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The liberal left would have Americans believe that the January 6 riots were a terrifying assault on our democracy. Liberal politicians constantly refer to January 6 as an “insurrection”. It was not. True, the “Stop the Steal” protests that day turned chaotic. Indeed, there was violence.

However, the majority of the protesters were peaceful. Many were swept up in the ensuing pandemonium. There was also a lot of suspicious activity that triggered the chaos. There were equally as many bizarre situations that appear to have fueled the turmoil.

Within the tumultuous events of that Wednesday were some tragic events. One was the beating death of a President Trump supporter. Despite violence, mostly from an isolated faction of radicals, most people just walked around inside the Capitol.

Every liberal narrative is trying to portray the entire group of protesters as an angry mob. They were not. In fact, one of the protesters is on the list of tragic deaths. Video footage shows Rosanne Boyland being beaten to death by DC Metro Police Officer, Lila Morris.

Morris beat Boyland with a nightstick. Boyland’s parents adamantly believe this was the cause of her death. However, the family of Boyland was denied a full autopsy report. Why would this be necessary?

After watching the disturbing video of Morris beating Boyland, it’s fairly obvious. Morris probably used excessive force to cause Boyland’s death. It is a tragic end to what was an otherwise patriotic exercise in freedom of speech.

Boyland drove from Kennesaw, Georgia to protest an election that, like millions of Americans, she felt was crooked. The 34-year-old Georgian was seen parading with other protesters, waving a flag that said “Save America”.

It was her constitutional right to be there. Boyland had a right to vocally voice her anger over the fraudulent abuse of her cherished democratic right to vote. It wasn’t her right to die for exercising this voice.

As soon as reports were released about Boyland’s death, the corrupt mainstream media ran with an alternate narrative. The New York Times, and other crooked left-leaning liberal news pundits, said Boyland was trampled by an angry mob.

Then, there was another report that she died from an apparent drug overdose. Neither of these two previous explanations seemed plausible, making them highly improbable. Eyewitnesses told a far different story from what the mainstream media tried to sell to the American public.

There is profound evidence being exposed that the beating Boyland took from Morris was actually what killed her. The cover-up is both disgusting from a legal standpoint and a black mark on this young lady’s memory.

Video from body camera footage shows Boyland being bludgeoned. The pounding is consistent with enough force to cause deadly results. That’s exactly what happened. But why would investigators work so hard to cover this up?

It’s because it will begin to unravel the left’s narrative that this was an insurrection. Rosanne Boyland’s case is still listed as closed. Her cause of death is officially recorded as an overdose. This report is contrary to information obtained by various eyewitness sources.

There are those who insist that the toxicology reports refute the claim of an overdose. It’s a convenient and easy way to escape scrutiny. An organization called the “The People’s January 6th Commission” demands to see the body cam footage of the beating.

They believe the video will show clear and indisputable evidence that Boyland was dying as a result of blunt trauma. The organization is also demanding records of Officer Morris’ time as a DC Metro Police Officer.

The People’s January 6 Commission is requesting full disclosure based on the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA). They have asked that the information be released in a timely fashion, or else they intend to file a lawsuit.

The investigations into what happened on January 6 at the U.S. Capitol are one-sided, driven by a liberal agenda to destroy President Donald Trump. There are others trying to expose the corruption and purposeful acts which triggered the violence.

There are also very few digging for the truth about how two innocent protesters, Ashli Babbitt and Rosanne Boyland, died. Portraying January 6 as a one-sided assault on our democracy is a sham. It’s the true “big lie”. Americans must demand accountability. We must demand the truth.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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