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Our “elected” officials in charge have really stuck it to us over the last two years.

They have used this pandemic as an opportunity to basically see how oppressive they can be and to find out just how much American citizens will put up with.

We’ve seen a lot of crazy demands and mandates from liberal mayors, governors, and Joe Biden himself, but honestly, some of the worse come from other countries.

Most of what we’ve seen comes from the more civilized countries like Australia, France, and Canada. Australia has been in the spotlight lately because they have introduced these concentration “quarantine camps” for people who have COVID or have been exposed to somebody who has COVID.

But not to be outdone, Canada has stepped up their game at least in New Brunswick. Starting this previous weekend people in New Brunswick, Canada are now required to show proof that they have been fully vaccinated. This has resulted in not even being allowed to enter a grocery store to purchase groceries.

How can a country allow such a thing to even happen? Who introduced this garbage?

eTurboNews reported,

Under a new provision announced by New Brunswick Health Minister Dorothy Shephard, grocery stores in the province are now allowed to turn away the shoppers who aren’t vaccinated against COVID-19.

The provision gives grocery stores, malls and salons the option of either enforcing physical-distancing rules or requiring proof of vaccination to enter their establishments.

“With winter comes colder weather, shorter days, more time spent inside and increased opportunity for COVID-19 to spread,” Shephard said. “It is important we have a plan in place that ensures our healthcare system is not overwhelmed, but also considers the mental, physical and financial health of New Brunswickers.”

Shephard suggested that abiding by the new measures won’t be difficult. “They are small actions that each person can take, but when combined, can make a big difference,” she said.

Other new restrictions include limiting household gatherings to 20 people, capping outdoor gatherings at 50 people, and requiring unvaccinated people to avoid indoor gatherings – a lonely and potentially hungry Christmas for the unvaccinated. Masks are now also required in outdoor public places when physical distancing can’t be maintained.

As I’ve said before, I don’t believe the mark of the beast is something we have to look forward to in our lifetime, but you could start to make a pretty good case for this being pretty close to the mark with many places not being able to work or buy food without the jab.

Photo Credit: Steve Loya


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