don’t agree with the handling of this one bit; it’s 100 percent political!”

When the facts of this case come out, the truth will reveal nothing more than another political hit job. Many believe the case will ultimately be dropped. Rather ironically, the arrest was timed on the eve of the Republican National Convention. Furthermore, it’s matched with Steve Bannon’s decision to once again advise President Trump’s 2024 bid for president.

Is this a coincidence? It’s certainly convenient. This is what a permanent political class does to stay in power. These radicals are pushing to create a global society, one with open borders and a single government. To get there, they must persecute everyone who stands in their way, even those who cannot stand on their own. It’s hideous, and Americans must fight back!


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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    • I swear, the present day atmosphere with Biden and his administration would
      remind you of the TV series: “V”. It is so THEM. If you make any statements about the Biden administration that makes them look good and that’s suitable to them, it is ok. But if you “make statements that make the reptilians (impersonating humans) seem bad or unsuitable to them, you could be in for an
      unexpected visit from the local or federal law enforcement agency to put YOU
      in a cage. Wuzzzzz up wit dat?

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  • What a miscarriage of justice!!! In my opinion, no one should be charged in the Jan 6th mess except for those who actually did any damage. The White House belongs to the people of The United States of America, so how can they be charged with trespassing?

    • You’ve got that right. Whatever happened to the right to assemble, the right to a speedy trial? I never thought I’d see the day that this type of persecution would happen in America… we have really changed for the worst, thanks to democrats.

    • Those who ordered and set up the entrapment too, like Pelosi, Wray (fbi head), Schiff, et al. THEY are the ones who broke the LAW! Entrapment is a CRIME!

    • They didn’t enter the White House, they entered the United States Capital. The White House was not breached. Having said this, I agree with you.

  • All the puppet tiers and Biden should be in prison. All the laws he has broken, the problems he has caused, and yet he is still free unlike the true Americans that are being held against our constitutional laws.

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  • Our Republic left a long time ago. What we have in control of this country now are TRAITORS to the USA and all it stands for.

  • New York is the perverted cesspool of this country, where its judges and legal system overreaches its authority to persecute people for non-punishable behavior. Additionally, the state and NYC in particular, continue to make up new laws to catch people unaware of them in order to persecute them for their religion, politics, legal guns, even just because they don’t like them because they pose a danger of exposing the corrupt legal system.

  • I suspect Kolfage refused to turn against Trump with lies prepared by these corrupt, unconstitutional, overreaching DA’s. If the people would get rid of the majority of RINOS in the GOP, there would be more Republicans with a majority able to get something done against these communist monsters and right the wrongs they continue to perpetuate against innocent people, just because they can.

  • This Liberal CANCER MUST be eradicated from OUR Country, PERIOD !!!! If that means WAR, So Be IT !!!!! Enough is Enough !!!

  • THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS! hundreds of J6 people in jail and still not charged-people who were going to testify against the Biden crime family gone missing, a former President indicted with NO proof of any wrong doing and now an AMERICAN HERO put in jail under false accusations! How much more are we going to take before we as TRUE AMERICANS finally WAKE UP!!!!!?

  • I supposed then if the commies said 2 plus 2 is 5 and some one disagreed with them and said it was 4, they would send them to prison. These people do not belong in the
    government. It’s more like Nazi Germany in this administration. They all need to go

  • One day karma will bite and New York will pay the price. I just hope I’m around to see it so I can throw a big party.

  • I am so disgusted with this administration that I just don’t know what to do. I used
    to be a democrat, between obama was campaigning and he said he wanted to
    fundamentally transform America, I didn’t know what he meant and I didn’t like it,
    so I switched parties. The government has been going down hill ever since. People should have known biden was incapable to being president when he campaigned from
    his basement. Who does this? God help us!! If biden is allowed to go on, we WILL NOT have a country left. He’s letting illegals in and not doing anything to get the Americans out of Afghanistan.

    • Dolores, people were aware but the amount of FRAUD, assisted by the gop establishment handed the office to dementia because both party heirarchies knew Trump would totally expose their corruption and had to get rid of him!!!!! If he wins in 2024, which is very likely, the establishment will try to kill him!!!!!!!!!!

  • New Dork Sucks is all about communism and control of the People! And they are getting worse. Every damn dumbocrat and liberal in this state would have to be rounded up and removed to some remote island for this state to ever return to normal! Not a damn one of the polecats in office are fit to serve, even as a garbage collector.

  • We need VIGILANTE JUSTICE to fix this country. Not one of these DEMOCRATES will go to prison. We will clean this up without the courts.

  • Tyranny is deeply embedded in government, especially by devildemocommiecrats!!!! Sadly, most of the gop is in cahoots with the satanic globalists!!!!! The TRAITOR mcconnell is totally on board with mccarthy beginning to get the message to back off from the globalists agenda!!!!!!!!!!



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