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America is experiencing the most politically biased, condescending White House administration in modern history. Joe Biden proclaimed that he would be the “great unifier” if he got elected. After cheating his way into the White House, Joe Biden’s administration has been anything but.

From his running mate, Kamala Harris, and throughout his entire cabinet, Joe Biden’s team has displayed a single-minded liberal approach to governing. In essence, “if you don’t like our policies and ideas, then you’re wrong.”

There has been nothing close to a productive bipartisan debate. When conservative voices, even moderate Democrats like Joe Manchin, disagree with a radical leftist policy, they’re slammed as anti-democracy, racist, or worse.

This un-American rhetoric has bled into every part of the Biden administration. Radical progressive Democrats have now taken to criticizing, even denouncing, the United States Supreme Court. If they don’t like a ruling, they’re now attacking Supreme Court Justices.

It’s both pathetic and dangerous. We’ve already had one deranged liberal travel across the country with designs on assassinating Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Justice Kavanaugh, along with other more conservative members of the court, has been harassed and threatened.

While there have been a number of constitutionally impactful rulings recently, none has ignited anger from the left like the overturning of Roe v. Wade. The leaked Roe v. Wade decision, despite what the left claims, does not make abortion illegal in the United States.

All this ruling did was to rightfully return these decisions to the people through their individual state legislatures. But the talking heads in the liberal mainstream media are lying to the American people. They are trying to fuel hatred and anger amongst Americans.

They are using the abortion issue to accomplish this disgusting aim. Despite claiming to be all about “bipartisan compromise”, the Biden administration has led the way in spewing these lies. It has triggered increased threats of violence against Supreme Court Justices.

The wife of Justice Clarence Thomas has been badmouthed on social media. Justice Amy Comey-Barrett has been publicly humiliated as well. However, no justice seems to have garnered as much hatred as Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Not only has Kavanaugh’s residence been the target of vulgar protests, but he and his family were chased out of a Morton’s restaurant location in downtown Washington, D.C. No one from the left, not even Joe Biden himself, has spoken out against these illegal and deplorable acts.

Not surprisingly, one radical activist Twitter account, “ShutDownDC”, tweeted, “We hear Kavanaugh snuck out the back with his security detail. @mortons should be ashamed for welcoming a man who so clearly hates women.”

Justice Brett Kavanaugh is a happily married man with children. To suggest that because he agreed with the Dobbs’ decision to return the abortion issue to the states he hates women is ludicrous. But what’s even more ludicrous is the idea that Joe Biden condones the attacks.

When pressed with questions over the harassment of U.S. Supreme Court Justices, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre tiptoes around every question. In fact, she even supported the purposefully aggravating display at the Morton restaurant location.

Imagine if conservatives were protesting against a liberal court ruling. What do we think the narrative would be surrounding this type of harassment, if the “shoe were on the foot?” You can bet the Department of Justice would be labeling these people domestic terrorists or worse.

This hypocritical response to this shameless harassment of members of our judicial community is unheard of. Even “spouses” of sitting Biden cabinet members are encouraged to support this radical behavior.

If you even raise an eyebrow at the strangeness of a same-sex marriage, then you’re labeled a homophobic bigot. But it’s perfectly okay for Pete’s significant other to openly tweet about the harassment of other government officials, even mocking them publicly.

If anyone harasses “Mayor Pete” or his “hubby”, the leftist mainstream media launches an all-out assault. However, it’s okay for these liberals to incite violence, by openly indicating that they think it’s acceptable. They’re encouraging the violence. What a herd of hypocrites.

But those are the people Joe Biden was ordered to hire. The left wants an administration full of single-minded, left-wing radicals. It’s precisely what they got. However, Americans see through their hypocrisy. They don’t like it. In November, voters will send a message: “GET OUT!”


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Biden spoke out!!!

    Yeah! He said the protests should CONTINUE!!! HOW DOES ENCOURAGEMENT to break the law not qualify as impeachment when Trump was impeached for seeking the truth??? This is all a clusterfunkay!!!!!!

  • Mayor Buttplugg and her whusband are an embarrassment to normal gay men and he’s not too bright. Breastfeeding his babies with his widdle man boobs. An Omega Male if ever there was one. Most lesbians have more testosterone

  • America has fallen into degradation, depravity, mental illness and every other disgusting amoral hole. “Mayor Pete” was an incompetent small town mayor who couldn’t effectively manage a hot dog stand on the corner. The entire Biden administration is the laughing stock of the world. If voters don’t toss all these corrupt losers out of office this November and impeach and convict Biden and Harris there is no hope.

  • Shows how unhinged and hypocritical the Left is. To them it is OK to harass their political opponents but not ok if they get harassed.

  • Petey needs to quit nursing “her” twins and get to work straightening out the transportation system.

    • HECK NO!!!! Let him focus on the twins and leave the “fixing” to the private sector. Democrats can’t do anything right and it’s because they have no practical experience in the REAL WORLD!

    • You can’t straighten out something you don’t know nothing about. This pervert knows nothing about transportation.

    • His pronouns do not include “her.” His ability to “straighten out” the transportation system doesn’t depend on his domestic relationships. Unfortunately, I have no confidence in the ability of Pete or any other liberals to straighten out any part of government.

  • Lying Corrupt Quid Pro KING Joe and is whole administration should all be impeached. Corrupt Quid Pro surrounds himself with buffoons and incompetents. First Amendment rights doesn’t include harassing someone at dinner.

  • I’m certain the vast majority of people are sick of hearing about a man’s husband or a woman’s wife. Same sex marriage is a pathetic losers game not supported by a majority of American’s or anywhere else in the world. The Supreme Court certainly screwed the pooch, pun intended on that one.

  • Funny how it is always the Democrats that can’t grasp it was NEVER A RIGHT EVER! Yet the ignorant just keep spewing the same lie thinking it will magically appear in the Constitution or bill of rights ! Maybe we should demand equal rights to abort them! We will use what ever excuse they want to use! Only it will be them that gets killed instead of the baby. We could put them in a comma till the baby is born and then just dump their body or sell their body parts! It would certainly make America great and we would be getting rid of all the freeloaders!

    • You started out well with that comment but went far out of control with that idea of “aborting” the mother. I realize that you were just using a rhetorical device, but our side can’t get majority opinion on our side with respect to these issues by hating those who have been duped by the propaganda of Planned Un-Parenthood and the Democrat Party (but I repeat myself).

      The way to succeed in the upcoming political battles in the states over abortion is to educate people about the reality of the procedure and the fact that it really is the brutal killing of an innocent human being.

  • Mayor Pete doesnt even know the basics of constitutional law. Mayor Pete, where is it in the constitution the right to abortion? or for that matter gay marriage?

  • Mayor Buttplugg and her wusband make this “normal old gay guy” want to puke
    I imagine them breast feeding the babies with their widdle man boobs. What a disgusting pair

  • In this country now if I say anything about her they will sick the fbi on me just like the Nazis did with the Gustopoe in Germany. We are living the communist government right NOW.

  • Good thing some woman didn’t decide to abort their baby or they wouldn’t have one. You only like an amendment when it helps your kind out. Otherwise they need to be taken away from you.

  • The radical left is showing the world why they should never be allowed to be in power again. Drunk on power the Constitution and rule of law means nothing. They are the modern Gestapo.

  • So let me get this straight! If the other guy is his husband that makes him the female? Is that why he is always sitting at an angel? and walks funny? Is that how it works?

    • No. There are two males and two husbands in that deal. No one has to be “female.” The etymology is from Old Norse husbondi “master of the house,” literally “house-dweller,” from hus “house” + bondi “householder, dweller, freeholder, peasant,” from buandi, present participle of bua “to dwell.”” (Credit to

      So this house has two “masters,” but there will be no increase because you need a uterus and eggs for that. Sad.

      As to his “sitting at an angel” (I guess you mean “angle”) and walking “funny,” I have never noticed such, so have no comment.

      Actually compared to his destructive leftist policies, I don’t care about his choice of a companion at all.

  • Mayor Bittplugg and her wusband are the kind of liberal trash that we have far too much of in the District of Criminals. Can’t wait for the November wake up call

  • If conservatives were picketing before the homes of Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan, Ketanji Brown Jackson, or even the shameful Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr., the leftist and the media would go berserk. There are laws against picketing the homes of the Supreme Court. Where is the Justice Department?

  • But face’s days are numbered. The next Republican Congress is going to impeach every one of Lying Corrupt Quid Pro KING Joe’s unqualified bureaucrats.

  • Buttigieg is such a liar. The Supreme Court, in the Dobbs decision, did not “strip away” anyone’s “Constitutional rights.” It simply recognized the plain truth that the right to have one’s pre-born baby killed is nowhere mention in the Federal Constitution, and therefore was never intended to be a matter for supervening federal control.

    Also it’s very irritating that Buttigieg won’t just shut up after “answering” a question (more like deflecting against the question), but instead continues with a barrage of talking points less and less related to the subject at hand. Did the interviewer ask about January 6? No, but Buttigieg had to pound away on that, because January 6 and Dobbs constitute the Democrats’ main hopes that the public will, by November 8, forget about $5/gal gasoline, rampant inflation, the collapse of control of the southern border, the horrific surrender in Afghanistan, the administration’s general projection of weakness that invited Putin to bludgeon the free people of Ukraine, its war on US petroleum production and refining, its baby formula regulation overreach => shortages, and all of its other instances of incredible ineptitude and/or sabotage of the founding ideals of the United States of America.

  • Then Buttigieg should relish having protesters on his doorstep following all of them around protesting! May God help their children and protect them from the insanity of their parents! Petey BOY has NO knowledge of fossil fuels, manufacturing, environmental damages caused by “green energy”, the inability to recycle solar panels, wind turbine blades, EV batteries, Nation’s infrastructure including the GRID, materials required, who produces them, who makes the EV batteries, or the unreliability of these sources and inability of the Nation’s grid to maintain the extreme demand on it due to the demands by the anticipated millions of EVs they want! The parents aren’t smarter than 5th graders. I hope the kids grow up to be!



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