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New testimony suggests that former acting CIA director Mike Morell claims the Biden campaign asked him to do whatever it took to put an end to the Hunter Biden laptop story in October 2020. Morell allegedly complied with the request and later organized a letter signed by “50 intel agencies” stating that the story was Russian disinformation.

According to the NY Post,

Joe Biden’s presidential campaign prompted former acting CIA director Mike Morell to “help Biden” by organizing 50 colleagues to sign a letter in October 2020 falsely claiming that damning emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop published by The Post were Russian disinformation.

In private sworn testimony, Morell told the House Judiciary Committee that Antony Blinken, now Secretary of State, was the senior campaign official who reached out to him “on or before” Oct. 17, 2020, three days after The Post published an email from the laptop suggesting Hunter had introduced his Ukrainian business partner to his father, then vice-president Biden.

Morell, identified as a potential CIA director under Biden, said he organized the letter to “help Vice President Biden … because I wanted him to win the election.”

The letter was considered as evidence of Russia collusion by the left-wing media. We all know that it wasn’t a Russian collusion, but nobody wanted to believe us at that time. We were right all along…as usual.

Here are some more details about how Morell lied:

At 10.53 p.m. the night of the call, Blinken emailed Morell a USA Today article claiming that the FBI was examining whether Hunter’s laptop was part of a “disinformation campaign.”

At the bottom of Blinken’s email was the signature block of Andrew Bates, then-director of rapid response for the Biden campaign.

Morell said he ​​did “a little bit of my own research,” and then reached out to retired CIA senior operations officer Marc Polymeropoulos for assistance in compiling the letter discrediting The Post’s reporting. Over the next two days, Morell gathered signatures from 51 former intelligence officials, including himself and four other former CIA directors, including John Brennan and Leon Panetta.

Morell testified that he sent an email telling Nick Shapiro, former Deputy Chief of Staff to Brennan, that the Biden campaign wanted the statement to go to a particular reporter at the Washington Post and that he should send the statement to the campaign as well.


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  • so now with all their crap getting exposed, what are they going to do about these and those involved????

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