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When the United States faced the deadliest public health crisis in over a century, we needed one vital agency to do its job. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, (CDC) is critical when such catastrophes happen. The U.S. CDC failed.

The CDC not only failed, they failed miserably. Some believe every baffling policy suggestion or data misinterpretation was on purpose. Each day that more evidence is uncovered, this truth becomes increasingly more obvious.

Political bureaucrats, disguised as caring, healthcare professionals have flat out lied to the American people. Through CDC recommendations and policies, public life was manipulated like never before in history. The lies and manipulations have devastated an entire generation.

Draconian quarantines and lockdowns have been proven to be virtually useless. Masks were equally ineffective. But one of the biggest distortions of the truth involved the reporting of COVID deaths. The CDC misrepresented deaths from the pandemic for different reasons.

One motive was to coerce people into getting vaccinated out of fear. It turned out the vaccine wasn’t nearly as effective as the CDC and other medical bureaucrats claimed it would be. The second motive for misrepresenting deaths also involved fear.

The CDC has been steadily trying to manipulate how the public viewed the pandemic’s effect on children. There were thousands of documented pages of bonafide research insisting that children were at little risk of getting seriously sick from the virus.

They were even less likely to get seriously ill or die. But that did not stop the CDC from manipulating that data as well. By falsifying COVID-related pediatric deaths, the CDC was able to impose policies that were overly restrictive on children.

It was a strategy to make parents fearful that their children could die from the virus. This was not only a lie; it was a deceitful manipulation of data that the CDC is entrusted with ensuring is authentic. It was not. Watchdog agencies have been scrutinizing the CDC’s performance.

Because of this, the CDC has tried to clean up the trail of manipulation it has left behind. The CDC recently removed approximately 25 percent of the pediatric COVID deaths from their database. So, what was the excuse? Was it a change in scientific data involved?

No, according to the CDC, a coding error was responsible for 25 percent of pediatric deaths. We’re not buying this bogus excuse. We might accept a minimal percentage of incorrect death entries, say between two and five percent, as coding errors.

But there is no logical person who will believe that over a quarter of these mistakes were due to some type of coding error. Like the majority of the failed policies and recommendations from the CDC, this is just another manipulative lie.

If anyone stacked all the CDC’s pandemic failures and lies side-by-side, it would be astounding. Most of the public isn’t even aware of how many failures there were. The lies changed so often it was impossible to keep track. The CDC did not do its job. Someone must be held accountable.

Through ineffective recommendations and blatantly false information, the CDC only made the pandemic worse. Now, public trust in the CDC and similar agencies is non-existent. The only way to reestablish trust is to hold those responsible accountable for their lies and manipulations.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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