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Now, stop me if you’ve heard this one before…

A close associate of the Clintons unexpectedly died from some very strange circumstances. Have you heard that one before? Well, guess what? It just happened AGAIN! This comes shortly after the last time it happened.

Dana J. Hyde, a celebrated lawyer and former member of the 9/11 Commission, was tragically killed last week when the private plane she was travelling on encountered severe turbulence over New England. The plane, which was bound for Washington D.C., had departed from Keene, New Hampshire shortly before diverting to Connecticut’s Bradley International Airport in an emergency landing.

Hyde was accompanied by her husband Jonathan Chambers and their son as well as two crew members aboard the DC-registered plane owned by a company headed by Chambers himself. Tragically, Hyde did not survive the incident and passed away in hospital shortly after being transported there following the landing. Chambers’ company, Conexon, provides high-speed internet service to rural communities and prior to joining Conexon Chambers worked in both the U.S Senate as a Republican staff director and later at the FCC Office of Strategic Planning.

The FBI alongside Connecticut State Troopers are conducting an investigation into Hyde’s death with initial reports claiming all five passengers had their seat belts fastened during the turbulence encounter. The aircraft has also been subject to further analysis with its cockpit voice and data recorders being dispatched to NTSB headquarters for further exploration into what happened onboard leading up to the incident.

There really isn’t a lot more detail on what exactly happened, but from what I’m gathering it looks like she may have had her seatbelt off and when they hit turbulence she must have banged her head on the ceiling of the plane and from that point I guess there was nothing they could do about it. At least, that’s what they’re saying. Again, we have to keep in mind that this is the Clinton crime family we’re talking about.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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    • Anyone who would publish such tripe (not you, the website) does not deserve to be read any further. What an unfair, if not absurd, accusation.

      • I bet you believe that Jeffrey Epstein really did commit suicide, too. And nothing suspicious about Mark Middleton (hanged and shot himself- such a neat trick) who was also rule a suicide. On and on. Hmm, think there’s a pattern here?!!

      • Really? Tell that to Ambassador Stevens…oh, sorry, I guess you can’t since he was killed along with others in Benghazi. Have another sip of your Kool-Aid.

        • LDG – From an investigative perspective, what is unique about the Klinton-related suicides is that the suicided persons so often dispose of the firearm either before or after commission of suicide. Such efforts are quite unusual for corpses, leading to the supposition that the firearms were disposed of prior to their use. Hmmmm…!

          Former LEO

  • Can you imagine the body count if this wicked witch had been elected president..her administration would have been riddled with suicidal idiots more body bags then a democrat war

    • Good point Mountain man. It also seems someone should start investigating multi-demonic possession in Hillary. I most certainly have reasonable suspisions.

  • This Autobee a good one. Maybe they used bleach bit. Hillary you mean wipe it with a rag? The words of a true dipshit. She’s frustrated because Willy keeps putting his willy in the wrong hole.

  • I guess Clinton must have hired her husband and son to kill her or perhaps she was really zapped by MT Greene’s Jewish space ship.

  • Every single one of the deaths, including the children on the train tracks in Arkansas, were quote: “…Extremely rare and unheard of…”. How does someone commit suicide by shooting themselves “in the back of their heads”??? NO ONE is able to stop the Clintons and they can do anything they damned well want to do with no repercussions what-so-ever. I would dearly love for God to let me see what level of suffering awaits these type of people, including the Putin’s of the world.

  • How do all these Crime Families get away with all these questionable deaths and no one notices??

  • I think the time has come for someone to assassinate ( Kill for the ignorants) both Hillary and Bill Clinton as it’s obvious law enforcement doesn’t take any interest in these so called accidental deaths continually happening to former Clinton associates.
    It is time to follow the logic… ” Save American Lives – Kill Hillary and Bill “

    • That is too far out there. I AM NO CLINTON fan, but kill them? Not yet anyway. They should face a jury trial and serve life (what’s left anyway) in a prison like Leavenworth with no A/C no servants, and ONLY three meals a day; NO SNACKS! Then, when they pass on, we can listen for the screams as God gives them their TRUE punishment. They will LONG for the days in Leavenworth!

  • If I sold insurance I certainly would never sell to anybody remotely close to the Clinton’s! But one day someone may just return the favor just to stay alive! I sure would if I were that close to know what they are really up to! Get them before they get you!



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