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Many contend that the mainstream media suffers from a lack of commonsense and especially integrity. However, frequently the liberal Democrat Party’s sounding board catches themselves in an unenviable spot. Rather than come across as totally stupid, they just flip the script.

Recently, CNN was quick to run rampant with a blasphemous story targeted at horseback U.S. Border Patrol Agents. CNN anchors and talking heads blasted the agents, saying that they were using whips to abuse illegal migrants.

You see, CNN and other liberal media puppets had photographic and video evidence of this heinous act. Or did they? When the photographer, the keen eye who snapped the viral photograph launching the story, told the truth behind the image, the mainstream media began to scramble like clowns at a circus.

As the story was further investigated, the notorious whips turned into horse reins. The story unraveled even more. These horse reins were not being used to whip anyone. They were being used as intended to control the horses.

Border Patrol Agents were using these reins to guide their animals and avoid trampling the erratic illegal border invaders. We stress, they were doing their job. Even Joe Biden chimed in, swallowed up by the miscalculated lie. Biden insisted, fist clinched, that all would pay.

After a week-long ride down liars’ lane, CNN had to do a 180 on their reporting. It’s not the first time, and won’t be the last. In textbook CNN form, there were no apologies, retractions, or corrections.

The leader of the corrupt mainstream media called it a “faulty media narrative”. One shouldn’t be all-too surprised. This is the liberal mainstream media playbook. Latch onto a story that casts an unfavorable cloud over anything conservative, truth doesn’t matter.

We all witnessed it with the Russian collusion narrative. The country watched as the mainstream media plastered false leaks with zero substantive evidence to support them. However, this story came with pretty pictures and videos.

It shows the inherent lack of journalistic professionalism from the clown show running CNN. No one even had the forethought to ask an equestrian expert about what might be the actual truth held in the photographs.

Nope, nothing like that is going to happen at good old conservative-bashing CNN. They saw a chance to take a stab at an ideology contrary to the Democrat Party’s radically progressive agenda of open borders. It’s backfired horribly.

However, and even more disappointing from an integrity standpoint, CNN could not even express regret for running full content about a totally inaccurate story. Once again, CNN got caught with their proverbial journalistic pants down, and had to hurriedly flip the script.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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