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Democrats and leftist leaders of our public school system throughout America are “replacing education with indoctrination,” conservative author and activist Candace Owens told Mark Levin, host of Fox News’ “Life, Liberty & Levin” in an interview airing Sunday.

“If you are a Black American and you go through the public school system like I went through, you come out and you are basically a propagandist for the left and you don’t realize it,” Owens told Levin.

“I started on the left, although I was not politically active,” she recalled. “I believed in all of the indoctrination. I believed, just four short years ago, that Republicans were racist, that conservatives were racists, and that being a Black person and being a woman disadvantaged me in life. And I’m a pretty smart person. These were things that I learned actively.

“It wasn’t because I wanted to be anti-American,” Owens added. “It wasn’t because I wanted to believe these things. It was because it was taught to me via the public school system.”

Author of the recent book “Blackout: How Black America Can Make Its Second Escape from the Democratic Plantation,” Owens continued and warned her fellow conservatives that they’ve “lost the education battle with the left.”

“If we continue to allow the Democrat Party to control education, we are guaranteeing them the future because the youth is the future,” she stated.


First off, there is nothing in the Constitution that allows the federal government to get involved in our schools.  Nothing.  That Democratic Party prank known as President Jimmy Carter made Education a cabinet department.  Did he do that because he felt our state public schools were failing?  Not at all.  He did it as a payback to the teacher’s unions who gave him millions of dollars to win the election.  What Carter did for the teacher’s unions was a boondoggle payback far greater than the money they gave to his campaign, and it was at the expense of our public school system and our children, because today the teacher’s unions care more about the employment of adults than the education of our kids.  For the Soros-funded freaks at MediaMatters, I’m not talking about our great teachers, but the teacher’s unions.

The tragic outcome, according to Owens, is a school system that’s “actually failing kids,” especially Black kids. And when she says “failing kids” she’s not talking about failing grades.  She’s talking about how when you rob children of an education you are robbing them of a better life.

“In California, 75% of Black boys cannot pass a basic literacy exam,” she said. “That is astounding. You will never hear Black Lives Matter talk about that. You will never hear a Democratic candidate talk about that … In Baltimore, across five schools, they couldn’t find a single child that was proficient in reading and writing and math … People should be talking about that.”

Owens said that those failures  are a part of what she refers to as the “modernized techniques of the slave replantation” practiced by Democrats and the left.

“What is the one thing black Americans were not allowed to do?” she asked. “Learn to read. Learn to write. The punishment would have been severe for that. And the reason for that is simple. It’s because an educated mind cannot be enslaved. And what we’re seeing today … [is] this dumbing down of the education system where kids are learning feelings and they’re not learning facts, they’re not learning practical skills … It’s problematic and it’s something that we need to have a meaningful discussion about. It needs to be more than a discussion. It needs to be action that is taken.”


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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