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Many agencies within our very own government have, without a shadow of a doubt, betrayed us and is now working against us. They stand to serve the current regime, but in many cases, don’t even support the administration that is in charge at that time. They are essentially an elitist faction of the radical left.

Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and George Soros. These are the people who control organizations like the FBI and the DOJ. For precisely this reason, conservatives have warned against having large governments like the one we do today. It’s gotten out of hand. They are now essentially a new branch of the government.

We need a massive overhaul, but I don’t think that we’ll ever see that in our day. The only way that this would ever happen is if one party, either Republican or Democrat takes overwhelming control over every branch of government and decides to change things radically.

Take a look at this video from a recent episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight as it will set the stage for the rest of the article:

The astonishing letter from Senator Grassley to FBI Director Wray and Attorney General Garland. In a good move, Grassley specifies the particular senior FBI agents who are believed to have engaged in unlawful behavior, including covering up Hunter Biden’s crimes and asserting falsely that the devastating material on Hunter’s laptop was Russian propaganda.

Even though Grassley may be a member of the RINO establishment, he is making it obvious with this letter that he will not go along and help cover up the egregious wrongdoing by the DOJ and FBI. Both Christopher Wray and Merrick Garland, two loathsome vipers, are not naive. They have excellent reason to worry about what might happen to them if (or when) Republicans take over the House and the Senate because they are adept at reading political tidal waves.

This ought to spark a riot. Whether there are enough Republicans with enough of a spine to see this through remains to be seen. The several whistleblowers who have provided him with documented proof to support their claims of criminal misconduct by the particular FBI agents named in his letter are Grassley’s best part.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • The Communist FBI and Communist DOJ have been corrupt since the day Barack Hussein Obama took office, their allegiance to the corrupt Communist Democrats and Rinos allows them to get rich off of tax payer money and protect subhuman trash such as Antifa and BLM and Hunter Biden. Yes when the Republicans take control they have to dismantle both FBI and the DOJ then start over from scratch, investigate their bank account and see what kind of money they’ve been receiving, follow the money trail right back to George Sorros and Barack Hussein Obama.!

    • C’mon man! Robert Müeller, Jim Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Christopher Wray, Rob Rosenstein, Michael Horowitz, John Durham, Bill Barr, and Andrew McCabe have ushered in the new level of competency, integrity,honesty, transparency and trust to the FBI and the Department of Justice. BTW, How is the Hunter laptop investigation working. Have they lost it yet?

    • Right on the money! Trump has said they are in his sights and I believe many will be arrested and held to account for their blatant abuse of power so I hope they find selling their souls for money was worth the short turn with power. I hope they never see daylight again after they are arrested.

    • The ONLY WAY you will end the corruption in both the FBI and DOJ is to put Wray, Mueller, Garland, Strock, Comey, Page, McCabe, and anyone FBI agents covering for Hunter, on trial.

      If found guilty, publicly hang them AND MAKE SURE every employee of the DOJ and FBI are there to watch.

      I can assure you it will let the personnel know that the AMERICAN PEOPLE have had it with their Communist-style behavior! Knowing the top dogs have met a fatal end will give them a good reason NOT to act outside of the law.

  • The government is inherently corrupt. Corruption starts at the top and works it’s way down. No corrupt bureaucrat or politician is ever held accountable. Unless one is willing to start cleaning house from top to bottom, nothing is going to change. All these countries that America claims to have corrupt governments, America should look in the mirror sometimes. What is needed is heavy vetting of these bureaucrats, and politicians back to the day they were born. Garland and Wray are both deceitful and hypocrites. The DOJ and FBI need to be run by a no nonsense type of administrators. Administrator’s that are not going to put up with anyone’s B.S. and are going to defend and uphold the Constitution, and not violate a citizens rights, in the name of biased politics. The DOJ and the FBI are to uphold U.S. law, not to work against or railroad it’s citizens, like Gen Flynn, and that goes for that moron Judge, that wanted to continue Flynn’s trial. The best thing that could ever happen to the FBI, is the next president appoints Gen. Flynn as FBI Director, and diGenova becomes the new AG

  • The article says it all, if there is enough republicans with a spine to see this through remains to be seen. There never has been for decades so don’t see it coming true now. They keep talking about a red wave, yet if you look at individual races sure don’t see that. What I see in most is they are running neck and neck.

  • America knows it’s time to scrap the slug from the bottom of the FBI barrel of complete corruption……fire all of them start over.

    • Yes this goes back to Obama, and Grassley would not investigate his ‘natural born’ eligibility. Chuck would only say Nancy Pelosi certified him. Now we have this and Chuck only claims to go after Hunter because at near 90 years old, Chuck is up for re-election. Hunter is only one of hundreds of criminals in DC and they won’t eat their own.

      • You are blind as a bat. Stop listening to crooked media and wake up. Obama spent eight years doing almost nothing of value to us citizens. His only real accomplishment is turning the FBI,cia,doj. Into democrat weapons against any decent from their communist propaganda.



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