Chelsea Clinton Attacks Trump Over His Weight, Calls GOP "Party of White Supremacists” (VIDEO)

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It only takes a moment of listening to anyone from the Clinton Clan to realize how narcissistic the whole family is. Bill, Hillary, and even their pompous daughter, Chelsea, act as if they’re some type of American aristocracy.

They’re not, but they certainly think they are. Crooked Hillary still believes Americans are wrongly preventing her from ascending to her rightful throne as Queen of the United States. Now, Bill and Hillary’s smug daughter seems to believe she’s an heir-apparent princess.

There is no denying how deeply the Clintons feel about themselves. They think they’re better than everyone else, and we should just accept their rightful social status as American aristocracy. They’re not, but they all think so.

As evidence, daughter Chelsea wrote her thesis entitled, The Global Fund: An Experiment in Global Governance. Like mommy and daddy, Chelsea believes in a “new world order” controlled by a limited number of self-appointed global elitists.

Chelsea Clinton thinks she’s one of these “better-than-everyone-else” people. She’s not. Chelsea also enjoys hobnobbing with another flock of cackling elitists on “The View”. The View is probably the show most prone to insane statements that degrade everyday Americans.

On a recent show, Chelsea exposed her unbridled abhorrence of people her narcissistic mother calls “deplorable”. If you don’t genuflect in humble worship before these governing elitists, like the Clinton’s and the Obamas, you’re simply a gutter-trash deplorable American.

The corrupt mainstream media emphasizes the insidiousness of their maniacal egos. Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century is a Disney Channel Original Movie that has Princess Chelsea as the President of the United States.

This audacious liberal fairy tale was scripted over 20 years ago, when the 37-year-old Chelsea was still a teenager. Evidently, President Donald Trump is lumped into that disparaging category of human beings as well.

We’re not, and we know it, but it must help to inflate the egos of these self-esteem starved radicals to hear themselves talk. One problem is that when they open their mouths, anyone paying close attention will clearly realize they are full of it.

Since the ongoing John Durham investigation began exposing how crooked her mother really is, Chelsea has been trying to run cover. She talked about how proud she was that Hillary had “took on FOX News.” She did nothing of the sort, but it must have made Chelsea feel better to say it.

She continued her henhouse banter with the cackling morons on the View by fat shaming President Trump. Chelsea obviously forgot about all the images of her plump-faced mother. President Trump is a big man.

He has nothing more than the normal girth around his midsection, similar to the majority of senior men. Hillary looks like an air-inflated, ballooned mini-blimp. Chelsea continued to make an even bigger fool of herself. She categorized all Republicans as “white supremacists.”

We suppose, just by looking at a few facts (which no one on The View is ever interested in), that means the millions of blacks, Hispanics, and other voters of color, are white supremacists. This is nothing but another bogus, hate-loaded statement spewed by an elitist liberal.

The Clintons think their rightful place is as the ruling class of America. They’re not. Most Americans believe the country’s biggest deplorable is crooked Hillary Clinton herself. That’s why she’s not president and never will be.

God help us if the corrupt mainstream media and Hollywood ever get their way. Don’t be surprised if Princess Chelsea takes a stab at the White House. Hopefully, Americans will realize what these global elitists are trying to do and their schemes will remain nothing but fairy tales.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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